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i need shoes and jewelery to go with this please!

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MerlinsBeard Tue 31-Jul-07 19:42:40

Charity shop turned up a lovely dress today similar to this but its black

What shoes would you wear with it? I am not keen on having my toes on show.

What jewelry?

And what would i do with my long hair?

I haven't had to be stylish before and have never been to a posh do like this ebfore either!!

wildwoman Tue 31-Jul-07 19:45:52

what do is it? do you like classical elegance or modern and funky?

FlameParakeet Tue 31-Jul-07 19:45:59

Oooh pretty! Where you off to?

If Whizzz would make you something sparkly to go with it then please sort it out and send me the total (Don't bloody argue with me bint or I will send the face! )

MrsBadger Tue 31-Jul-07 19:48:55

what is event? is it black tie?

tis v elegant I must say - love that draped neckline. I would wear a necklace rather than a pendant (as would detratct from said loevly neckline) - might even skip necklace and go for long earrings instead.

No need to have toes on show but don't wear boring courts - something openwaisted ie this kind of shape or a slingback would be more elegant.

Long hair can either go up (simple chignon or frnech twist else you look like a lost bridesmaid) or down - if I have mine down I get it washed and blowdried at the hairdresser as she does it much mroe nciely than I ever can.

wildwoman Tue 31-Jul-07 19:50:09

something this shape would be pretty

SanetJvv Tue 31-Jul-07 19:51:09

hair done up, without curls, tigt and elegant. nothing around neck. something sparkly with lenth for your ears.
best is to try shoes on while wearing the dress...

MerlinsBeard Tue 31-Jul-07 19:51:17

a friend of ours is having a full length and fabulous 40th. The colours are black white or gold. (i may have just outed myself to any RL MNetters i didn't know about!)

Its very swish apparently..poor DP nearly had to buy a tux but luckily he will be ok in a suit!

I don't "do" jewelery really so have no idea where to start, especially with a square neckline!

As for shoes, i have boots or holey shoes!(or mocks but somehow i doubt they will work!)

I like a mixture wildwoman but i think as the dress is quite classic then it would prob be best to stick with something not too fussy? altho poss wrong!

MerlinsBeard Tue 31-Jul-07 19:53:41

yes black tie!

i had forgotten the phrase lol!

MrsBadger Tue 31-Jul-07 19:54:45

no no necklace far too fussy
more like this only with crystals - can't find pic of what I mean

MerlinsBeard Tue 31-Jul-07 19:54:56

alos, it needs to cost as little as possible!

(dress was only a tenner lol!)

The back of the dress is a bit different to the one i linked. Its more lke the fornt of it, it means i can wear a bra underneath it!

Whizzz Tue 31-Jul-07 19:55:44

HOw about an illusion necklace with sparkly black / clear crystals ??

FlameParakeet Tue 31-Jul-07 19:56:52

Ooh illusion sounds pretty

MrsBadger Tue 31-Jul-07 19:57:16

earrings thus
if no necklace earrings should be long and slim but very sparkly

MerlinsBeard Tue 31-Jul-07 19:57:37

illusion necklace? whats one of those then?

MerlinsBeard Tue 31-Jul-07 19:58:49

those earrings are lovely! i might just get them anyway!

FlameParakeet Tue 31-Jul-07 19:59:05

On clear string/wirey stuff so you can just see the twinklies

MrsBadger Tue 31-Jul-07 19:59:16

Barratts are good for cheap party shoes
also New Look and Dorothy P

illusion good, better clear and silver than clear and black though, reflects light onto face v flatteringly

MrsFish Tue 31-Jul-07 20:00:28

I agree with the no necklace route, but get some fab dangly earings

MerlinsBeard Tue 31-Jul-07 20:01:28

in that case illusion sounds lovely!

And i need all the flattery i can get! Am also not usually a make up wearer nowadays so anything that can make my heavy handed attempts look better is good!

Whizzz Tue 31-Jul-07 20:16:24

If you can't find what you're after heres a couple I've made for people black & sparkly & an illusion necklace
I actually made myself a black & clear illusion necklace to go with a black & white dress for a wedding recently.

MerlinsBeard Wed 01-Aug-07 11:29:18

hmm yesterday my interent went poof and today my reply didn't appear....strange!

Whizz the illusion one looks gorgeous! Would i wear earrings with it? or would that be over kill?

All your jewelrey is nice in fact!

Whizzz Wed 01-Aug-07 12:20:30

I've added a pic of my necklace here although it proved hard to photo - the clear crystals reflect the light to give a bit of sparkle.

The neckline of my dress was similar to yours, I didn't wear earrings as I have long hair too.
An alternative would be maybe a choker type necklace & sparkly earrings ??

MerlinsBeard Wed 01-Aug-07 16:21:13

whizz that is lovely and having spent te afternoon traipsing round town looking at things that are wrong all wrong, i know there is nothing else out there that i like!!

How much would one of those be?

Whizzz Wed 01-Aug-07 16:26:31

Do you want to mail me on whizzz_123 (at) yahoo dot co dot uk (you need the underscore) & I can work out exactly what you're after

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