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Waterproof shoes-are there any funky ones out there?

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FillydoraTonks Sun 29-Jul-07 19:48:01

Ok please don't suggest waterproofing them with scotch guard or anything, I do need hardcore, gore tex stuff

sneaker style fine

anything in Not Brown and Not Black also good.


Idreamofdaleks Sun 29-Jul-07 19:55:22

er do you mean crocs

FillydoraTonks Sun 29-Jul-07 19:57:58

NO I feckin don't

I am NOT going around with bits of chewing gum stuck to my feet. I have never seen crocs look good on anyone over 4.

MrsBadger Sun 29-Jul-07 19:58:18

walking shoes/trainers - Merrell do pretty colours
or decent leather shoes well waxed

[refrains from suggesting boots ]

FillydoraTonks Sun 29-Jul-07 20:00:49


no boots

fat legs. not yet 30 . So boots bad

am struggling to put my finger on what I want. I need something that I can wear day in day out, that is waterproof. I don't mind sneaker style, but NOT trainers, IYKWIM.

bagsundereyes Sun 29-Jul-07 20:01:48

Not much out there as far as I know

These were the best I could find when I was looking.....hope you can do better!

newlifenewname Sun 29-Jul-07 20:02:35

I have waterproof trainers. Merrell and Teva might be worth a look.

bagsundereyes Sun 29-Jul-07 20:04:09

Forgot to add, the more waterproof you need, the dodgier they look.

The ones I have don't look too foul, but you're in trouble if you're wading through more than ankle high puddles!

MrsBadger Sun 29-Jul-07 20:04:20

Camper-y not-quite trainer types thus?
keep polished and they are waterproof

Beetroot Sun 29-Jul-07 20:05:30


FillydoraTonks Sun 29-Jul-07 20:09:37

oh where did post go?

mrsB i like those a lot but i need you to convince me that they are waterproof please

MrsBadger Sun 29-Jul-07 20:14:19

they are fine in normal rain/puddles, promise
no paddling though

Clarks have sale on in their shops atm - some things 75% off

bran Sun 29-Jul-07 20:14:58

Hawkshead usually have a few, walking shoe style, boot style here and here.

MrsBadger Sun 29-Jul-07 20:15:36

rofl at the 'canadian boots'

FillydoraTonks Sun 29-Jul-07 20:18:50

oh bran, thanks but they hawkeshead ones make me want to cry.

am inclining towards mrsb's, might nip down to clarks or else cheapy retail outlet tommorrow

would prefer in another colour though, black not good for me

bran Sun 29-Jul-07 20:20:30

I'll admit that Hawkshead lean more towards the functional than the funky.

bran Sun 29-Jul-07 20:22:26

If Hawkshead makes you want to cry, I suppose a pair of these is going to bring on a nervous breakdown then.

FillydoraTonks Sun 29-Jul-07 20:22:43

<whispers> I grew up on hawkeshead stuff. After ClothKits went out of business...

FillydoraTonks Sun 29-Jul-07 20:24:33

i quite like those, in a masochistic sort of way...

MrsBadger Sun 29-Jul-07 20:24:35

IIRc they come in white, red and duck-egg blue as well...

newlifenewname Sun 29-Jul-07 20:24:47

shoes not boots

JackieNo Sun 29-Jul-07 20:26:45

Still quite functional but lots of colours. And 'weatherproof' rather than 'waterproof'.

JackieNo Sun 29-Jul-07 20:27:36

Or these, but they're mostly in brown and black - no funky colours.

FillydoraTonks Sun 29-Jul-07 20:28:15

nooo am being lured down path of non-waterproof shoes that don't make me look like an ar$e

ps nlnn-how was food festival?

Beetroot Sun 29-Jul-07 20:28:42


or hunter welllies?

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