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Les Parisiennes des Mamansnet: Too much good taste can be very boring. Independent style, on the other hand, can be very inspiring.

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botemp Sat 13-Jul-19 13:20:47

Lovers of Parisian style and fashion with a conscious mindset and lots of chatter in between.


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Redandblue11 Mon 22-Jul-19 21:15:29

My influences were complicated, my mum eventually when we settled down after a lot of travel got a job in a gallery and eventually she was selling art for some artists that she valued and liked. She had (has) a very good eye.
My grandmother and god mother knew a lot of knitting, sewing, but as a child we were far away (geographically) due to travels so I was never close to them until later in life when my family was able to settle down near them and then I moved to the Uk which is the other side.
My appreciation for art in general I take is from my mother.
For a few years now, when I am on holidays in warm climates I bring a tote, not a particular fancy one , but again one that “fits” I find that grabs less attention than a fancy handbag specially when I travel in places were you do not want to attract attention.
Right now I am in Europe so that is less of a problem, but still I kinda like it , the informality. I am carrying the Chelsea flower show tote bag (o e given to all attendees), and dressed with dark fucsia cami and white with green polka dot skirt from sezane , big shades I was called Bella in an Italian street blush.
It hasn’t happen for many many years.

quirkychick Tue 23-Jul-19 12:26:12

I'm going to catch up a bit and re read people's posts. Some attempts at outfit shots, I'm wearing a fitted vest which I said previously I find much more flattering than a cami. I tried to show from the side how it fits around the shoulder and the wide straps cut up my wide shoulders. The colour looks a bit flat in the photo, but actually the vest is more flattering. Worn with my wrap around linen trousers and voya tevas.

methen I tuck looser tops in like that to create more of a waist too.

My mum has always been quite classically stylish and a bit flamboyant too. She taught me to apply liquid eyeliner when I was a teen.

banivani Tue 23-Jul-19 12:27:08

We are staying in Sopot now, in a place with no WiFi and my data plan is almost empty. So this is from a restaurant with free WiFi 🙄

Methen, we have the museum ion a potential list now, thank you! Unfortunately I’ve come down with the cold me bani has suffered from the whole trip so I’m not at my best. Me bani wasn’t opposed to it though but Minimus is being a bit of a shit tbh (prepubescent eejit) so we’ll have to humour him a bit. We’ll see!

FlixBus wasn’t as comfortable as they make out and I was stiff as you’ll never believe by the time we arrived. But train from Paris to Berlin cost me 300 euro (late booking I’ll admit...) and the bus Berlin to Gdańsk was just over 50 so still - worth what I paid.

I read somewhere/heard somewhere that the reason for the wide harem trousers of the Middle East of yore was because when some prophet or other was reborn he’d come so suddenly the trousers would catch the miraculous baby coming out. I don’t know if that image is better or worse than turds!

Am enjoying the totes grin. I use cloth bags for food shopping though and the long handles annoy me then because full bags don’t go over shoulder. Ideally each tote should have short and long strap optionsgrin

Redandblue11 Tue 23-Jul-19 13:27:08

That cami must be doing a really good job qyirky as I cannot see wide shoulders! I like the silhouette of the trousers.

Bani i had to google sopot and is now on my travel list. Let me know how is it.

The harem trousers take me back to the 90’s (the good bits and this is a compliment).
Talking Harems, I saw these haremish ones at the dior window, I am not sure about them.

I know I said you might not hear from me but is so hot that we came back to hotel for a rest. Today was sightseeing in some religious sights so I went for my white shirt Hobbs dress (eBay) , the only full length mirror was the lift so a bit of my child is included there.
Tomorrow we go to the seaside for a few days swimming in the sea so I will be less prude.

Redandblue11 Tue 23-Jul-19 13:27:42

Sorry typo Quirky!

quirkychick Tue 23-Jul-19 13:51:59

red, I like qyirky grin. Thank you, I find the thinner strap/looser style is less flattering with wider shoulders, as I was saying to bani. The trousers are very ancient, but favourite La Redoute linen ones. A few years ago I was stopped by a chic, younger french woman in the street to tell me I looked "cool" in them. smile. I quite like harems too, if they fit right, I have a grey leopard print dance pair, but they're not natural fibres so far too hot for the present heat. Nice white dress.

I'm enjoying bani's travels too.

botemp Tue 23-Jul-19 20:11:13

That Dior window looks an awful lot like Gucci... Are you in Rome, Red, make sure to pass by Panificio Bonci for some fantastic Pizza Al Taglio Roman style.

Those are some great trousers quirky, vest top is nice too. How are the Tevas treating you?

Ahem, I'm having a bit of an identity crisis now Bani, as my entrance into the world was not dissimilar to that prophet, shot my slippery self out and the midwife only just managed to catch me but it was a very close call blush OMG I'm a turd...

I'm having an actual bag conundrum. I put in an order with 24s (formerly 24 sevres) this weekend and the by Far shoes I also ordered will definitely go back as they're far too dainty and it's too hot to try on the clothes but at first glance I think they'll go back too. But the bag has left me thinking, I thought it would be bigger and a brighter orange as in the pics but it's actually smaller and more of a terracotta leaning to cognac, quite unusual but more subdued than the pictures. So I've had to readjust away frok expectations. I think had I seen it in a shop I may not have been as drawn to it as I had to the online pics but it's a surprisingly good match with bright colours, and lifts everything up a notch without stealing the show but this heat isn't doing my decision making skills any good and I should give it a spin with coats but temps are not allowing that for now. It does come with a longer strap so can be worn cross body and on the shoulder, and the smaller size actually works better with my proportions, size is more like in pic 3. I'll continue to churn on it for a while I fear. I don't think I'm mad to like it, but maybe it is just the heat confused

quirkychick Tue 23-Jul-19 20:59:12

I just lost a long post, aahhh.

I like the shape of that bag, bo, and the trousers in the first picture. My trousers are probably at least 15 yrs old from La Redoute, they used to do a variation on them each year, no longer, sadly. I also have the vest top in cornflower blue.

Sopot looks lovely, bani, one of my friends in London was Polish and used to say how beautiful Polish beaches are. I love Berlin, too, though it's a long time since I've been, a really interesting city.

Not Paris, but New York, this is part 2 but some seriously stylish and not at all boring people on this video by KarenBritChick

quirkychick Tue 23-Jul-19 21:01:22

The tevas are great, thanks bo. Really cushioned, in a good way, for lots of city walking and they go with everything.

Methenyouplus4 Tue 23-Jul-19 22:49:05

We stayed in Sopot last year, we got the train a few stops along to the forest which was covered in a light coating of snow and filled with woodpeckers. We walked back to Sopot via the suburbs and the beach, it was really memorable. The sand on the beach was such a strange consistency (like the magic sand you get for kids that clumps) and was dusted with snow too in parts. I was prepared to be gnawed upon by the bitter cold, but the reality was that it was a different cold, and far less bracing than the beaches on the North of England on a windy day. One of the highlights was ice skating at night just off the pier, but imagine it is very different in the summer.

There is a fab chocolate shop on main strip (can't remember name but always queues) that does amazing deserts and hot chocolate. The shop I was trying to remember the name of was this one: There is one in Sopot too. I was interested mainly in the really structured cotton, quite unusual and nice if you like the lagen look.

Love the totes, got a real lump in my throat when I saw the Aunty Larry mock up.

Quirky and Bo both pairs of trousers look ideal with current heat and Red I love the white Hobbs dress. I'm less keen on the bag Bo but I think it's because it would bug me that it seems a bit 'wonky' with the handle being off-centre. I'm sure for most though it makes a point of interest.

So today I had a skirt and top on, looked okay in the mirror but wanted a photo for here, looked bloody horrendous from every angle in camera! So much so that I changed...twice! Has anyone else come across that? Would you say the mirror or camera gives a more accurate reflection?

Anyway, I was going for afternoon tea with a friend at a somewhat funky bar and then a walk on the beach after, still determined to subject the public to my legs, I wore these shorts (bought for LA last year, only kept for gardening in the UK). I'm not sure about the outfit though, I added the earrings to snazz it up for the pub, but something about the outfit didn't feel quite right. I'm not sure if this is just still my discomfort/ being new to putting together outfits that show so much leg. I have worn short skirts etc before without tights, but that was late 20s/after one child. Please excuse odd posture, awkward trying to get close enough to show outfit reasonably clearly without chopping myself in half.

quirkychick Wed 24-Jul-19 07:04:42

I'm still trying to catch up with some earlier posts. I do like those Chloe sarouel trousers, bo, they look like a good shape and great in the heat. I think either toast or plumo often do sarouel trousers, but a much simpler style.

I like your outfit, methen, it looks very cool and chic in the heat. I know what you mean about showing your legs. I had a dvt after my first pg and stopped going bare legged. After last year's heatwave, I started again and mostly alternate to every other day in hot weather, partly to stop the chance of sun burn, and feel more comfortable with it now. Monday, I was wearing a loose linen tee and cropped, thin jeans, but was too hot and changed into denim shorts. I think in the heat, so many people are bare legged, no one's really scrutinising your legs anyway.

botemp Wed 24-Jul-19 07:28:55

Once again I'm struggling to see anything but great legs Methen confused then again I think my legs look crap when I know they're really not all that bad.

We surely differ on our interpretation of heat though. It was 30° here yesterday and will be 34° and 36° today and tomorrow, I'd be overheating in your (otherwise lovely) outfit. Don't think the Chloe sarouel trousers would fare much better in this heat, quirky, that's a 25° max pair of trousers. It's all flowy lightweight fabrics only here for now.

Methenyouplus4 Wed 24-Jul-19 10:00:12

Ha, yes, hot where I live is high 20s. There was a cracking storm last night but still seems close today.

Quirky I think you're right, now I've done it, after years of not, I've realised it's not such a big deal and nobody really cares. Bo they look fine in photo (taken at start of the day), but as I walk on them or get hot, you can see the big blue/green bulges that look like fat worms just beneath the surface of my skin. My mum, despite having two operations on her varicose veins, has legs riddled with them so I feel I know my fate so I should be grateful for how they are at the moment.

Today we are off for a walk in a nearby forest so I may be getting my legs out again as I doubt the trees will object.

ToEllewithIt Wed 24-Jul-19 11:35:06

I like the bag botemp. The right orange can definitely act as a neutral IMO. Count me in for a tote! I’ve emailed Moda to ask about the final sale as I saw a Theirry Colson linen mini dress in the final sale with 20% extra off. It could be nice as a cover-up or could be ghastly so I don’t want to risk final sale. I ordered the MF shirt , thanks for the steer.

I love your outfit methen it has a lovely casual vibe and the shorts are the perfect length IMO. I think it depends on the item which is more accurate – photo or mirror. Photos can definitely distort proportions especially depending on how you hold the phone. I find them good for looking at an outfit dispassionately, but treat them with a bit of caution. I took a picture of my outfit the other day and didn’t post it because it looks so boring and shapeless. It’s that silk t-shirt dress from Cuyana and it’s really nice in real life. The camera doesn’t capture the soft sheen and fluidity of the silk or the way it moves as I move and instead just renders it as a black rectangle. Unless you’re the sort of person that suffers from the slight delusion that photos of you are always terrible, then you’re probably all right to trust your judgement! I like the Boden swimsuit, but in the black.

quirkychick Wed 24-Jul-19 11:42:36

Today's outfit is the Farhi dress from tkmaxx. Excuse the weird front on pose, I was trying to show the shape, which is slightly tulip. I took the sleeves down, so they are not cap sleeves any more and took the hem up slightly. It could do with being slightly higher maybe, but with movement the hem comes to mid knee, so I'm still deciding.

Aunt Larry sounds fab smile. Thinking of influences, my mum was a drama student in London in the early sixties, who had a penchant for Egyptian eye makeup, long, black wigs and purple. By the time I was a child in the 70s, the wigs had gone (one lived on a "head" at the top of my wardrobe along with my dad's vintage French wine grin), but the sixties eye make up and purple were still there mixed with a more classical style, suited to suburban living. My maternal grandmother had been a "mannequin" for a department store in her youth, still loved racy underwear into her sixties and had an old fashioned dressing table covered in different bottles of perfume and a huge box of costume jewellery. She had very strong, old fashioned rules for dressing, earrings were common, pink and red clashed, blue and green should never be seen etc. I can remember dressing up in some of her clothes (not the underwear), jewellery and covering myself with perfume.

BloomedAgain Wed 24-Jul-19 12:07:48

Love the Larry totes! Will catch up later it hit 35 c here yesterday (in my house was 38) and we're due for worse tomorrow and I'm flagging. Will catch up now. I ended up watching lots of videos from The Way We Wore channel on YouTube overnight.

Redandblue11 Wed 24-Jul-19 12:55:01

I love a busy thread! So much to catch up already.
First - big mistake of mine the horror window was not Dior as I said was Gucci! The heat got to me probably.
I thought of something and wrote something else (I suspect myself as dyslexic )
elle I am on the “really like” the shape of that cover up side of fence.
Bo the bag would annoy me but I would be envious of someone pulling that off.
Quirky I imagine your teva sandals working good with the dress too.
Yes photo, mirror , irl, tricky as some outfits look dreadful thru a lense. Use caution.
methen that combo short and shirt is fab. I noticed you have a hood earring collection. I need to experiment more with that , I always keep it really low key unless going out out grin I have many out out nights hmm

quirkychick Wed 24-Jul-19 13:19:14

red, my tevas do look good with the dress too. I agree that camera + mirror can seem weird, some colours can look flatter or shapes look distorted.

I've got a few long earrings, mostly from Etsy. I find I wear them more in summer as it can be too hot to wear necklaces. My favourite are ones that are not too heavy.

botemp Wed 24-Jul-19 13:59:59

Red, I don't think Dior/Gucci qualifies as dyslexia 🙈 but probably an indication of an associative memory.

I'm in the 'if it looks frumpy already, it probably is' camp with that dress, but things go frumpy on me easily <shrugs> Curious to hear what their final sale policy is like, Elle.

Camera definitely distorts, in both directions. I'm out and about today in search of lovely cool air conditioning and just tried on these Ganni trousers, which got overruled in RL for being too cat whiskers at the crotch blush which isn't as apparent in the pictures, but depending on posture and whether you angle the camera forwards or backwards it looks completely different, but cramped dressing rooms usually don't give much choice. The reality was somewhat in between, closer to pic 1 but that pic is heavily distorted as well, I'm not that top heavy or broad in relation to the bottom regardless of horizontal striped wide legged trousers that do plenty of distorting all by itself.

I did decide to spend a bit more on my new phone for a better camera, and it has some AI features and suddenly you're not a nose with a face attached and it captures the light really well and I look bloody luminous on camera now in the raw images. There are some beautifying filters on it too but in comparison they're all a little too suspiciously smooth. Great for your self esteem though, know plenty of cheaper cam phones do the opposite by turning you into a blotchy mess.

I know psychologically we like our mirror image better as that's the way we're used to seeing ourselves but photographs show the flip side which doesn't feel true to us.

Sending cool thoughts to you bloomed, thankfully our ground floor stays pretty cool so long as all windows and doors remain closed but the other floors not so much...

Methen, well if it helps, I think most people just look at varicose veins and only really wonder whether someone is in pain from them. That's about the extent of my thoughts about them anyhow.

XingMing Wed 24-Jul-19 15:03:17

Tevas are just right, Quirky. I have some Rieker walking sandals from last year that I'm wearing almost every day in the heat which are equally good with dresses and everything else.

The bag is lovely, especially the colour, Bo. If the pictures are yours, rather than from the maker, then it's a cute size for your proportions, but only you can decide. And the cami is so dainty.

Methen, the shirt and shorts combination suits you well. It's just right for down time in hot weather.

Thunder and torrential rain overnight here, and it's relatively cool and windy today but off to the torrid zone for the weekend, so planning my half a bag's worth carefully. We are taking DH's little ragtop to Silverstone for the Classic Car event and the boot's so small we are sharing a weekend bag... eek.

Mirror v photos... I trust the mirror but suspect that's because I don't like the extra weight the camera adds, or the wrinkled face it reveals. And I fail at self-portraiture even using filters.

Varicose and thread veins are unsightly but if you inherit them (like I did) then I think you view them more sympathetically. I rarely notice them on others, unless they're so severe as to look painful.

botemp Thu 25-Jul-19 18:29:31

My Chloe turd catchers trousers have arrived, quickly snapped a pic between pick up and dinner and trying on a really ill fitting cotton shirt. Light wasn't the best but the general silhouette is visible and at least it hides that it needs a really good steam. I'm very pleased with them although I have to figure out the bottom ties, currently knotted quite tightly. Not as transparent, thankfully, as the white ones posted above.

Bonus points, hipster Parisian grocery bag languishing on the floor of bottom left corner in the second pic wink

quirkychick Fri 26-Jul-19 09:48:28

Lovely trousers, bo. You could always auction of the hipster bag to put towards the other trouser fund wink.

Today's Thai fisherman's trousers with voya tevas, the front view + camera + mirror seems to have erased any waist definition I have, but they look less up and down in rl. The tee is to cover sun burn from the beach yesterday angry. Weirdly, it's on the backs of my shoulders and chest, but not my neck, arms, front of my shoulders or face. Dd2 was on the beach all afternoon and covered in sunblock as much as me...

banivani Fri 26-Jul-19 09:51:27

This no WiFi at the Airbnb is killing me! Sitting at a “multimedia gallery” now (basically a library with films and games too). I have bought two totes haha with handprinted arty things, when I’m home I might post a pic. (Presents for my girls if they’ll have them.)

Stop talking about how ugly you are, I see the pics you post, everyone looks fine. Meanwhile I am blotchy all over from eczema, my skin is terrible (I didn’t think it was that bad but the bathroom here has excellent daylight - also my husband is taking black and white photos and my face still looks blotchy as hell angry.) Also my hair is a holy mess. Considering braving a polish hairdresser today even.

Anyway I just popped on to say thank you for the Insomnia shop tip, I popped in yesterday and it was fun. Tried on a few things but unsure of silhouette so left it. Also colours not great - navy (most popular, sold out in many sizes), hot pink, yellow, grey marl, black, white and khaki. Tried on wide slightly cropped trousers in khaki that I quite liked, but M a little small and L a tad big. Since they didn’t have pockets I left them but can’t stop thinking really, maybe I could alter the waist a little on the L? We’ll see I have some hours left. Home tomorrow.

Floisme Fri 26-Jul-19 10:03:05

I was reminiscing about Thai Fisherman's trousers on another thread recently. I used to be always bringing them back from festivals, only to wonder as soon as I got home, what the hell I'd been thinking, not I hasten to add, because of the style - yours look really nice - but because they were always 'one size' i.e. wouldn't fit anyone, and in a shiny, sweaty fabric so not even comfortable.

That Gucci window made me smile. We used to pass their store on holiday last year and always stopped to point and laugh. There was a Chanel store immediately opposite and the expression on the mannequin's face was like hmm

As you can probably tell from this post, I have no style news whatsoever. Can someone wake me up when it's autumn please?

Floisme Fri 26-Jul-19 10:08:16

Sorry cross post. bani I get trousers taken in on the arse seam when they're too big. From memory it costs between £10 and £15 (although that's not helpful as you're not in the UK). I've even thought about trying to do it myself.

quirkychick Fri 26-Jul-19 10:10:05

bani, I think sometimes we are our own worst critics, I can assure you my sunburn/heat-shaving rash are not pretty - just covered up! Seriously though, I hope you're eczema gets better, I had horrific eczema on my hands after dd1 was born, you have my sympathy.

flo, these are posh Thai fisherman's trousers from plumo wink. Though, they were actually very affordable, they're also cotton and very breathable in this horrible, sticky heat. Upstairs in our house is 30° even with fans and window open.

Floisme Fri 26-Jul-19 10:14:18

Plumo you say? I've got their catalogue in the bathroom I think...

botemp Fri 26-Jul-19 10:16:25

Liking the fishermen trousers, and somewhat in awe of your hair, quirky.

I get trousers taken in quite often. I actually often prefer it to finding something fitting in my size as I like the little extra room in the lower stomach. It's cheaper where I am €4 if they can do it on the centre back, €6 if it's two back seams/darts. It only ever gets more expensive if there's lining involved/a zipper needs to be moved.

botemp Fri 26-Jul-19 10:20:38

I see your 30°, quirky and raise you 36° last night, it dropped to about 33° around midnight 🥵 never thought I'd be so excited about perpetual rain (and cooler temps) coming this weekend.

Floisme Fri 26-Jul-19 10:20:54

4 Euros? I'm been had aren't I? That's another incentive to start learning to sew.

Floisme Fri 26-Jul-19 10:21:10


quirkychick Fri 26-Jul-19 10:24:25

flo these are a few years ago, but irrc they had them this year in black and blue, I think they were under £30.

bo, thank you, my hair is still wet from the shower there, before the humidity frizz!

quirkychick Fri 26-Jul-19 10:27:38

bo, the heat is grim, isn't. At least it was 26° on the beach yesterday, but rose steadily as we drove inland, the car registered 43° at one point, but it does tend to exaggerate!

botemp Fri 26-Jul-19 10:34:56

Quirky, yes, I'd assumed it was still wet. The colour is very striking, I'd caught bits of it in other photos of you but hadn't seen it in full before. I have to say I quite like the humidity frizz when it's this hot. I find it completely unnatural for anyone to have unaffected hair in this weather and assume they sold their soul to the devil for it. It always goes quite wispy on me, which I quite like as I usually wear it up.

I always get mine shortened at the same time so that may make it cheaper, Flo? Apparently it's quite an easy and quick job so they don't charge much for it. Taking a trouser in for length usually ranges from €6-10 so they're generally quite cheap, I feel.

botemp Fri 26-Jul-19 10:39:48

There's almost no wind so it just feels so much hotter, quirky. Even near the water it's scorching. Yesterday I escaped to a blissfully cool museum after my dermatology appointment in the morning. I think I might seek out something similar again today although I'm embracing being lethargic so the idea of moving from my spot isn't all that appealing. Thankfully tonight should be a little cooler so less chance of broken sleep.

CatherineMaitland Fri 26-Jul-19 13:37:03

Well, I'm no Aunt Larry, but I went to Lviv, and completely fell in love with it.

Off to catch up...

quirkychick Fri 26-Jul-19 15:26:31

bo my hair is definitely a humidity barometer (if that makes sense)! It used to be extremely dark and now has lots of white/silver, but thank you.

Today, I escaped into an air conditioned shopping centre with some chores to do. The heat really hit me when we came out. A museum would have been nicer.

Redandblue11 Fri 26-Jul-19 16:38:47

I see we are talking frizzy hair now, mine has gone crazy , not lovely like *quirky”’s .
The Chloe trousers bo I am only looking at them in small phone screen but it looks out of proportion, cannot put my finger on what but as I said I am trying to make up the real fit in my tiny phone scren.
Oh, we were in Venice not Rome. We have Rome in our horizon though, for spring hopefully.
We had the loveliest time in Venice of course very touristy but so charming. The city is deteriorating and you see it in places like inside San Marco Basilica and my ds kept asking me how long it will last before is under water.
Now we are in the Adriatic in a charming place outside Trieste. We are mainly spending our days in the water , snorkelling hours and hours.
Yesterday in Trieste the locals seek refuge under the pedestrian areas with lined trees and cafes.
Here a photo of my cover up from 120 lino. I had it for years, I would love to find another reasonable priced linen cover up while here.

quirkychick Fri 26-Jul-19 17:28:29

red that is my hair before the frizz grin. It's now in a very messy bun, as it's so hot. We went to Venice pre dc in October and the mosaic floor of the basilica was under a lot of water then, but Venice was very beautiful.

banivani Sat 27-Jul-19 09:03:28

Red, feel free to give the deets on the place you’re staying at. My ideal travelling is by personal recommendation so I never get it wrong. grin

Well getting off the plane in Sweden was like going on holiday - this is where the heatwave was. 🙄 I’m glad we missed the 40 degrees Paris was hit by after we left but some more heat while we were in Sopot would’ve been nice.

Tevas look good! Maybe I should peek at them. 🤔 for next year.

I too feel the proportions on the photo with the Chloé trousers looks off somehow- is it just the photo angle or the I’ll fitting shirt?

Mirror over camera every time.

Just realised I brought sunscreen on the plane without putting it in the little plastic baggie - security my arse.

Speaking of arse I didn’t get the trousers. Went back and tried them on - spoke loads of the fifty words of Polish I know [preens] - but the fit was more off than just adjusting one seam so I didn’t love them enough. But I love the shape, and luckily it’s one Cos tends to stock so sooner or later they will be mine. I need pockets as well for my phone to count my steps now that I’m “reducing” as they said in the early 1900s.

Such a shame all photos are so small on mumsnet, so hard to see what you’re wearing properly. I obv love the Thai trousers. Something I saw three times in Paris and once in Sopot actually (but hideous colour and pattern) was trousers that are like the silk Toteme ones Bo got before. No side seams done up so the trousers flap open on the legs naturally? I quite fancy a pair now.

In Sopot I wandered into an expensive boutique selling clothes in Italian silk. I saw a lovely pair f paisley patterned trousers, looked at the price tag and pondered 1290 złoty as if I would for a brief moment. Then i sauntered out in my Mango dress , fooling nobody.

botemp Sat 27-Jul-19 09:43:01

quirky, you should offer your humidity detection services to a local museum. Will save them a bob and leave you nice and cool. It's thankfully cooled down a bit, and none of the promised rain.

It's the ill fitting shirt. It's very boxy and turning boobs stomach into a little box. The trouser proportions are fine in RL. If they weren't I wouldn't have expressed I was pleased with them. I am also getting used to my new phone camera as it does seem to go a bit wide upwards and it shows a lot in cramped dressing rooms.

Lviv sounds positively exotic, Catherine, well exotic to me anyhow, I've been almost everywhere but have always avoided Eastern Europe for unknown reasons. Though did go to Tbilisi at the end of last year and that was really lovely. Although not sure if that's still considered EE.

Ah Venice is indeed great. Much nicer than Rome IMO and I love the Veneto region in general. Much prefer it in the off season, my favourite time of year is February when it's all misty and gloomy. Heading there in a few weeks as well to see the Biennale. I would have told you to get a Scartosso at a fritolin instead, a paper cone filled with deliciously light fried fish that somehow doesn't go soggy even when you get to the last bit.

How much is a zloty?

banivani Sat 27-Jul-19 11:11:49

A złoty times 2.7 gives you a Swedish crown, and theres 11 crowns to a euro wink

botemp Sat 27-Jul-19 12:06:25

Around €300 then? Welcome to the 'pining for expensive silk trousers you will hardly ever wear' gang then. Our watch begins and all that wink

I did see a similar pair to my Toteme trousers at one of the Zara brands. Possibly Pull and Bear, in a linen/cotton mix. Didn't have time to view it properly and it was gone when I next passed the shop. But they are really nice and breezy you can just can't bike for shit with them unless you have elastic hairbands at the ankles.

banivani Sat 27-Jul-19 12:33:10

I knooooow. I really love wearing my Arket silk trousers but the pattern is difficult ... I should pop by Hennes and see if they reduced the ones they had any. And thanks for bringing me to my senses - trousers you can’t cycle in are perhaps not the best choice for my lifestyle 😇 (I will still look - Pull and Bear you say?)

CatherineMaitland Sun 28-Jul-19 08:19:19

I don't know if I can describe Lviv well but it was magic and charming - lots of different influences all coming together in one very beautiful city and not too many tourists. I was there for work so was shown around by colleagues who live there. Lots of lovely coffee, food, and cakes. Surprisingly I managed to lose two kg while I was there...The colleagues laughed and said it was the grechka. Workplace turned out to be very casual and the weather was not too hot so mainly I just wore variations on jeans/T-shirts, dressed up or down with boots/necklace as appropriate.

There is definitely a lot of interest in fashion but few brands; most of the brands start up in Kyiv which is obviously miles away, and the brands that are in Lviv are apparently expensive, and sometimes use cheaper materials than they would for stock in other countries. Some of my colleagues would go to Poland for shopping purposes. Makes for a lot of individuality and personal style.

botemp Sun 28-Jul-19 09:00:10

Interesting, when I googled Lviv it reminded me faintly of Vienna, so funny to hear it's all cakes and coffee too. Hmm, I eat buckwheat for breakfast every morning and I don't think it's the secret to weight loss. Don't eat it as porridge though, more like overnight oats. Do they make it with a whisked egg or is it just like porridge oats?

Kiev has been on my list of places to visit for a while, I've heard the fashion scene is quite interesting there too. I also want one of those traditional Ukrainian dresses like Vita Kin does (but without the VK price tag) to swan around in. They'd make for good beach coverups too.

Well thanks to Bani I went snooping on the P&B site and found the trouser I had seen. I think, it was quite a while ago and they seem to have several versions of them but I remember it being black and a linen mix. I've put in an order for two sizes as they indicated I needed an S even though I'm usually an XS at Zara. Considering Zara sizes aren't all that consistent I figured best try both. I think these will actually be cycle friendly as they look to be open up to knee level. Also tossed in an interesting looking maxi dress but I'm somewhat convinced it all can't be that great considering how low the prices are. Got 10% off with newsletter sign up too. Should be here Wednesday. Site is very different in look and feel to the shop, I'm not quite sure who their target audience is.

Redandblue11 Sun 28-Jul-19 10:16:01

I do not have a lot of time for a catch up as we are off to Miramare Castle as today has cooled down allowing us to leave the water.

But could not go without mentioning that the maxi dress is hitting the spot for me Bo . Is Zara?
Reminiscent for me of Mexican, Bolivian , Russian , Mongolian type cultures... off I go dreaming away.
Chao for now.

Redandblue11 Sun 28-Jul-19 10:16:40

Ciao I should have said grin
Chau is Argentinean

Floisme Sun 28-Jul-19 10:28:04

I tried on a dress a bit like that in an upmarket hippy shop a few months ago, when I was looking for wedding guest outfits. The main difference was that most of the embroidery was on the bodice rather than the sleeves. It was beautiful but I felt like an elderly Heidi and, while I have little truck with age appropriate dressing, I do draw the line at children's fictional characters.

And now you've got me thinking about it all over again....

banivani Sun 28-Jul-19 10:33:46

Lviv (or Lwów as i think it’d still be styled in this house 😉 ) looks very beautiful and interesting! And interesting to hear about personal style. I am very sweeping in my generalisations now, but my opinion on for example polish style is that it tends to be quite samey. Lots of pressure on women to not let themselves go and to look slim and attractive, but a hardness about the finish, very blunt fringes and sharp hair dyes for example.

I’ve been in Pull and Bear twice I think, trailing after my daughters. Nothing in the shop looked like it would fit me and it just wasn’t appealing. I agree the website gives different impression! Checked the size guide and I will not be ordering, seems dicey for my squidgy body haha. Also found the attached trousers which is more Thai fishing trousers and a shape I’m drawn to. Thinking about whether it’d be easy to knock up a pair like the black ones you attached...

CatherineMaitland Sun 28-Jul-19 10:36:02

More like cooked wholegrains but with butter, every time I ate it. I really like it.

ChairPoseKills Sun 28-Jul-19 10:39:26

Had no idea these threads existed! Place marking for future use! smile

botemp Sun 28-Jul-19 10:56:25

Zara? Fat chance the first dress is from Vita Kin and is scarily expensive but they're just a rip off of traditional Ukrainian dresses (complicated name, I'll have to Google Uri-something) that are linen with embroidery. Some are quite folksy in a Heidi way but there are some stunners. I think they're supposed to be your one good dress for celebrations, your wedding, etc. Unfortunately there's a lot of Chinese imitation and the Ukrainian ones I've seen online are made to order and still cost a fair bit.

Dress I ordered from P&B is attached as I quite liked the play with lines and I suit a deep narrow v neck. As mentioned, my expectations aren't high, I thoroughly expect it all to look better in pictures than RL.

Bani, yeah those trousers looked promising too. I'll let you know how the sizes compare to the size guide as I was quite surprised at the suggestion I needed to size up as the Zara brands usually have similar sizing. It left me even more puzzled who they're aiming at as it doesn't really feel like a tween store.

I think tulip trousers and the like aren't that difficult, well in comparison to tailored trousers. I think they're supposed to be quite easy to make, especially with a stretchy waist, I'm sure there are patterns aplenty. I just struggle with access to quality fabrics and if you do miraculously find them they're more expensive than a pair of expensive trousers hmm

botemp Sun 28-Jul-19 10:57:33

Is it sweet or savoury, Catherine, or just decidedly neutral and grainy?

CatherineMaitland Sun 28-Jul-19 11:30:13

Savoury and grainy I'd say.

I didn't see anyone in traditional dress although some shops sold them. Saw lots of weddings on the Sunday, with brides dressed up in full ivory bridal gowns, getting nice photos in the city.

Redandblue11 Sun 28-Jul-19 16:23:54

I was glancing too quickly at the thread... yes of course that couldn’t be Zara.
Now I want silk trousers and ethnic cotton dresses.
The visit to the castle was spectacular as it is perched right by the sea, then we had lunch in the prosecco town , yep (I don’t like prosecco but the house wine was spectacular). We then went up the hill to this modernist church with impressive acoustics as it is Sunday and and the mass was about to start so we heard organ and vocalist in this overpowering brutalist building. Interesting that there only about only a dozen or so people attending mass.

Back to fashion, the other day I got a silk matte red Italian silk shirt on the sale here (£62), I will get a photo at some point.
Talking about ethic fashion, my friend orders from this Indian brand Kharakapas and they do also leather bags (ethical as naturally killed animals). I tried one dress and the quality was stunning and the materials far superior from the usual cotton you find. The prices were not crazy either at around £70-£120 in average.
I have never ordered.

banivani Sun 28-Jul-19 17:49:30

Oh that indian brand looks interesting! Tickles my inner bohemian’s fancy no end.

Adding pics of my polish tote bags.

Floisme Mon 29-Jul-19 07:39:01

I've already shared this story on another thread but yesterday I washed some whiffy towels at 75 degrees - and forgot that my one and only Margaret Howell shirt was still in the machine following a very careful wash on the gossamer setting.

This was my face shock

It came out covered in towel fluff, which shook off once dry, and is otherwise unscathed.

And that, my friends, is why I'm always banging on about her.

banivani Mon 29-Jul-19 09:04:22

My heart was in my mouth until I read “unscathed”. However - I was then immediately annoyed because I seem to remember her linen being dry clean only? Perhaps that was the trousers.

Methenyouplus4 Mon 29-Jul-19 10:18:02

Assuming I'm teaching my Granny to suck eggs here, but you all know you can click on mumsnet photos on here on your phone to make them larger? If I do that they pretty much fill the screen. Haven't tried on my laptop but assume it would do the same?

Just catching up after being MIA at Deershed, a family friendly festival in North Yorkshire. Was fascinating looking at what everyone was wearing as weather was hot/dry/stormy/wet in equal measures at varying points. If my phone hadn't died early doors (couldn't find charger until I returned), I would have loved to take some stealth photos. I did a lot of people watching and was trying to pin down what it was about those who I felt looked best: to summarise, I think it was those who looked like they were wearing their 'normal' style. It's hard to explain but many, especially the women, looked very much 'in costume' as though they'd been to primarc or similar and bought all the traditional 'bohemian' attire but it looked ill fitting/cheap and they didn't look comfortable. On the other hand, there were many wearing a plainer t-shirt with denim shorts/wellies and perhaps a great pair of more bohemian silver earrings that looked great: relaxed and comfortable and as though they were still themselves. Hard to articulate or demonstrate without photos.

Anyhooo, was watching a YouTube video about styling and it suggested identifying your style in 3 words; I really struggled and wondered what others on here would think for themselves?

So far, I thought for myself 'classic' as often wearing less fashion forward pieces (e.g. plain blue denim, trench coat, white shirt, cami etc) but then (bit of an oxymoron) perhaps 'modern' as normally one item will be more current e.g. style of shoe. Or maybe 'simple' as I avoid lots of pattern/detail and find I can easily feel I am wearing a costume if I stray too far from the standard wardrobe staples. Not sure though. Will have a think on it. Do you think of your style is easy to categorise? Interestingly, found I could do it really easily for friends/family/ colleagues etc.

Methenyouplus4 Mon 29-Jul-19 10:25:29

Bo maxi dress look lovely in image, be interesting to see in RL. Last time I was in a PB shop was in Spain around 10 years ago, I thought TA was similar to a shop called Miss Selfridge over here in UK (so probably 14-23ish)? Reasonably fast fashion but probably with the odd good find.

Red that dress looks beautiful and I like both the leather bags.

Bani when I was in Poland all the Insomnia range was black, white, grey and then a beautiful plum and racing green. I think they have staple pieces but colours change. My friend wears some of their pieces and looks amazing whereas I struggled to get them to work on my silhouette, but did like that sort of thick, stretchy fabric and the fact that there isn't really a UK high street equivalent. Agree about Polish women and looks, my friend is very put together and conscious of her looks, she's an interior designer and does have a great eye though for really good cut/structure.

banivani Mon 29-Jul-19 10:48:21

I forgot to comment on Bo’s maxi dress. Love the look of it but I too am sceptical and await review on arrival grin. I have an internet acquaintance in Indonesia who does lovely batik and embroidery things. I’ve never bought anything because frankly the shop is a nightmare to navigate and I get tired of doing so and unsure about sizing, but she is a delightful person and so enthusiastic about crafts from different countries. She uses Indonesian batik and Hungarian embroidery styles for example. Worth a look!

I could never describe my “style” haha. Also there is a huge clash between what I want it to be (Katherine Hepburn or bohemian rich bitch) and what I end up with (frumpy dumpy) 🙄. But I agree that these things are hard to do for yourself and I think partly because you know there’s a disconnect between what’s in your head and on the outside iyswim. All those self testing things are hard, I can’t do them, and wish someone else would analyse me.

On Reddit’s female fashion board people do a lot of inspirational collections like “preppy goth scientist” and it’s quite fun to see what they come up with.

IMO the photos are not large enough for style analysis even when I click on them. 😡 they don’t fill my screen and I can’t zoom properly.

quirkychick Mon 29-Jul-19 10:57:28

So much to catch up on! I like the idea of wafting through museums to show the humidity, bo, sounds a great job. The weather is warm again today, but even the cool weather yesterday, was lots of drizzle, not conducive to good curly hair.

methen, the style watching sounds good, I always say I prefer "boho lite" as otherwise I feel like I'm playing dress up.

Methenyouplus4 Mon 29-Jul-19 12:52:01

Flo you've just reminded me I was going to photograph the Margaret Howell shirt I bought, I really like the feel and cut but I'm unsure what to wear it with.

Bani I imagine would struggle to define their style, and plus it's fun to dress to your nood but I think most people have a sort of default look that they fall back upon. It's interesting that when I think of people I know, many of them would descriptors which would seem to be at odds and I suppose therein lies the limitations of language. An example would be one friend who I would describe as 'earthy' due to her use of a natural colour palette, 'kooky' die to her incorporation of unusual prints and designs but then 'conservative' but in the sense that she rarely (though she has a fantastic figure' shows any skin. Perhaps a term like 'kooky librarian' might give a more accurate representation. Reddit sounds interesting, what is it? Tried to Google it but it just seemed like a search engine?

quirky I really like boho with an edge as a look like Sienna Miller or Rachel Zoe, but I can't say it's a look I can pull off myself.

Floisme Mon 29-Jul-19 15:39:32

The shirt is machine wash on 30 degrees bani but I normally do it on a delicate cycle (although it’s clearly anything but). Yeah the trousers tend to be dry clean. Would love to see your photo Methen.

Ouff my style in 3 words. I’m too fickle to have ever had a ‘signature styke’ even though interestingly most of my style crushes do. At the moment I could probably call it ‘androgyny with curves’ but a few years ago I might have said ‘vintage glamour’ and had a word to spare. I’m sure there are underlying themes though - comfort would be one, even during a glamour phase. But if I could use 3 names instead I’d probably say there’s normally a mix of Katharine Hepburn, Tulsa Swindon and Grace Kelly but the proportions can change.

Floisme Mon 29-Jul-19 15:40:24


quirkychick Mon 29-Jul-19 17:35:26

I'm not sure how to describe my style, I think I have a mishmash of influences. I probably have more bohemian elements in summer as the style lends itself to it but also have retro, androgyny, interesting trousers smile, old indie influences...

No photos today, but for a day of dropping dd2 at a play scheme, then a café and walk along the beach: last year's tulip denim shortskirt, old anthropologie pale blue embroidered cuff top and navy birks.

Methenyouplus4 Mon 29-Jul-19 18:07:20

I defo have a touch of indie in my casual clothes, perhaps as I have such fond memories of the era, I always have a hankering after wide leg/flared jeans and cords.

In my quest to try and understand how to dress my shape, I got hubby to measure my shoulders (39), chest (34), waist (30) and hips (though we measured arse at widest point rather than where my hip bones are- 42).

I looked at online calculators which all seem to ignore shoulder measurements and put my as a pair shape- thus recommending shoulder detail/ strapless tops etc to 'balance' my bottom half. Can't help but feel this is wrong as any such things make me look really broad shoulders? I recognise they are fairly generic tools, is anyone on here aware of a good online calculator? I have tried just looking in the mirror but not much further forward.

quirkychick Mon 29-Jul-19 18:18:00

Trying to show a bit of boho lite smile. Embroidered top but everything else quite simple. I had a sun hat and sunglasses on earlier. The top was white, but I gave it new life at the end of last summer and dyed it pale blue.

methen, I used dressipi quite a few years ago, which I think is now called Joy of Clothes where you put in your colouring and measurements, including shoulders. It was a revelation that I had broader shoulders and explained some issues with certain styles.

botemp Mon 29-Jul-19 18:44:19

I'm rather confused how killing animals naturally is considered ethical. Surely that's open to personal interpretation? It's what I find annoying about ethical and sustainable brands, none can ever be pristine and none will ever be a more sustainable option than not buying or getting something second hand. Saying all that, I have been pouring over ethical brand Paloma Wool images. Their website is a bit crap as there's lots hidden in different categories. It's Barcelona based and mostly made there, less expensive than I anticipated, I'd say fairly priced for sustainable gear in natural materials in the lower-mid (sustainable brand) range. It has a bit less complicated Jacquemus vibes with similar cheery Mediterranean feel. I'll be surprised if it's not very popular on Instagram.

Oh tote bags, they look fun. While we're on the subject how serious is the demand for custom totes as I've been looking at Print On Demand services that ship directly per individual order but they come in around €15-20 excl. shipping, but they'll ship to almost anywhere and it's not that high in the EU/US. No idea what the quality is like, I'd have to order a sample first.

Methen, I think what you observed at the festival was the classic are you wearing the clothes or are they wearing you thing.

I'm always a bit eh about style descriptors. I mean is it still a personal style if you align yourself with certain tendencies? I think personal style has certain constants and personality is only a small part of that, body shape, colouring , etc will sort of work like a self fulfilling prophecy to a certain extent. It doesn't matter if Avant Garde feels a better fit to my personality as someone with a very classic shape, colouring, shape, etc. I'd look a fraud in it so even if something is very contemporary in design for me it will need to have some nod to classical silhouettes for it to 'feel' me. The only thing it really says is that I want to look my best (or I'm vain, what else is new) as you can of course go against the grain and wear things that are not the most harmonious fit but you need to be pretty committed and go full hog on it and that often goes with rebellious youth and those that hold onto it into adulthood.

Subsequently, at a push I'd go with newfashioned to describe my style outset as I look for contemporary interpretations of classic shapes and silhouettes in traditional quality materials. But I'm pretty sure if I looked like Tilda Swinton it would not be the natural thing I'd gravitate towards.

Going by the shop 14-23 may be accurate for PB, it feels a bit like a casual/indie denim brand. Vaguely reminds me of Lucky Brand jeans although they left here long ago so but sure if that likeness still holds. But the website feels much more mid-late twenties. Not that it matters, for the longest time I thought it was part of the Bestseller group (Scandi, Vero Moda, Vila, etc ) and a male only line as that was all in the front. Orde is coming sooner than expected btw, it'll be here tomorrow.

I nearly thought we were being invited to a funeral pyre for the MH shirt too shock glad it's okay, it's reminding me that I need to go bug the MH customer service and see if they'll let me know the dates of their sample sales sooner than right before it as going by Brexit news it'll probably be the last time I'll be allowed in the country shock

There's a really disturbing online calculator that produces a 3d image of your body which you can rotate etc. if you input your measurements and where you carry extra weight, or whether arms are longer/thinner, etc. It's a rather weird image but it does really give you an objective view of your own body that can be helpful. It's not really made for clothing advice but I do feel shape is best determined when you see someone's back rather than front and this 360 view gives you that and more. I'd have to look it up, it was from a German uni, IIRC.

quirkychick Mon 29-Jul-19 20:56:34

bo, I'm sure that is the difference between you wearing the clothes or them wearing you in methen's festival observations. One of the Sunday Supplements, either Style or Stella, had a feature on grown up festival style recently which was advocating using your own style and adapting it to the practicalities of a festival rather than going in dress up.

I think I have some things that are very "me" but that can be open to different influences iyswim. I'm sure my colouring and build have quite a bit to do with that too. I wear quite a bit of neutrals and simple basics, but add something for interest; which might be accessories, slightly unusual shapes or details etc.

Methenyouplus4 Tue 30-Jul-19 08:27:51

Bo I had assumed that Red meant animal skin used after an animal had died naturally e.g.old age? I could be wrong though.

Images you shared were all lively, especially the last one. I have to be realistic that such pieces don't have a place in my life for the foreseeable but still interesting to find out about (new to me) brands.

Posted about this style of top (neckline specifically) probably over a year ago and Bo suggested a floral one from outnet but it was semi-transparent which put me off. Still looking for one though if anyone sees one like the images.

Ebay purchases arrived- immediately loved the navy cashmere jumper with scalloped neck, fit is great on shoulder, decent length in the body and colour is gorgeous, really dark with a hint of teal. Flesh toned mules less impressive, fit great but as suspected when I looked closer, they are synthetic not leather. Seller offered to refund 40% of cost but still unsure- I find leather generally last so much better and more comfortable. Will have a think.

Floisme Tue 30-Jul-19 09:27:50

I am done with festivals. I might make an exception for a literary one if I can take a chair, but otherwise my son goes so I don't have to. But my favourite thing about them was always the dressing up and pretending to be someone else for a few days. i know it was totally Marie-Antoinette-at-Versailles but I loved all the faux sari outfits and the bad henna tattoos.

Floisme Tue 30-Jul-19 09:28:14

Just to be clear, I never wore wings

Methenyouplus4 Tue 30-Jul-19 09:51:44

Flo carnival style face crystals/gems seemed to be the key accessory. I was just in jeans, wellies and a waterproof (so not super snazzy), plus usually hysterically shouting the name of a kid who had wandered off so certainly not cool or chic!

As for top style I asked you all to look for, it helps if I include images...

Methenyouplus4 Tue 30-Jul-19 10:09:24

Bo saw this on Ebay, no idea what brand is like but might be an option if PB one isn't great?

I have worked out that top style seems to be Isabel Marant, found one on ebay but design is quite busy (wouldn't get enough wear to justify cost) and there is a lovely one in a sort of mulberry pink but size 8/10. Tried Outnet but no luck. Ideally would love a second hand consignment I could return it to if it doesn't suit.

quirkychick Tue 30-Jul-19 10:32:20

Last outfit photos, I'm going to run out of summer clothes to photo soon grin. These are the anthropologie culottes I bought in the sale. Very versatile and a good fit. This summer seems to be all about the trousers, whereas last year was about the skirts.

Lovely tops, methen, I like that style too. Was there something similar by Me & Em?

Floisme Tue 30-Jul-19 10:37:03

I was just thinking of Me & Em. It's not quite the same as the neck is high but this?

I must admit, I thought it would be in the sale by now shock

Redandblue11 Tue 30-Jul-19 10:50:41

Will catch up later properly. Yes another of my not properly written pieces , the naturally killed meant:
Ahimsa (cruelty-free) leather = Slaughter-free leather sourced from animals that have died from natural causes.
Is an idian brand and I think might be practicing Hindus hence that.
I am not religious by any means but found it appealing the idea to use that leather. Plus and a BIG plus I saw and tried my friend’s dress and the quality was something else, so wondered about their leather craftsmanship.

botemp Tue 30-Jul-19 11:33:13

Hmm, well I remain sceptical about it. India has one, if not the worst, track record when it comes to the leather processing industry, with major impact on the health of the workers and the environment. It also seems hugely wasteful, a cow's hide is about 10% of its value, so either there is huge waste or worse, the local population is subjected to meat where the safety, quality, and edibility cannot be ensured. Sorry, I seem to be a bit preachy today...

Despite being a non meat eater I don't actually have an issue with leather but I do think it needs to be represented as the reality it is. On that tangent, on the imitation leather shoes, Methen, I'd struggle to keep them. I don't have sweaty feet but I will in faux leather and mules are not the type of shoes you want to have sweaty feet in. Where they sold to you as genuine leather?

I remember the top, burgundy with dark flowers. I think you found it on the Outnet and I had tried it on previously and found it to be pretty transparent. Think Elle had the dress version but that one was at least lined. I did find that shape top in Zara last year in red but I was on my fast fashion ban at the time. You may find it on eBay potentially. It was cotton IIRC, I'll dig through my images as I think I photographed the tag with the number on it.

Trousers look great quirky. It seems I similarly bought a record number of trousers this summer. They've suited the weather though. Wore my Chloe trousers for the first time yesterday with an asymmetric top (I'd actually like more of those, the Paloma Wool images probably not helping quash that desire) and they were perfect in this warm but not hot weather.

botemp Tue 30-Jul-19 11:35:21

Oh and thanks for the Reformation find. It's actually an American sustainable brand known for their rather low cut necklines and high slits on skirts but somehow not being vulgar. Unfortunately, they won't post it my way.

botemp Tue 30-Jul-19 11:44:04

Okay, that was quick to find. It's attached, number is 7731/202/601 and whilst looking for the stock image I found someone who is selling it on depop in an M (I tried on an XS and S and found little difference between them) who is in the UK:

Methenyouplus4 Tue 30-Jul-19 12:15:43

Currently in car (as passenger!) so keeping it brief as I get nauseous looking at screens. Thank you all for collective efforts, Zara top purchased! This is ideal as if I love the cut then I can in invest in one of the more £££ if they come up in my size. Chuffed to bits.

quirkychick Tue 30-Jul-19 13:22:54

I really like asymmetric cuts, too, bo. I find they can be really flattering.

I like the look of that zara top, methen, looks great paired with the flares.

banivani Tue 30-Jul-19 14:01:47

It’s a relevant question if style is personal if it can be described by universal types but otoh nobody is as unique as they think and it is the nature of humans to try to group and classify themselves. In other words, “French girl chic” as a thing. grin

Love that shape of top Methen and if I manage to “reduce” enough I’m going to fecking get hold of something similar and live my youth over again when I thought I was too fat for anything like that angry

It makes sense for me to scavenge leather from animals that die of old age while acknowledging that the meat might not get eaten as long as you’re not actively breeding the animals in great numbers to meander around and die. Am idly wondering what self-dead animals the leather comes from. Cows? Pigs? Donkeys? Dogs?

Cannot decide which is more pretentious - some of the Paulina Wool photos or Khara Khapas’s copywriting grin Lovely things on both sites though. The legs askew pose seems very popular in Spanish fashion photography all the same wink

botemp Tue 30-Jul-19 19:46:44

Well I'm idly wondering whether there's some carcass scrap yard where people bring all these animals as it wouldn't be all that cost effective to scavenge all day. I'm guessing it's just old dairy cattle.

Well I'm glad the Zara top worked out Methen, you move quick! I tried it on with shorts at the tine and that really worked well.

Yes Paloma Wool is definitely pretentious, it's not really a clothing brand, doncha know? It's an Art project. Aside from the 'I need to pee' poses I also spotted a lot of 'I poo asymmetrically' poses. Very high brow, I tell ya.

Ok, PB order came in and the size guide wasn't that accurate. I fit both sizes of trousers but the larger size has more versatility as I can wear it high and low waisted. It's surprisingly nice, moves very similar to my Toteme trousers, nice and breezy, just slightly less dramatic and more laid back due to the material. I'll be able to wear it with loads of things, camisoles, slouchy linen tees, silk and cotton shirts, etc.

Dress is a disappointment, I had thought it was a stiffer fabric but it's stretchy and definitely too big. Only got one size (S) as I had assumed a stiffer fabric with a zip and Zara tends to be quite narrow on the ribs. But most annoying, they put a lot of effort aligning patterns everywhere except for the most visible part of the dress, right under the v neck. It really shouldn't have made it past quality control IMO.

Anyhow, sizing not as small as indicated, pretty similar to Zara.

ToEllewithIt Wed 31-Jul-19 07:50:23

I have to say I did absolutely cringe at some of the mum bloggers I saw on Instagram attending a festival. They looked like they were in fancy dress. If your dress sense is usually very much a floral dress and converse I don’t know why attending a music festival would bring about a complete charge of personality that sees you wearing a glittery unitard.

The Paloma wool shapes look nice and definitely has a bit of a Reformation vibe, but the dresses look a bit to unforgiving to me. The linen is probably the only thing I’d take a chance on. Quite an extensive range for a new brand?

I would really like a tote!

So glad to hear that the Margaret Howell shirt is intact xing!

Top came out well quirky

Methen I remember in one of the very early thread Botemp explaining about the difference between (and I’m paraphrasing here because I can’t remember the correct terminology) a frontal pear and lateral pear. My measurements are definitely pear-leaning, but it’s not really super apparent from the front and I think it’s because it’s more my bottom that sticks out rather than my hips. There were some good drawings to explain it too! I also think there was some discussion about whether the top part of you frame should be determined by your bust or your shoulders. Again I have a small bust which should be pear, but fairly strong shoulders which cancel it out a bit.

I do like the idea of those cutaway vest tops that are everywhere, but fear they could be a bad look on me.

I adore the red top that you posted methen and the yellow inspiration one is really lovely – do you know the brand?

Botemp shame about the pattern matching. I’ve never been in a P&B I thought it was a tween shop, may have to reconsider.

My style – maybe “nearly, but not quite” - yes that’s 4 words. apropos.

Still no sign of my Outnet order. Really like your cover up redSaw the attached too which is more than I want to spend, but appeals to me (or else I’ve just been influenced by botemp’s pants “stringfluenced”?)

I haven’t bought Vogue in ages, but may crack to buy the one that the DoS is guest editing.

Outfit of the day is just black jeans with that feathweight cashmere dark green Joseph jumper I got in Antwerp, the weather has cooled here.

Methenyouplus4 Wed 31-Jul-19 09:24:06

Last night I went to sleep tickled by the thought of ethical leather from creatures that had died naturally: coats made of roadkill deer and hedgehogs compete with tyre tracks, handbags from a collection of stiff pet hamster corpses collected over the years...

Bo that is annoying about the dress, if you were near a shop I suppose you could have a nose as I doubt they all have the same flaw. I find sizing in general all over the place with the majority of brands, it really makes me reluctant to shop anywhere online that charges for returns.

As for Ebay shoes, yes, they were listed as leather. I agree with you and they are going back, thank you for confirming that as it would have been easy to justify keeping them because they were cheap, but to quote Kondo, plastic shoes don't 'spark joy' for me.

Elle I like that first vest top, it would be great to showcase toned arms (which I don't have). The first two images (yellow and salmon) were from pintrest so can't tell you brand but certainly Isabel Marant had that style. The red one was sourced by Bo which I immediately snaffled, but if it's no good I'm happy to send it your way to try.

With festivals, I can see why people want to dress with a bit of escapism in mind, but it was just noticable that the majority looked pretty uncomfortable/self conscious in their choices. Another thing I noted was that they had bohemian/eccentric clothing and then had spent time on full face of make-up that seemed jarring together.

Elle I remember that too now you've mentioned it. I think I'm eager to understand my shape/what suits my figure best as when I go into shops at the moment (either online or RL) I find the amount of stuff overwhelming, as I mentioned before, I'm pretty poor at visualising things so find it hard to look at something on a hanger/ model and translate how it will work on me. I have been able to ascertain some things over the years e.g. tops with no shoulder detail where the seem sits on/ slightly in from shoulder are by far a better look for me due to broad shoulders. This is really helpful when shopping as I can 'wipe out' a chunk of what is on offer to help me select things.

Have to scoot as have an appointment but pondering the following at the moment:
- recommendations to replace my linen t-shirt? Not necessarily linen again, but a good basic top that is a real workhorse and can be worn with almost everything?
- any interesting face care recommendations? I'm currently enjoying the ritual of facial oil applied by massage and then using a roller. Seems to be adding a lovely glow (and not causing an issue to my oily skin).
- make-up: I seem to have lost my love of mascara, which is interesting as it has always been my 'if I could only use one product' item. In the market for some new lippies though so feel free to suggest brands/colours. I could do with both subtle and bold.

ToEllewithIt Wed 31-Jul-19 11:18:53

For the t-shirt - loose or fitted?

I have been mucking about with skincare lately. I am far, far from an expert, you need botemp for that. There's a big thread in this forum, but it's an absolute rabbit hole. What I have found makes a difference for my skin (added one at a time) was prescription strength retinol, vit-C serum from Drunk Elephant and Biologique Recherce P50W lotion (AHA and BHA I think) thought the last did cause purging the first few times I used it so not one to use just before a big event! Other things that I use and like are De Mamial cleansing balm for the smell (probably full of irritants but my skin okay with it), Biologique Recherche Lait U for cleansing and Biore watery essence spf 50.
For lipstick I love the texture of Chantecaille and Tom Ford

botemp Wed 31-Jul-19 12:13:03

We're a morbid lot with our carcass scrap yard and a hamster clutch. Don't think the Print On Demand services make those yet...

I actually saw some really nice linen dresses on the Reformation site Elle. They appear to ship to Europe for free now (returns are a hefty $20 but PayPal's return service would cover those) and are including all taxes etc.

Ah yes, I'd nearly forgotten about all my crappy sketches, but yes bones and how you hold your weight will make the same shape sit differently even when the measurements are the same. And often with pears and/or top heavy bodies, you can also have an anterior pelvic tilt which optically shortens your top half and makes you look heavier. So visually a pear can end up looking an apple atop a pear. I think you can correct it to a point with exercise but I'm not expert on the matter.

Are you a convert to tightlining already Methen? If not that really reinvigorated my interest in mascaras, it just gives a fullness to the lashes that no mascara can replicate without looking like a clunky mess.

The Biologique Recherche P50 is predominantly a polyhydroxy acid with the addition of aha and BHA. I forgot to mention to you previously Elle that when you switch to the full strength version you have to switch the order with Vit C around as it has a lower pH.

I've yet to find a good replacement for linen tees, as they don't look that great on me anymore. Same for sleeveless racer back linen tops, I loved those but they all come up too slouchy on me now.

botemp Wed 31-Jul-19 12:15:48

Sorry had meant to add the Reformation dress. They're selling out quickly though, they were only unavailable in my size in all colours yesterday, now a couple more. It also comes as a mini.

banivani Wed 31-Jul-19 12:47:03

A good pilates instructor will be able to help correct a pelvic tilt. grin

Shame about the pattern matching there but it is more rule than exception. People don’t know what to look for either these days. A company that took the time to pattern match, charged a bit extra for it but made sure to point it out in its copywriting could earn a bit of money I think.

I keep meaning to go back to the first threads and copy out all the body shape advice, it was very useful Bo. ❤️
Even if I know that the shoulder seam looks better at a certain place I have never experienced a sense of liberation that huge chunks of clothing rails are ruled out by such knowledge because I feel trapped by how little is left. 🤔 Two polyester tops with ruffles, like.

Am going for a walk down town now and in honour of Paris carrying a tote. I have only one a foreign hipster might like, photo attached. wink

XingMing Wed 31-Jul-19 14:15:04

Methen, I just replaced a worn out linen T with another from the same shop. The brand was Miss Sugar, and it's lovely. Mine is watermelon, a warm coral pink.

As it's Wednesday, it's the T2 fashion pages, and in between slogan T-shirts, woke swimwear and unitards no, me neither there's an article about an ethical clothing company Nobody's Child.

Methenyouplus4 Wed 31-Jul-19 17:56:24

Elle thank you for all recommendations, will Google them tonight. Never heard of the first brand of lippies you mentioned either so will see if anywhere local stocks them.

Bo In my mind tight lining is the top lid waterline? Never tried it so defo up for a go as my tiny hooded eyes need all the help they can get. I actually won a make-up lesson at a local event, I'll have to actually try and pay attention when I get round to arranging it; when I've had it done in the past at a counter/ for weddings etc, I always find it so relaxing I forget to actually pay attention.

Bani I too am I credulous that a company has yet (to my knowledge) pitch itself solely on affordable craftsmanship. Perhaps we can add a line of basics to our pop-up bag boutique?

I also see what you mean about little being left other than the polyester tat, especially in RL high street/ department stores but think it's really useful when shopping online at higher end and second hand.

Re: linen tees, I don't think I want a literal replacement; mine are a bit tired now but I feel it's the style that no longer suits. I no longer like that they are slightly transparent or that they cling, which now just serves to accentuate my growing love handles and gut. Annoyingly, I am eating well and doing more exercise than I have in years as doing a half-marathon in a couple of months, but I really think all the broken sleep has impacted my metabolism.

Anyway, back to the linen tops, I want a new equivalent: something that keeps (for example) leather trousers day time wearable while simultaneously taking plain jeans up a level. As I said before, I felt they were just such an easy, fail safe stalwart of my wardrobe.

The closet I have at the moment is this from Jigsaw but it's a touch too smart/ clingy to offer the casual element that a linen tee does, but it does seem to go with everything.

Total side note, got some bra extenders today, not glam but for about £3 for the set, much needed and will hopefully mean I can wear the bralettes that were a touch too small.

I also went to get nails done in usual neutral pink tone but ended up with these bad boys. I actually quite like them for a change, despite the fact they feel far too 'try hard' - hark me, probably singing the exact same narrative as all those mums at the festival in sequinned jump suits and tassled feather tie die tees.blush

viennesewhirls Wed 31-Jul-19 18:07:14

Bonjour, tous le monde!
I've been following the thread for ages but have finally joined MN, despite not being a mum, in order to participate. I'm in Edinburgh, so a very un-Parisian climate but with the Auld Alliance to think of ;)

botemp Wed 31-Jul-19 18:17:00

PSA for the Margaret Howell fanatics: the lovely folk from their customer service confirmed to me it will be the 26th and 27th of September. I'll probably go Thursday and visit some of the consignment shops we visited last time after. Just scratching my head over the airports again...

Ah those nails look like fun rather than desperate, Methen. Mind you, if you start talking nipple tassles we'll have to stage an intervention

Linen tee alternative thought, it may be worth nosing around All Saints? They usually do casual 'slouchy but not to be mistaken for flabby' tops quite well. I find them stupidly priced (the euro prices are even more insane) but I'm sure there's plenty to get second hand as they repeat shapes often.

Tight lining is just rubbing a bit of pencil or eyeliner in the water line, it's not really detectable, it just sits between the lashes but it really frames out the eye and makes it look more open. Fellow hooded eyes here, twas a revelation. Don't try it near children though, it frightens them 😬

It's quite normal to bloat out when you just start on a heavy training regime and eating healthier things which your body actually needs to work at digesting. Give it a couple of weeks and it'll settle down again.

Like the tote Bani, how much did the hipsters offer you for it today? I really should create a 'this tote is not for sale unless you're a hipster' tote grin

botemp Wed 31-Jul-19 18:19:07

Welcome Viennese! We had a Scottish poster living in France who had Auld Alliance as her username, if she's still around lurking <waves>

Redandblue11 Wed 31-Jul-19 18:48:22

Methen I have that jigsaw top in a dark red as was the only colour in the sale a couple of months ago. I also have it in navy from a couple of years ago with a shorter sleeve. They are my go to tees, I wear with high waist jeans, culottes, skirts you can easily dress up or down. I am thinking in getting more colours as is my absolutely favourite top.

Re MH, I could probably do the 26 Sep if I organise myself as I need to be working that day but could potentially do half day then head for meeting at midday. The 27 I am going away for a friend’s celebration which involves a trip to an annual vintage market is more furniture and objects than fashion.

I am right now at the top of a Dolomites mountain, resting as tomorrow we plan hiking and following days bike riding. Hopefully that exercise helps with my bloating, I am still struggling up and down with the ibs which is not very bad but not great ... when I go back I planning to see an specialist again as is getting annoying.

Redandblue11 Wed 31-Jul-19 18:50:44

I am loving all the totes photos and would be up for a personalised one!
My favourite thread name was the orangutans one smile that caught my eye and made me join the thread wink

viennesewhirls Wed 31-Jul-19 19:17:24

I have the tote bag from the Dior exhibition at the V&A. Apparently it is 'the' thing to get!
Ridiculously pricey for a tote but feels very well made - closer to being a proper bag than to a flimsy canvas bag.

Today I wasn't very Parisian at all, except that I wore my sunglasses on the way to the gym at 7.15am.

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