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Les Parisiennes des Mamansnet: Too much good taste can be very boring. Independent style, on the other hand, can be very inspiring.

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botemp Sat 13-Jul-19 13:20:47

Lovers of Parisian style and fashion with a conscious mindset and lots of chatter in between.


Favoured Parisian addresses:

Second Hand Shops


Favoured London addresses:

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Consignment shops, Vintage, and Restaurants


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Ninkaninus Sat 13-Jul-19 13:30:59

Perfect title!

XingMing Sat 13-Jul-19 17:51:27

Thanks Bo...

"Pink is the navy blue of India" gets my DV quote vote.

CatherineMaitland Sat 13-Jul-19 19:14:14

Oooh hello new thread! Thanks bo (marking place so I don't lose it)

Methenyouplus4 Sun 14-Jul-19 09:07:09

Thank you for the new thread Bo, I fell off the last one around late May but it has been a pleasure catching up with all the clothes (and kitchen). As ever, always appreciate those who share photos as they are such an inspiration.

To the those chatting about camisoles but felt exposed (sorry, lost track of who said what as had a fair bit to catch up on), I get quite a bit of wear out of mine and wear it:
1. Tucked into khaki coloured paper bag waist trousers with a loose denim shirt over (worn open).
2. Tucked into high waisted denim flares with a suede biker style jacket over.
3. Tucked into chinos with a loose, slouchy boyf cardigan over it.
4. Tucked into slim fitting jeans with a ballet wrap style cardigan worn over the top.

Related to the person who was no longer satisfied with their slouchy slightly transparent linen t-shirts, I have my boden ones in 4 colours (worn backwards so the deepest V is at the back), but while they are still easy in that they go with lots, I really don't feel they do much at all for my silhouette. Somehow they seem to emphasise my rounded shoulders ,(crap posture) and love handles.

I haven't really made many purchases at my end since Christmas (if you remember I went on an annual trip to Harrogate with my mum). I did by a Margaret Howell shirt which I love the cut of and think it will look great with a bright lip but can't seem to find what would look good with it on the bottom half, will get a photo later.

Though I haven't made many clothes purchases, I have really been drawn to chunky earrings and enjoying wearing really simple outfits with bold jewellery adding a real snap of personality- find it so easy to do on busy mornings.

I had lots of underwear advice on here as I was really eager to get away from the heavily padded bras I was wearing- found a fab one from M&S (will photo later) that has the gentlest bit of padding but is a great shape for breasts like mine that have lost their fullness at the top. It is true that the foundations make such a difference! When I wear that bra I feel so much more sensual and strangely more body confident, there's something about embracing the fact that I no longer have the breasts of my early 20s and I think that leads to a sexiness in itself.

You may remember I was reducing work days to care for my son, last night I was reflecting that in the past 5 years or so I have went from full time professional work, through x2 maternity leaves, to part time work with days at home with kids and, come September, all four children will be at school and I will only be working one day. While I feel really comfortable in my work clothes, I will now be able to wear daytime outfits midweek that I don't have to wear with the prerequisite that they may be smeared in glue at a toddler group/grass stained at the park etc. One of the first things I am thinking of getting is a nice leather bag. Most of mine have seen better days and I will not be having to haul all my son's medical supplies with me when he is at school so can get something based purely on my own style preference which I'm looking forward to picking.

quirkychick Sun 14-Jul-19 10:12:19

Lovely to hear from you methen, I went from working full time, to part time with baby, to stay at home, then caring for dd2 with SEN. Now I'm trying to get back to part time, as she's properly full-time in special school, but due to an overhaul in management of my previous school (it's been going through a rocky stage) getting the required references etc. has been slow and hard work. Good idea, I did think of a cami under a shirt, actually. I think it's the looseness around the underarms combined with thin straps just emphasises my wider shoulders and any extra weight I might carry. A more fitted vest top with wider straps, however, does much the same job as a cami, but adds some structure and just somehow works.

Floisme Sun 14-Jul-19 10:13:41

Thanks for the new thread bo - excellent sentiments.

Looking forward to seeing the Margaret Howell shirt Methen. If it's the yellow linen one I may self combust with envy.

Redandblue11 Sun 14-Jul-19 11:45:15

Brilliant tittle Bo!
And hello 👋 new and old faces ! So nice to read again people that have not been here for some time.
Will catch up later properly.

ToEllewithIt Mon 15-Jul-19 08:39:26

Dropping in to say hi!

I love the title. My issue with the cookies seems to be resolved so I'll try to do a read and catch up later. Briefly bani I think your new dress looks great, particularly belted. red i prefer the navy dress, I think it looks really nice on you.

Welcome back metoo a new bag sounds like a great way to mark the transition to a new stage.

banivani Mon 15-Jul-19 11:42:32

Salutations de Paris mes filles! We are well installed in a super cute and very personal little airbnb flat in the 10th. In a “cosmopolitan” area which as you know is code for “here be immigrants” which in this means mostly Indian/Pakistan. So it’s a bit like when we went to London and stayed up in the East End haha. I’m shattered, got up at 4 which is not my style. My son is grumpy as hell now and wants to sit and watch Netflix 🙄 we’ll head out to the supermarché in a bit.

Welcome back Methen!

How are you lot wearing stuff backwards? Like I told you before I find the slanted shoulder seam a giveaway. I tried on a top of mine with a deep front drape (too deep) backwards the other day. It just looks like I’m wearing my clothes backwards.

I agree completely that there is something to be said for the sexiness of embracing your body the way it has aged instead of desperately clinging to past ideals!

On the royal style thread people discussed James Middletown’s French girlfriend’s very low cut Wimbledon shirt. Reminded me of the very first thread where we talked about how French this is. A complete clash with all the other Wimbledon styles. Effortlessly French.

Ninkaninus Mon 15-Jul-19 13:39:48

Hey again everyone! ☀️☀️☀️

I’m not sure they’re necessarily ‘parisienne’, (never been) but I’m very pleased with these shoes I picked up in the Russell & Bromley sale! ☺️

quirkychick Mon 15-Jul-19 14:27:10

I'm another one who wears softer, more natural bras now. As a teenager and in my 20s, I thought I needed round, full breasts, which I've never had. As I head towards 50 and after 2 children, they have definitely lost some fullness, but I agree embracing your natural shape is so much better (or I could just be deluded...) . In fact, I'm just wearing a lace bralette today. Let's face it, a lot of stylish and chic people work with their natural body shape rather than against it!

Ninkanimus, nice shoes.

Methenyouplus4 Mon 15-Jul-19 16:54:34

Ban- can't say I have noticed an issue with shoulder seam, if I have time, I will take a photo of one of the linen tees as it should be/ backwards so you can see.

Re: low white shirt- I think it is French when everything else is understated, as we were saying, so unpadded bra, not skyscraper heels, not inches of make-up, not uber styled hair etc. For me, it's one of those looks that is hard to nail (like no makeup makeup) because it takes time to make it look breezy and effortless.

Quirky- in full agreement. My next phase is to embrace my legs. I'm pretty tall and have long legs, so up until my twin pregnancy, I loved wearing short skirts with glares and long sleeved tops- sexy yet understated. Since pregnancy 3/4, I have varicose veins, less definition and a sort of fatty layer that sits above my knee cap (previously I had great knee definition- one of those weird things about aging that you don't notice until it's gone- a bit like toned arms or neck I guess- though not hit issues there yet). Today has been pretty hot and I looked around- about half women I was near had legs out, some more aesthetically pleasing than mine, some less so. What i noticed is that I hadn't even noticed those with obvious veins/cellulite etc until I was specifically looking, instead I had noticed nice sandals/ linen dress etc. Perhaps it is almost a strange vanity that leads me to think others would even notice the flaws I see on my own legs. It is forecast to be another scorcher tomorrow so I am adamant I will wear a mini skirt at the very least. If I remember, I'll grab a quick snap.

Methenyouplus4 Mon 15-Jul-19 17:00:33

That should be I wore short skirts with flats, not sure why autocorrect put glares!

Nink- I have a few pairs of Russell and Bromley shoes (from ebay) and they are incredibly well made.

Redandblue11 Mon 15-Jul-19 17:01:16

Thank you Elle I also prefer the navy dress on me, but I have not tried them again yet, will do that and play with the belt and maybe another belt and make a decision.
Love the shoes Ninka!
methen, quirky - re very lightly soft padded bras, which ones do you use/recommend? For flat chested? I might be wrong but I think you are probably both reasonably flat chested? (I am)
I have a CK and Sloggi ones, I prefer the CK ones (photo) as the sloggi actually have a bit more padding than the CK ones and I also prefer to just slightly enhance rather than change my shape completely.
But I want other recommendations. The ones I have are invisible bralette type.

Ninkaninus Mon 15-Jul-19 18:38:41

Me yes I love R&B. Haven’t had shoes from them before, but have had handbags. I’m hoping I’ll be pleased when the shoes get here. I’ve got rid of a lot of shoes recently (about 30 pairs) so I really needed something for evenings/parties. I also want some patent loafers, but that will have to wait til the next sale...

Methenyouplus4 Mon 15-Jul-19 19:43:42

Nink- you will love them. I have found that with my R&B shoes/boots, I can get them reheeled etc and they just go on wearing really, really well. I have x4 pairs (various styles) from Ebay, all under £20, all immaculate. Can't imagine going to a cheap shoe shop now after having such good quality.

Methenyouplus4 Mon 15-Jul-19 19:48:46

Red- have shown photos of 3, tried to take photos of the cup too so you can see that the pad is very thin (for me it's because I teach teenagers and don't want to have an obvious nipple erection, rather than to change the shape of my breast.

First one is black Calvin Klein one, I can't remember exact one but pretty sure Bo will remember as I'm sure she recommended it. It is the most molded but much less so than what I used to wear.

Methenyouplus4 Mon 15-Jul-19 19:52:33

This one is a cheap H&M one. I bought it for about £4 in the sale to see if I was comfortable wearing less support before I bought a more expensive one. I think they come in clothes sizes, I bought a 10 (I'm 34B/Cand usually wear a size 10 on top) but I need to get an extender as it is too tight on my rib cage. It is pretty though and I don't mind if a bit peaks out of knitwear as just looks like a cami. It looks much more padded on photo, hence my photo showing actual width of padding.

Methenyouplus4 Mon 15-Jul-19 19:55:00

Final one and by far my fav to wear is the M&S one. I think it was part of the Rosie range. I couldn't find exact same one but there are similar on M&S site, they do them for bigger sizes too.

Ninkaninus Mon 15-Jul-19 19:57:10

Oh I’m glad to hear that, me although if I love them it will take a lot of discipline to not buy more, more, more...

Haven’t actually been into a shop in years, maybe 5 or 6 by now, but I do remember that the quality of their shoes was obvious.

Ninkaninus Mon 15-Jul-19 20:01:33

Oh dear I feel a new eBay obsession coming on! 😁

Methenyouplus4 Mon 15-Jul-19 20:48:14

Nink- I actually prefer some of the older styles so works well for me. Their loafers tend to be £££ even second hand in fairly poor conditions but some great bargains to be had. I suppose because they are so well made, people know you can just repair a lot of the time.

Methenyouplus4 Mon 15-Jul-19 20:51:15

Apologies Bani, I had an early bath and sm too lazy to put a bra back on for photo of t-shirt. I will try to grab one at some point tomorrow.

Plus side, I did pop a quick light tan on pins, so I have no excuse not to get them out tomorrow.

quirkychick Mon 15-Jul-19 21:19:06

red, mine are mostly not padded, but I totally get why you would teaching teenagers, methen. I have an ancient red French bra from La Redoute which is still going strong, a Freya one from Selfridges, my most recent bra is a black triumph one from John Lewis. I find they fit me well. Dd1 has a sloggi, and I'm quite tempted, they look nice, I had a CK in the 90s, which I really liked. I'm wearing a bralette from Free People, but it's definitely style over substance and not great quality. I think there was lots of bra discussion in the advent calendar, which I should go back and look at. I think the understated French thing, with underwear is probably acknowledging your shape and wearing what suits you, rather than trying to force yourself into something else. Being comfortable in your own skin.

XingMing Mon 15-Jul-19 21:50:13

Because, ab initio, we all came in to discuss French style, none of us realised that we were all well past the cafe-clope years, with pretty trimmings. Now we are on to thread x, and old chums, we talk more deeply and sincerely. I think so, at least, but tell me if I have misread.

Redandblue11 Tue 16-Jul-19 07:57:55

Thank you Methen and quirky, yes we had a lot of talk about bras around xmas, I must revisit those posts, but here there is now new info here, I feel so thank you.
Nowadays I cannot bare wired bras, hence my move to mostly, although I have a couple of strapless with underwired and they are very comfortable, ancient models from victoria secret.
xing, I feel you are right in terms of how we write here, although I did join more than half way these threads, that is something I noticed and drew me here.
I never mastered the back to front thing either bani grin

Methenyouplus4 Tue 16-Jul-19 08:04:09

Bani- apologies for poor photos, was quickly shoving it on before actually dressing for the day to show you the backwards t-shirt. If I wear it normally (front facing), you literally see everything if I bend forward even slightly, plus I think a touch of back is more 'day time' sensual than lots of boob on display.

As I said previously, I've actually gone off them this year (after wearing consistantly for a good few years). Though I'm doing a lot of running at the moment, I think poor sleep means I'm really holding weight around my love handles and stomach and I don't feel these are flattering in those areas.

banivani Tue 16-Jul-19 08:05:07

I look forward to seeing pics from the back to front masters grin we’re off to the Eiffel Tower today (because tween traveller) and I think I will wear my Uniqlo dress with the white sandals, eczema and lack of manicure be damned. I’m halfway there.

botemp Tue 16-Jul-19 11:46:20

Playing catch up from the last thread. Cookies issue seem to have passed so hopefully, I’ll manage to keep up now. This is mostly in response from the last thread, will catch up with comments on this one later and I’ve probably got some memememe things as well.

Lovely to see all the new/old faces pop up. Welcome back Nink and lovely to see you posting again Methen and good to hear that your life changes are making way for a better work/life balance. Hope your son is doing well too. I saw a lovely slouchy leather bag at Zara the other day but it was really rather large, you’d probably fit in one of your children easily. I saw it in black but it appears to be available in a few colours, I quite like the red as attached. It was surprisingly cheap for what it was as it’s quite well made and the type of leather that does age well.

Some more blossoms for Bloomed flowers I’m wondering where my bag was on display, but anyhow, it’s from Rokh. It’s highly impractical but I love it. See pic for a better view of it.

I feel you when it comes to hair loss, it’s very demoralising. I’ve had great success with a dermatologist who put me on Minoxidil, don’t know what the cause of yours is obviously, it could just be temporary but if it’s hormone/medical related I’d definitely recommend seeing a derm. I hadn’t really grasped how much it was affecting me (both in mood and behaviour) until a good bit had grown back in again. Can I also suggest headbands? Hats are great when you’re out and about but if your hair loss is anything like mine it’s at the front/middle parting and on a sweaty day the hat hair result of it wasn’t flattering at all and emphasised that area all the more. There’s a Dutch brand despite their faux French name, Atelier des Femmes, they do seem to ship to the UK but at a high-ish price but they’re very structured with wiring within so they sit very well without movement and constant slippage and they’re quite fun. I’m currently eyeing this sort of silk-like head/alice band, it’s very Jackie O in her Onassis years, more elegant than easy/casual which typifies most of their designs. I saw something similar in Paris in real silk but it was frighteningly expensive.

bani, oh dear, I don’t samba… I do tend to muddle up my Spanish, French and Italian all the time and pretend it’s all one language so I suppose I can wear half of my pair of trousers? I’m not arachnophobic in the least, ok there was that one time that a neighbour’s lost tarantula woke me up in my bed in the middle of the night that left some scars, but otherwise, I think I’m still okay to wear my camisoles at least.

I’d definitely read a column called ‘unpolished shoes and scratched glasses’. We’ll have to set up an online platform even though they’re all going down the drain, we’ll call it Substance over Style or something. As I can only speak for myself but I’d pay good money to see you and Flo react to Loic Prigent’s latest mini doc on the Celine menswear’s show and the pseudointellectual boys in frilly silk shirts (they’re probably men and I should really refer to them as such but they seemed to revel in presenting themselves as boys) flocking to attend and their adulation for Hedi Slimane made me want to gouge my eyes out. I don’t think I even made it a third of the way in as the fashion wank was strong and it’s only 10 minutes long. <Bleaches brain once more at the memory of it all>

Red, I’m on the fence with both dresses. Probably because they’d be totally frumspville on me so I tend to categorise them wholesale as such, unfairly. The Hobbs is the better of the two I’d say but I don’t like the blousy thing those dresses do, regardless of whether you have boobs or not it often makes for a top-heavy buttoned-up appearance that then reads as matronly. The animal print dress has a bit of an identity crisis within itself, in my view, it’s cut very straight, especially with the prim collar but the animal print is trying to make it something it’s not as that usually accentuates or creates curves in the right places but it just seems to make you wider horizontally in the pictures, arguably in the wrong places, may read differently in real life? I tend to stick with my mother’s advice, when in doubt don’t proceed, when it feels like something intangible needs fixing it’s usually best to just leave it.

I like the new dress, Bani. I like it with the belt on but it feels more you to go without somehow.

I have to admit I’m much intrigued by balled heel shoes that allow you to walk on ceilings…. They look lovely Xing, do they affect your centre of gravity at all, I find some of those sculptural heels can feel a bit odd when trying on?

Redandblue11 Tue 16-Jul-19 15:55:06

I am happy as the sun is shining again and I can wear my summer dresses. Today is a work from home day and also need to attend School outdoors events as last week before holidays.
I got to wear one of my favourite dresses. What I like about a dress is that you put one thing and you are ready type of thing.
Are you going up the Eiffel Tower Bani? Last time I was there I didn’t as the queue was insane.

Redandblue11 Tue 16-Jul-19 15:55:37

Here a photo of it

Methenyouplus4 Tue 16-Jul-19 16:46:14

Ban- I doubt anyone will notice! Have a fab time. Last time I was up the Eiffel Tower I was 3 months pregnant with our 2nd, after taking stairs to the top (after a day pounding the streets/ galleries etc) I was exhausted and hungry and on the verge of tears as hubby couldn't decide where to eat and kept saying "Let's just check the next set of restaurants..." We ended up in a 'weigh and then pay' Chinese (not very chic!) because I flat refused to walk any further.

Bo I do like that bag. I'm torn as to whether to go for a more practical size like that which would accommodate bag for life/water bottle/ book etc or something with a messenger style shoulder strap for just phone/keys/purse/sunglasses. Perhaps I might get both as, as you said, that one is really reasonably priced.

I did get my legs out today and nobody swooned in horror. I do have photos but need to sort dinner...Will be back later.

banivani Tue 16-Jul-19 16:57:17

My son wanted to go up the Eiffel Tower so we went. Sadly it took a lot out of him the lazy creature so he’s been in a mood now all afternoon. We’re sitting outside the Samsung store on the champs d’elysées testing a bit at the moment. Didn’t wear dress in the end, opted for trousers. Anyway I think the Eiffel Tower is bloody worth it esp if you don’t have miserable kids. Much cooler than I thought it would be! V sad about all the safety building around it though. When I lived in the 7th 25 yrs ago it was all open (‘‘twas all fields) and much prettier. Can’t remember this many tourists at all either granted it was autumn not summer. Queue was an hour for tickets but hey.

BloomedAgain Tue 16-Jul-19 17:36:15

Love that bag Bo. I have admired some Rokh tailoring so should have spotted the file bag. Hopefully will be well enough to get back to work and use such a bag (incentives ...).
I have a derm so will ask her for hair advice as this hair loss is medical. I do have some OTC minoxidil foam which I haven't used yet, but may be too dilute.
I'll look at those headbands, thank you. The hair loss is indeed around the front and parting, which is a pity as I had a fringe and my forehead is rather generous. I've been using some silk scarves but there's too much slip. I'm hoping the derm will also advise on reducing biopsy scars elsewhere.
Today I'm wearing some stretch silk navy trousers by Kit and Ace, with a uniqlo linen shirt. Looking at the sales for flat shoes which will work in summer and winter.

Redandblue11 Tue 16-Jul-19 18:12:26

Bo your eyes are not deceiving... the animal print makes me look very wide.
So I tried the navy dress again and put the belt looser on the belt loops.
What I like about this is that the fabric is lovely, I can wear for work or non work and is in the sale ...
But I know what you mean about the matronly I think IRL that does not come through as much, will ask DH.

On other purchases, I just got this other blue jaeger dress from eBay very cheap at £18 inc postage. Is a work dress, it is a bit loose at the top but not too bad. Might need a belt or not.
At the moment I am suffering from IBS so feeling very bloated which might be showing and not too flattering.

Redandblue11 Tue 16-Jul-19 18:13:04

I keep forgetting photos when I write ... confused

Redandblue11 Tue 16-Jul-19 18:18:41

Bloomed i just googled Kit and Ace, are they US brand? Are you based there?
I remembered that I saw some months ago a very nice swimsuit from them but I saw the price in USD so I did not look any further. Not sure if they stock in the Uk.

YellowVivaldi Tue 16-Jul-19 18:26:04

Marking ma place.

BloomedAgain Tue 16-Jul-19 18:38:57

red they're Canadian but I bought some of my stash in the US/when they had a short-lived store in London, and some via ebay as I rate their stretch silk and their cashmere. I'm in the UK. It seems they only operate out of Canada now.

Methenyouplus4 Tue 16-Jul-19 18:51:38

Argh! Third time attempting to post...

Red- like the black dress, think a different belt might make it look even better but not quite style savvy enough to say what type, am sure someone else can advise (or totally disagree).

Bloomed- could you take the fringe from further back in order to make it look fuller? I remember my hairdresser doing that when I had lots of thinning/wispy postpartum hair.

Would be grateful for feedback on outfit from today; I did get compliments on it, but perhaps that is more because it is not what I would normally wear. Before I buy new clothes (which I need to do over coming months), I plan to play with things I have, in particular trying to work out which silhouettes suit my shape.

My leg is thrust forward in the mirror image just to show it is a wrap, but in reality only splits to just above knee when I walk (second photo of leg is to try and better portray how it sits- more a midi length).

Methenyouplus4 Tue 16-Jul-19 18:59:55

Really need to get a full length mirror, we got rid of a wardrobe with one on and miss having one.

Forgot to say, have made some Ebay purchases which are pending delivery (pictured)
Dark green Zara leather jacket
Patterned top
Flesh coloured leather mules

Will let you know my thoughts when they arrive, all were second hand (though if memory serves mules were unworn), all very reasonable (think with postage top was £4, jacket £17, mules £19 inc postage from America).

Methenyouplus4 Tue 16-Jul-19 19:01:01

Sorry, here are mules.

BloomedAgain Tue 16-Jul-19 19:33:57

That's a good idea Methen, not sure if it's too thin now. I haven't been able to face hairdressers but maybe they can do something.
I really like your outfit today, the mix of khaki, navy and tan. I like the drape of the skirt. I bet your new green zara jacket will suit you.

Redandblue11 Wed 17-Jul-19 07:40:24

Methen I like the shape of the skirt the way it drapes. With regards to the top I really like the cut around the shoulders, it accentuates them in the right way.
I would try that skirt with that sort of top in a different material/texture top, something plain soft texture (the one in photo is broderie?).
Looks good though but I think the pattern skirt would be better suited with something plainer if makes sense.
Btw - love the mules!

BloomedAgain Wed 17-Jul-19 15:31:08

I'm in a waiting room and, looking at images from Poldark in an old magazine, I realise my search for a high necked white shirt is over. I'll just find out how to tie a cravat. Must be a very long length of fabric involved.

Methenyouplus4 Wed 17-Jul-19 19:18:30

Bloomed and Red. Thank you for feedback and yes, it is broderie anglaise. Do you think a bodysuit like that in image would work, if I could find one with a higher neck or perhaps cap sleeves? Just thinking a bodysuit might also help the issue of extra bulk around the waist that tucking tops in creates.

Bloomed- you can create a mood board with Poldark, Mr Darcy etc as your fashion inspiration.

So, I got my legs out at work today for first time in 5 years with no tights (I normally wear black or heavy knitted style in dark colours). Again, it was FAR less scary than I thought and strangely I noticed all the other female staff who were bare legged that I had previously not noticed. I had 3 compliments, one that I looked lovely, one that I looked 'breezy' (and I did feel it as I'm normally sweating in trousers in a hot class crammed with teenage bodies) and the most interesting one- 'nice dress'. I say this because the dress is ancient and I have worn it countless times to work but always with thick black tights and flat black leather boots, I think seeing it worn differently must have made it seem new.

Anyway, I know it's not especially French (but what are a few polka dots between old friends) but would be grateful again for feedback on silhouette. Excuse work toilet selfie.

XingMing Wed 17-Jul-19 21:11:39

@Methen, Silhouette looks very good, and in summer, ditching the opaques is a great call, as well as a survival strategy.

BloomedAgain Wed 17-Jul-19 21:33:41

I may start pinning Recency styles. I've discovered a pamphlet called Neckclothitania from 1818. A guide to cravat tying.
A bodysuit like this might work Methen?

ToEllewithIt Thu 18-Jul-19 11:43:33

methen the back to front t-shirt looks great. I love the outfit you posted, wouldn’t change a thing. Maybe add a couple of bangles if you wanted? Silhouette is really good on you IMO, the slightly looser top actually makes your waist look more defined versus the t-shirts above. If you want to try a body suit I’ve been really happy with these ones from ninety percent, they are not skin-tight which works well, (ha just after I wrote this I scrolled down and see that Bloom had recommended the same) Green leather jacket looks like a great colour.

I’m another one who has moved away from heavily padded bras, I do like light padding though to prevent nips showing through clothes.

Botemp That Zara tote is lovely. Was is just me or were the moels in that Celine menswear show absolutely terrifyingly thin. I thought we’d moved past that.

red really like the sailor dress. New blue dress is definitely making you look a bit top-heavy IMO (when you’re definitely not) so maybe investigate taking in around the waist? Would you try a wide tan belt with the Hobbs dress?

Bani hope the rest of the trip goes well

I ordered this dress on a bit of a whim, but I think it’ll have to go back: It’s really lovely on, nice linen and long enough on me, plus I can wear without a bra, but I think I just have to accept that it’s not a lifestyle fit. I ordered it based on the lifestyle I wish I had – swanning around a pool / luxury resort for several weeks of the year. Back in the real world it would only get an outing on sun holidays so maximum of 3 times per year, so I think I have to accept it’s just not a good item to spend my money on.

I would like a good beach cover up though – anyone seen anything nice in cotton or linen?

botemp Thu 18-Jul-19 13:15:40

Going back to the bras, I keep meaning to try the ones at Uniqlo, beauty light or something. Someone on here recommended them (bananafish iirc). Can't remember the CK model names but I do like them as they have the padding just in the bottom outer corners so they balance rather than add or push up in exaggerated form.

Wrt to the back to front dressing, I think an element may also be that it works better with things that are too big/lost shape (as linen tees are want to do). With the higher neck I also like to wear necklaces on top, makes for a nice canvas and redraws that v neck.

I like both outfits Methen though I always wonder why you even ask as you always have such an easy grace in the outfits you post. The skirt would look good with a halter top as a counter balance as well but it might nudge it out of the casual sphere. Word of warning about bodysuits though, they look fine whilst standing but sitting is more of carefully held breathing exercise that requires a ramrod posture. The only ones with any sucking in power tend to be synthetic but they flatten out the chest with it to nothingness IME.

Elle, I've yet to see the show. I really couldn't get past the fanboys. I do find it concerning as men's body issues are going under the radar atm and I'm expecting an epidemic of it soon. A lot of the weight lifting crowd are just eating disorders in disguise and that ultra thin look seems to be gaining traction too.

I saw Flo's kaftan in Arket the other day, that would make a good cover up but I think it was viscose and on the heavier side. Tried on something at Zara which was just a giant shirt in lycocell, it felt too oversized for me but it would be a good beach cover up. Came in white as well, part of their eco friendly collection, something something for life?

Whilst in Zara I also tried on that dress as I'm somewhat baffled about its popularity. I've yet to see it on someone else here and I can sort of see the appeal as it's very roomy and falls really flat and straight so you look quite lean and I easily have 5 pair of shoes that could take it in different directions but it looks every bit the frumpy horror it promises to be once you move (pic next post). So I remain baffled at the popularity, fabric isn't very nice either, it's that crunchy viscose that's easily mistaken for polyester.

Side note, Elle I'm always confused about Moda Operandi, is it sent from the US and do you have to pay taxes on receipt or does it come through the UK? The prices are seemingly a lot lower than comparable e-tailers.

I'm inclined to tell you to keep the linen dress, mostly as I'm in a stop being so damn sensible mode with myself, hence the thread title and I've also been drooling over the Valentino couture show that is breathtaking, and even better in movement, no frumpy horrors there and a deep love of colour and novel combinations thereof. Will post pics after this post. Anyhow I can totally still see you rocking that dress in your twilight years when you seek warmer climates in the winter and happily scandalise the grandchildren for going out without a bra. Consider it a lifetime investment grin

botemp Thu 18-Jul-19 13:22:05

Frumpy horrors and the Valentino show. Worth watching in movement as well unless you don't want to end up like me with thoughts about redesigning the whole house to accommodate indoor potted trees in travertine boxes

botemp Thu 18-Jul-19 13:32:26

And since I'm on a posting roll and we're all posting daily outfits, weather is crap here, it's hardly been warmer than 20° since coming back from Paris. It's been a bit warmer without wind and somewhat humid the last few days which is mostly odd. I'm on the lookout for long sleeved dresses as a result but not found much. Tried on this Cecile Copenhagen one but I felt all of three years old in it... First pic is of a Ba&sh dress that I've had for a while, (please excuse the pageant pose, I've clearly lost it) it's one of the few long sleeve warmish weather dresses I have but it is a tad formal despite being quite low at the front. Yesterday I wore my new Christian Dior skirt with a silk blouse and ankle boots, which is excellent in movement and drew quite a few stares and compliments but was a bit too warm by midday unfortunately. Sorry no pics, today I'm in IRO silk trousers and a simple white tee but I'm fearing that's going to be a bit too warm soon as well with the humidity.

Redandblue11 Thu 18-Jul-19 15:06:01

Elle have you tried 120lino? I have a white linen cover up that bought second hand a couple of years ago and is excellent. I have not seen their current pieces.
I can see why you want to return that dress, but I bet you look great on it!

Bo that Valentino ... what were they thinking?
And That Zara dress, I do not get it.

Redandblue11 Thu 18-Jul-19 18:13:46

I would love to see a photo of the CD skirt next time you wear it Bo. I have not seen the whole video of the Valentino but I am failing to see the attraction of the models in the photos you shared. But glancing over the video there are some nice pieces 7 min in the video in green that I can see working.
Today I wore a pair of white emin & paul white trousers and tried to wear with a cami and open light blue maje shirt. I was trying to go for a summer version of the advent when you Bo did the man-spreading day, I cannot remember which day it was.
It was a day working from home but I had to go for a casual lunch.
Not sure how successful I was but I love the comfort of a shirt and trousers with a masculine touch, the cami was my attempt to soften the look.
Btw - I ended up wearing my red chunky sandals not those pumps in the photo.

Methenyouplus4 Thu 18-Jul-19 20:40:24

Bloom/Elle- tried to purchase one linked and also sleeveless version but it won't allow me to add anything to my basket? Will try ringing customer services tomorrow.

Elle- dress looks beautiful but (for me) the shape of the sleeve towards the wrist makes it seem quite theatrical, though perhaps in the flesh it seems more bohemian (might just be the way the model is posed). Could it be used as occasion wear too if you would get more use that way? Unfortunately can't really help with beach cover-ups as we are holidaying in the Lake District this year.

Went RL shopping today and bought:
1. Suede bag pictured, loved size but have already decided to return it as think it will age poorly.
2. Leather bag pictured- photo doesn't do it justice, it's a beautiful colour, a sort of deep brick red with a hint of really dark salmon. It will be the small-ish bag I wanted for just keys/ sunglasses/purse/phone.
3. Black suede M&S ball heeled shoes (think Xing bought them first- the ones in photo with ceiling rose?), love them but need to decide where I will wear them/ what I would wear them with outside of work.
4. Jacket- really want feedback on this in particular. It was the first thing I tried on and I loved it, colour is lovely (forest green?) and I don't have anything like it already, but when I tried it on at home I was less taken by it. Possibly as it was creased to hell from being scrunched in a bag, but would like your thoughts on if it's a keeper as I don't 'need' another jacket. Sorry photo is poor, realised the better one had a naked child in the background.

Methenyouplus4 Thu 18-Jul-19 20:46:59

Leather jacket arrived- again sorry for poor photos (really can't find mirror we like so using one propped on desk in our room that was left when we bought the house).

It definitely wouldn't want to be any smaller, but think the fact it is so close fitting on the shoulders makes it quite flattering for my broad shoulders. Leather is quite nice too, not the buttery soft type but the thicker type that I associate more with vintage leather jackets. Colour is true to photos I originally posted, a really dark green that almost reads as a slate grey. Think I'll get lots of wear out of it so pleased with my bargain. I have taken a photo of it fastened so you can see the fit but would always wear it open.

Floisme Fri 19-Jul-19 09:51:40

Good find Methen. I much prefer old-school leather, I think it ages way better.

Am I the only person on S&B who hasn’t seen That Zara Dress in real life? It doesn’t look like my thing at all but I actually quite like it from the pics. It’s pretty and I’m pleased to see a change of silhouette taking hold at last. I did like the body-con trend to begin with but it went on for far too long for me.

banivani Fri 19-Jul-19 10:40:37

Can promise that the Zara dress would not make me look lean. I’d look like a grown woman pathetically playing child’s dress up. grin

Am on a train now en route to Berlin. The tgv window has a sticker on the window encouraging me to let myself dream. wink So on that note let me say that the Valentino pictures look gorgeous. I have a think for red and sweeping silhouettes.

The linen dress is beautiful Red. But I can see why it wouldn’t be a great lifestyle fit. If you’ll love it for years though you’d get the wear out of it anyway so could be a keeper!

Methen, your green jacket is a lovely colour, and personally I might be inclined to keep it based on that alone because it’s so hard to find jackets in colours. It does however seem like an ordinary utilitarian jacket so if you have twenty already it’s hard to justify keeping?

I have to say I didn’t get much of a feel for Paris this trip, but that might be because of the season ie amount of tourists. The Parisians I saw where mostly working class I’d say, and “ethnic” for lack of better word. So I’ve seen lots of African style dresses and headdresses, Indian saris and shalwar khamis, teens in more banlieu fashions with Adidas leggings and runners. I do think I noticed a propensity for carrying fabric tote bags though and not so many “real” bags, and that made me laugh because my younger daughter who works in fashion (= a shop) was saying the other week how annoying it is to have to carry a shopping plastic tote or bag and it’s impossible to look good carrying one. Well they do in Paris grin When we shopped in Stockholm she bought stuff in Uniqlo and had to carry their pokemon paper bag the rest of the day and was really annoyed haha.

Yesterday I saw a sign in the metro for an exhibition somewhere on “fashion from the back” which looked interesting. Had I been more prepared I might’ve gone to that but no point with either mr bani or minimus in tow.

Floisme Fri 19-Jul-19 11:11:40

Oh I seem to have missed a page of pics and trips shock Off to catch up.

Methenyouplus4 Fri 19-Jul-19 17:35:10

Red I love the cami&shirt- that's on of the reasons I love this thread: if you said cami/shirt to me, I would wear it with shirt almost done up with cami peeking out but I LOVE the way you wear it here, it would never have occurred to me to style it like that.

Flo I haven't seen the Zara dress either and imagine it would be too ubiquitous now to consider purchasing even if it made me look like Cindy Crawford.

Ban Berlin is my favourite European city that I've visited so far, I spent 5 nights there and am pitching to go back as still lots I didn't fit in. I have been thinking about the jacket and I am still tempted to keep it, it's not lined and therefore could be worn in place of a cardigan which would be helpful as I have several but they all feel really stale at the moment. Living in the north of England makes a thin layer pretty essential though even in the height of summer.

Interesting point about the cloth bags, I nearly always have one draped over my shoulder as so useful when shopping or carrying etc bits. Were they the reusable shopper type or something more elaborate?

Bo Not going to lie, your complaint pretty much made my day as I see you (even though I've never met you) as a style guru.

Really appreciate all of your daily outfit photos, I think these (along with the advent calendar) are where I find most inspiration. When I look at catwalk/ collection shots, I can admire them and identify what I like/dislike, but other than four combinations I find it hard to translate them into something I would wear. I am similar with design, when people might discuss how a house layout might change/used to be, I really struggle to put the image in my mind. So thank you.

Methenyouplus4 Fri 19-Jul-19 17:38:37

Type- other than colour combinations. Sorry. There are other typos/autocorrect but hopefully original meaning mot list. Dubious to preview as it has wiped my post the past few times and left me cursing.

Methenyouplus4 Fri 19-Jul-19 17:39:31

Argh! The irony. meaning not lost

botemp Fri 19-Jul-19 18:34:48

I think even Cindy Crawford would look dowdy in that dress. I still have yet to see it on anyone else in the flesh but it has left me wondering if perhaps it looks better on certain figures? I know Zara favours pear shapes quite a bit and they're quite narrow at the top so perhaps it's all pear shaped people that love it? Thick thighs disappear and even heavy bottom legs and cankles wouldn't be that apparent. I'm on the fence with the 'it's a more progressive silhouette than body con' it seems to be more a pronouncement of 'modest fashion' which I'm not all that convinced is all that progressive at all. It's the 'man repelling' stuff that feels more forward to me. Though that Zara dress is probably efficiently repelling as well.

Methen, I probably could have worded it better, it wasn't a complaint merely something that left me wondering. I think you have great natural intuition with an amazing sourcing ability (like the Zara jacket which looks to be a fab find) so I'm genuinely left baffled that you don't recognise it for yourself. You have an ease to your style that I struggle to achieve.

Intuition is a funny thing though, and we probably don't give it the credit it's due most of the time. That Carine Roitfield interview that Catherine posted a few weeks ago, where CR claimed chic was inate -so don't even bother trying- has left me wondering. My blind spot is that I don't consider myself chic at all but it's what most people would describe my style as first with a little breathy sound as if it's something highly unachievable that's always somewhat unnerving. I'm not really convinced it's inate but more what you've been exposed to in terms of aesthetics and whether it's encouraged or not. But then I was a ridiculous discerning child with very fine motor skills from the get go, so perhaps CR had a point?

Back to the clothes, the green rain(?) coat, I sort of get why it's not the most exciting thing in the world but I do like the way it hangs from your body when open, that's what I mean with an easy grace on you, it looks like it has good movement despite being a very ordinary school run type coat at first glance. Have you tried it with a light weight scarf, something with a pattern and a bit of green in could be nice.

Bani, interesting thing about the textile bags, there's a fancy supermarket here (sort of a Dean and Deluca in NYC, I'm not sure what the UK equivalent would be, more specialised than Waitrose but not as fancy as the Harrod's food hall but in that direction) and the Parisians that visit Amsterdam are obsessed with it for whatever reason and subsequently the brown fold away bags with their logo are somewhat of a hipster holy grail of textile bags in Paris. It was really bizarre spotting them everywhere and I always have at least one squirrelled away in all my bags (even the impractical Rokh) and once was asked by someone in Paris if I would please sell it to them as theirs had broken down and they'd been inconsolable ever since. I happily gave mine away but I'm still baffled at the popularity of such an 'in the know bag'. There's a secret nod of recognition and everything confused

banivani Fri 19-Jul-19 21:31:23

That’s so funny about the bag, Bo! Imagine. I’d have expected that kind of desperation from maybe Japanese #prejudice grin Yes Methen, it’s just shopping bags, the kind with longish straps that can go over the shoulder. I just noticed after the first day because i was on the look out for fancy handbags, and saw so few of them. My husband has a love affair with Shakespeare and Co and was considering buying their tote bag. I said he would have got right in then ( but in the end he didn’t).

In bed in Berlin now. What an immensely more livable city this is! So much greenery and open spaces (and not of the empirical
Napoleonic kind). We sauntered out from our Airbnb flat and there was a little pizza place with tattooed people eating and serving tables. A young mother at the next table with a one year old in a sling. Quiet streets. God we swedes aren’t really cut out for the bustle of Paris at all, haha.

Methenyouplus4 Sat 20-Jul-19 09:19:42

Bo I'm sorry it's too late, you can't say it wasn't a compliment, I'd already taken it as one and will be dining out on it for weeks!

Interesting pondering about style being innate. I certainly think exposure must help, I can't remember which French blog it was, but I remember a Parisian woman recalling that she would observe those around her paying attention to fabric, seams, cut turning away what was not quite right etc. I think such things must help, but then there are some people who seem to have a natural eye and then those who wear less conventionally chic clothes but have such a manner/ attitude, je ne sais quois that they just exude natural style. I'm not sure if it's a self confidence that manages to be totally unarrogant, perhaps that's why I find it more with older people, the sort of self assurance that comes with age/ knowing yourself/ comfortable in your own skin etc?

I can't say I grew up around people who I would say were especially interested or notable in terms of fashion with the exception of one aunty. She had the sort of presence I alluded to above, she was stylish yet her clothes aren't what was memorable about her if that makes sense? When I try to think of her style, she didn't really look 'high fashion' but she would look current, jewellery and accessories were beautiful, unusual but always interesting (they often had an intriguing back story of a little vintage shop or market in a far flung land where she had stumbled across them). She always wore a subtle but notable scent. Her house was similar, stunning but still homely, yet hard to pin down why. Original artwork, big squishy sofas; she believed in the ethos of buying once well which was probably not the prevalent attitude of the 80s (which is when I was a child around her).

She sadly died of cancer when I was 18, in life though from difficult situations to clothes choices I often ask myself 'what would Aunty Larry do'?

Methenyouplus4 Sat 20-Jul-19 09:48:58

Bani when in Berlin we took the train (cheap as chips) out to Charlottenburg Palace and it's stunning, a lovely excursion if you have the time.

We also went to a funky nightclub, no idea of name (probably 9 years ago and inebriated), it was in a sort of derelict building with DJs in the basement and ground floor, a sort of ramshackle art gallery/shop upstairs, lots of bonfires graffiti etc. Too grungy to be hipster but loved it. I am actually convinced it's the one from the first series of 'Killing Eve' where Bob was stabbed.

Talking of 'Killing Eve', I remember there being much discussion of it in previous threads but I hadn't started it then. Thought they were all stylish in their own rite but it was Carolyn who had me captivated- both the character and her wardrobe. My friend was telling me about the actor's life and she sound equally mesmerising in RL.

botemp Sat 20-Jul-19 09:54:51

Methen, is this an autocorrect mess up? I did mean it as a compliment originally not a complaint but I read you read it as a complaint initially? Dine out on it all you like regardless, it was always meant as a compliment.

Your Aunt Larry sounds fab, the name alone already conjures up a lot. I do think people who happily walk uncharted paths tend to (at least appear) to do it with an ease that's difficult to replicate. It's the ones seeking to make sense of it all or create a system around it is where it can often feel contrived IMO. When I was in Paris all the couture shows were on so all those street shots of the attendants you see flooding the internet are suddenly all around you randomly, and it does look impressive at first glance, but look closer and you realise it's all new, and it's all so deliberately thought out that it loses a lot of its magic. Meanwhile the models who are rushed from one venue to the next on the back of a scooter still wearing the crazy hair and makeup from the previous show in their comfy hastily thrown on clothes make for more interesting sights.

Exposure I see broader as well, I mean fabric, cut, etc. it helps to have knowledge of those and with the internet that's easier accessible than before but I think it's also the things you've been surrounded with, the museums you've visited, how someone taught you to look or appreciate art, how much of the world you've seen, etc. I'm definitely an advocate of buy once buy right, but I'm also aware I need to shake it off now and then and embrace a bit of recklessness.

Methenyouplus4 Sat 20-Jul-19 09:55:06

Last post for now (I would say 'I promise' but I'd be lying), you can tell I've missed the thread! Just wanted to say that these are the desired shoulder bags in these parts from Boothes (a Cumbrian based supermarket, very similar to Waitrose). I have several and can see the appeal, they are about £3, come in lovely colours, have a perfect strap length and last really well- plus the phrases tickle me.

botemp Sat 20-Jul-19 10:05:19

I've always struggled to grasp the breadth of Berlin, it's all these little pockets everywhere and trying to find the place with the really good Thai restaurant you went to last time becomes almost impossible. Granted there was a wall running through it once so it's not that odd that it feels disjointed. Definitely a better destination with teenagers in tow than Paris where you're more likely to do all the expected sights and get caught up in that tourist stream. Much prefer the museums in Berlin as well and they've got some interesting architecture too. All the WWII related sights do get me down though, so I always have mixed feelings about Berlin. Did really enjoy a day out in Potsdam against expectation as I assumed it would be like Versailles and that's always been a bit of a let down. Weirdly, also had some of the nicest falafel ever in Potsdam.

botemp Sat 20-Jul-19 10:08:43

Ooh the Parisian hipsters would surely pay a premium for those shopping bags. I'm half inclined to set up a pop up shop in Paris with high status grocery bags.

Methenyouplus4 Sat 20-Jul-19 10:57:32

Bo I think the compliment/ compliant confusion lies at my end, I took your original comment as a lovely compliment and then (mis) read it that you'd said it wasn't intended as that.

We'll be in the Lakes in a couple of weeks so happy to purchase bags for anyone who would like one posting out.

Ebay top arrived today, not what I expected: thought it would be a thin cotton type fabric but it's actually a thick polyester, almost like scuba diving suit fabric. The joy of a £4 Ebay purchase is that I can wear it today and if I don't feel comfortable, pop it in the charity shop bag. I mentioned I'd been enjoying getting back to costume jewellery (after a couple of years of minimal, delicate gold pieces), especially earrings so pairing it with these bright blue earrings. Let me know if you think charity shop bag is the best home for it. Excuse eldest child's confiscated PS controllers in shot!

Methenyouplus4 Sat 20-Jul-19 10:59:03

compliment/ complaint

BloomedAgain Sat 20-Jul-19 11:01:57

Someone tried to buy my hessian Fortnum and Mason bag in New York a couple of years ago, so add that to the stock list for the popup.
I do like Booths but I'm too far south.
I think we should all be more Aunt Larry Methen!
Today I'm going through my long coats and seeing what fits and what needs repair and dry cleaning. I have two white, two camel and one black (and a battered navy Chloe). I suspect that's one white coat too many.
I've made an appointment to discuss hair loss treatment with derm next week, may I ask what percentage minoxidil you use Bo?

BloomedAgain Sat 20-Jul-19 11:07:30

I don't always get on with scuba fabric Methen but it does give some structure to those sleeves which is rather nice. I'd see how it wears. Love the earrings. Unfortunately I have obstinate ears allergic to everything and often end up in titanium studs, but I keep saving images of baroque costume jewellery.

Floisme Sat 20-Jul-19 11:19:29

I'm so glad I checked back on the thread as I'd completely missed the Valentino haute couture video. Not had time to watch it all yet but it was worth it just for that dress made of yellow mop heads with the matching hair - marvellous! I think I'm missing colour.

The main thing I remember about Berlin was that everyone we spoke to seemed to be an artist or musician and I came back with raging lifestyle envy. This was several years ago though when rents were cheap and I imagine it's probably changed now. I also remember going to a near derelict building that was a kind of gallery/artists' squat - not sure if it was the same place you mentioned Methen? (It also stank of piss.)

XingMing Sat 20-Jul-19 14:38:03

Love the idea of being "more Aunt Larry"; she sounds wonderful and a huge loss to humanity.

The Booths shopping bags are wonderfully witty... If you're serious Methen, they'd be a cut above my selection of Waitrose, Tesco and Sainsbury's bags for life!

And now I have travel envy: I want to go to Berlin, after reading Bani's post, I've never been to most of Germany, only Hamburg and somwhere on an army base, Bielefeld IIRC. And for the next few weeks of the school holidays I shan't travel unnecessarily as the roads will be crazy. Silverstone for the classic car rally next week, but that's likely to be an extravaganza of metal.

Methenyouplus4 Sat 20-Jul-19 14:41:57

Fortnum and Mason very desirable here too, in particular folks like to use the large hamper baskets as side tables.

Bloomed photos of coats please! Bowing down in admiration at your ability to wear white, especially as a coat; when I was sorting clothes recently I noted that every single piece in the 'repair' pile was due to coffee stains on a pale top. You've made me think of my own long coats, I think 2 might need to go.

I hope you have a positive experience with your hair appointment. Depending on your hair colour (I'm brunette) this might help in the short term, it costs next to nothing so nothing lost if it doesn't make a positive difference:

I find it makes my hair thicker and also gently colours the scalp so that could be helpful. I would do it in decent light though as I would chuck it on my hair in the winter at home and then realise I needed to blend it more/ wipe scalp when I got to work. For me, much more effective than any retailed dry shampoo I've tried. I sprinkle it onto my hands and then rub it gently into the roots.

For your ears Bloomed, I seem to remember someone once mentioned some sort of spray or coating you could get for earrings so that you could coat the studs of any pair if you were sensitive to the cheap ones? Will have a little nose around on Google for you.

Flo Could very well be, or there may just be loads of similar establishments across Berlin! Can't recall a piss stink but, as I said, I had consumed a fair whack of alcohol. Was just telling husband about it and realised it would have been more like 12 years ago- how did that happen?

Methenyouplus4 Sat 20-Jul-19 14:54:15

Bloomed assume thing I read about was this, or something similar, though not looked at reviews etc so you might want to check those first:

Xing (and others), thank you for kind words about my aunty; I'm not religious but in terms of living on through others, above anyone else I've known, she is still discussed with love and deep loss on a really regular basis. My husband never met her but just from all the stories about her says he can almost physically feel the space she left. That's not to be dismissive of other close family and friends who have died, but both in life and death there was just that something about her.

Also totally serious about getting Booths bags for those that want them. Will take photos when there so you can see current designs and happy to get as many as folks would like.

BloomedAgain Sat 20-Jul-19 15:01:46

Thanks Methen the hair powder looks great. I am blonde ish but was thinking that creating more of a shadow with darker powder may help to give the illusion of thicker hair. I feel rather faded anyway. Very pale skin and light grey eyes, so a bit of contrast may work wonders smile
Coat photos may happen. The blue Chloe was all the rage ten years ago but can't find a photo online. At the moment mine looks in need of a clean. Very dusty and creased after storage. Oddly enough I don't often wear the white coats (I have to clean the car first!).
I was going through some other old clothes and found a nice oversize ecru silk shirt. Realised that it had a tea stain down the front from my days raising a very nervous puppy who would make me jump constantly. A lot of clothes were sacrificed in that era 🐕.
I've never heard of that ear post covering stuff!

cloud1183 Sat 20-Jul-19 16:13:03

I can’t wait for my trip to Paris in September. I’ve prepared by getting rid of anything too bright and replaced it with navy, black, white and grey. I actually look much better in simple clothes in these colours as well

banivani Sat 20-Jul-19 18:39:25

Well ladies, I bought a hat today. My eyes were a little red and sore so I couldn’t wear contacts and thus couldn’t wear sunglasses. My sun screening option was a baseball hat with the print “ovako steel for life”, taken from someone we know ho who worked there once (at Ovako steel works). This was donned with navy Uniqlo dress and my black trainers (not stylish but have been great for walking in). My husband nearly died. You’re wearing what! So while he was looking at camera thingies at the Laica shop I popped into the Esprit near Kurfürstendamm and found a “straw” hat. The kind woven from paper. Wide brim that can be bent. Mr bani said that with kaftan dress, hat and dirty trainers plus my eczema legs I looked a bit like I was off to work on my allotment now, and I said that’s me fitting right into Berlin then!

Love the dress. So comfortable. Went into Uniqlo thinking I might actually buy another one, that’s how much. But came to my senses.

Agree with Berlin being pockets and more pockets that are all different. It’s so odd, it’s the only city where you can feel that the graffiti is a good sign and a sign of a concerned and involved community, and not of antisocial behaviour and crime. I like just walking, there’s always something to look at. Has anyone read The City and the City? By China Miéville. It’s about two cities that are in the same spot. The people in each city knows the other one exists but they can’t see each other even though the buildings and traffic and everything are next to each other. Fascinating idea and Berlin can feel a little like that.

Love the idea of a pop up selling grocery bags haha.

Attaching photo of hat to encourage more photos.

I’ve never had an Aunt Larry in my life at all and am not blessed with an innate sense of style but instead with a definite sense of knowing that I’m not getting it right, yet not knowing how to fix it. It’s like cooking, doesn’t taste right but what’s missing? wink

Methenyouplus4 Sat 20-Jul-19 19:20:53

Did I miss photos of Cos dress Bani? I have never been to (and don't live near) any of their stores but from what I can gather there are some real treasures to be found but sizing is a bit hit/miss and many of the items look awful online so a RL visit is essential. Hat looks great, I don't have a summer hat but bought a visor in a similar material last year but thus far have only worn it in the garden. I do love hats but for me they're a forgotten accessory.

I may have had an Aunty Larry but am defo not one myself! She had (like my father) a tough and incredibly impoverished up bringing (1950s- in and out of care, abusive alcoholic father who left when they were young, leaving his wife with 6 children to care for, and she wasn't exactly what you would call 'maternal'.) She left home for London at 16 and lead a wonderful, colourful life, London in the 60s with a hip, bohemian crowd. She ended up financially very comfortable, well travelled and in a loving happy marriage (as did all her siblings including my father) which I think is a rarity given their upbringing. In essence, I mean like Bo mentioned, I think all of this contributed to her style/ attitude.

I was contemplating that while my own parents had very little interest in clothes/design, I think they helped me have a pretty healthy relationship with food and my body. My mum never commented on it to me, never mentioned food in terms of diet/ restriction, never negatively commented on other's appearance etc. I don't know if it's the culture that has changed now or that this was unusual in the 80s/90s but most of my friends who have issues with body image feel it stems from comments made by their mother (in some cases directly to them about their appearance). So while my mother may not have instilled me with a sense of style, she encouraged me to have a healthy relationship with my body and appearance.

I have found myself being more critical as I get older, but am consciously trying to swim against that tide- hence getting the legs out in public despite seeing them as flawed.

banivani Sat 20-Jul-19 20:55:04

Methen I don’t have any dresses from Cos so that must be someone else. smile mine is Uniqlo and has pockets for my phone and travel pass which is very handy. This one I’ve worn it without the belt and been all loose and floppy. Bet it’ll shrink ten cm in the wash and lose that perfect length. angry

XingMing Sat 20-Jul-19 21:02:19

If food doesn't taste right, the first step should usually be to add a little (little) more salt. If you've over-salted, then a spoonful of yoghurt often helps flatten it out.

My mum's family were interested in clothes, if not design; my father's rather less so, I thought. Until one day I popped in on my grandparents to say hello, and my grandma said hello Xing, lovely suit (the 1990s) you look very smart, where have you been? I said I was travelling home from a meeting at a merchant bank and she teared up at the thought of her little grandchild in a meeting at Rothschilds. Where her only grandson now works. He was a toddler then, but she would have been so proud, as she was a secretary with an aerospace company.

Methenyouplus4 Sat 20-Jul-19 23:14:59

bani Uniqlo! Yes! That's what I meant, in my mind they are similar (no local stores but jems to be found), though I have purchased from Uniqlo online (with mixed results). Dress looks elegant, I look rotten in a grandad style collar but admire them on others.

Xing I had to Google Rothschilds, so excuse my ignorance. If memory serves (which clearly from my posts it doesn't always), is your son not very stylish with his own flair? I seem to recall a fabulous coat that he bought, in my memory it was red with gold brocade, but my memory is rubbish and mot to be trusted in such matters. I'd be curious, given our discussion, where you think this comes from in him? Obviously you yourself are stylish but do you think there were other influences or does he have a natural eye for coloyr/design etc in general?

botemp Sun 21-Jul-19 09:26:14

I think the Rothschild name is more famous in America than elsewhere these days. Well they're well known in France and Germany. It always seems like you can't throw a stone in Monaco without accidentally hitting one but I suspect they're a bit like the Romanovs with many claiming the name without any heritage.

Bloomed, had meant to reply previously, the cans you already have are probably the same thing I use. 5% foam from Regaine, it's prescription only here and the highest strength available but you lot can freely buy it in Boots and similar. I actually order mine from the UK or Germany as the pharmacies here charge a ridiculous amount for it and it's one of the few things my insurance won't cover. I can spend thousands on wigs though confused I've heard good things about the Nanogen hair fibres as well, will even survive a rain shower. Their thickening spray is also meant to be good but it's difficult to get hold of here so I haven't tried any of it myself. In my case a side part with side swept fringe worked best as you can mask the loss of hair in the middle, the closer the parting to the middle the more obvious it is.

When my hair did grow back, it was weirdly the hairline that made the most difference. I hadn't really realised it had receded, mostly around the temples, but it has made my face a lot softer again and probably a bit more youthful as a result.

I know we've only just started a new thread but with your permission Methen, I'd quite like to title our next tenth celebration thread 'Be More Aunt Larry'. At the very least it should inspire us to travel, even if it is just with the eye, courtesy of Diana Vreeland.

So yesterday was a code orange don't leave the house unless necessary day with lots and lots of rain and thunderstorms. Next week and a half looks to be another heat wave though shock anyhow, spent yesterday exploring the Vinted app, they've been pushing it hard in ads lately but I know it's popular in France and the app I used previously (United Wardrobe was only limited available in Europe, Vinted does work in the UK) has slowed down significantly. Found lots of promising things, ended up haggling on a pair of Chloe sarouel trousers in navy. Not as a replacement for the other Chloe tulip trousers as I'm still price watching those like a hawk but I've been on the lookout for a silk pair of trousers in a darker colour for a while and finding none. These are actually viscose but can easily pass as silk and it should make washing and looking after them a bit easier. Negotiated them down to €70 and they're new with tags so quite pleased with my bargain and shipping is very reasonable from France at €5 something. Have attached pics, could only find a model pic in white. Hopefully I'll still like them when they get here 😬

See all these stories of people desperately wanting to buy bags of you tells me there truly is a market for niche shopping bags. I think all we need is an Instagram account that looks very Hypebae, toss in a few colabs with emerging designers, some limited edition drops, and we're sorted. My grandmother is obsessed with her Harrods one, that was definitely the 'in the know' bag of her generation here but it would probably be too obvious a choice these days. We must curate critically after all if we're catering to hipster Hypies.

Redandblue11 Sun 21-Jul-19 11:31:00

Bani I would love to be able to pull off a hat like that! I love hats but is very difficult to find some that truly fit me and look good.

I am liking the photos in general. I am a visual person , although I am also a good reader and there is almost no night that a book or a bit of text is my insomnia cure by my side.

Aunty Larry. What a wonderful woman she must have been. I love traveling and pushing myself to places and talking (or gesturing when we do not have language in common) to people I seemingly have very little that join us.
But I am under no illusion, I have to think what goes with what , it doesn’t come so natural for me. But then again as Bani insinuated is also the spice of life not to get it so righ (I feel a master at that sometimes grin).

I am right now finishing my packing as we are off on holidays, so might be quiet for some time.

banivani Sun 21-Jul-19 11:34:13

Well Swedish hipsters would be into obscure local library totes I think. Or ones from music festivals. Shopping ones might be too commercial unless very specific. ;)

I would never have looked at this Chloe trousers Bo - this is what I love about this thread! I hope you love them when they arrive. On me they would look like Goa leftovers. 🙄 I have seen them (similar ones) looking fab on others.

Love the thread title idea ❤️

XingMing Sun 21-Jul-19 17:36:06

An Aunt Larry thread is an exceptionally good idea! Seconded. Thirded.

Methen, DS has stylista aspirations and innate taste, plus we talk about clothes frequently. DH, who's not very bothered as long as he's vaguely appropriate and comfortable, was asked by DS this morning if I'd picked his shirt, trousers, shoes and socks out for him. (I hadn't, but I think the ideas are filtering through regardless.)

Floisme Mon 22-Jul-19 09:00:47

If we're talking family influences, I come from a line of seamstresses and my mum and aunties talked about clothes a lot but, thanks to my own pig headedness, I learnt nothing from them whatsoever.
I had a great aunt who used to make my clothes but all I wanted was a dress from a shop.
I refused to learn to sew because it was a girls' thing.

Regrets, I have a few.

banivani Mon 22-Jul-19 09:51:14

My mother sewed and knitted, just for us kids as far as I remember (could be dodgy finish didn’t matter as much then). Wish I’d learnt more but a) she was a bit impatient, like myself, and did all that when we were in bed and b) she died when I was in my teens. But I too am sorry I didn’t apply myself to learning this in my youth before social media and full time work ruined all my chances at focussing.

I’m on a FlixBus now heading to Gdańsk. It’s worth what we paid for it, let me put it that way.

Btw I’d like to point out that I’m not pulling off the hat, really. Like my husband said, I look like I’m on my way to either a Van Gogh painting class or my allotment. It came with a scarf around the crown - I don’t know it that is better or not? But it does the job. More importantly - it fits my massive head! That never happens so it was worth the 15 euro just for that.

Methenyouplus4 Mon 22-Jul-19 10:24:47

Bo I think she'd have been honoured by that, thank you. I was moved by the idea too.

Bani I was in Gdansk last year (in Feb though so much cooloer) but implore you to add the Museum of Solidarity to your schedule if it's not already on there. Give yourself a good 3/4 hours for it so you can do the auditour (free with ticket); alongwith Auschwitz, it is one of the most profoundly moving places of historical significance I've ever visited, deeply moving. I think because I knew less about it, I was just really taken back by it all and the way everything is presented is utterly absorbing- I would have no worries that my teenage son would be bored if I took him, it is an amazing place. After listening to/ seeing everything in the exhibition, the tour ends on the rooftop which has stunning views over the city and you can see all the places that you've heard about. I found myself alone up there in the twilight (my friends and I were all walking round at our own pace as you can skip/pause parts of tour) and the memory is so evocative and I was so moved it still sends a shiver up my spine.

There is also a much discussed indoor market (can't remember name) which was absolute rubbish but if you go to the lowest level, that's where all the locals purchase their food and that was interesting to wander around).

There was one clothes shop that really stood out to me but I can't remember the name, if you're there a little while I will ask my Polish friend who I was with and let you know.

ToEllewithIt Mon 22-Jul-19 10:37:44

My mum is a really good seamstress and I wish I’d paid more attention. Just last night she had a dress that she made for me as a child that she was altering for my niece. There were two small stains on the bottom of it, but she had made it with a very generous hem so she was adding a vertical pleated band round the bottom that would take in the stains. I wish I was able to do things like that.

I like the tote idea. Maybe we should turn it into a business selling some with obscure slogans based on our thread titles “Le ridicule ne tue pas”, “As French as a Sainsbury’s Baguette” “My other gondolier is an Orangutan” and then of course “Be More Aunt Larry”. The design would be like my favourite cotton tote, the one I got from Envoy Belfast. It has strong seams, black colour which doesn’t show muck and crucially is flat bottomed so easy to fill with groceries and when full can be placed on the floor and it stays upright.

The closest thing I had to an Aunt Larry was my paternal grandmother who was always very glamourous despite her circumstances. She was widowed at 40 already mother to 6 sons and the youngest was only 2. Despite what must have been an absolutely exhausting life bringing up 6 boys and working in a “boutique” and as a part-time catalogue model she always had time to make the most of her appearance and had a wonderful selection of costume jewellery some of which I still wear. I think what helped create an air of “style” was actually her relaxed attitude. She literally never got flustered. Six extra people could show up for dinner and she’d somehow make a roast chicken feed all of them (the original “mumsnet chicken”?) and was such great company that you’d leave certain you had a feast.

Thanks for the linen cover-up recommendations. I can’t see a 120 lino stockist near, but will have a look online

botemp Chloe trousers look very cool. I’ll have a look at the Zara cover-up, might be too short for me, but I like the idea of an oversized shirt. Moda Operandi ship from Europe to me. I don’t pay taxes and I agree that the prices are better in the sales. They don’t seem to mess around and they discount steeply at the start of the sales rather than doing the death by a thousand cute of other etailers. Love the B&sh dress.

That Zara dress is doing nothing for me. It just screams “I follow every mummy blogger on Instagram”.

Redandblue like the cami and shirt echoing your name and the trousers are lovely too.

methen yes it’s heavy enough linen to be worn as an evening dress, not to a ball or anything, but would certainly pass muster for a dinner with a good iron and the right jewellery. I think you’re right to return the suede bag. I like the idea of it, but it will get ruined quickly. Both green jackets are great and I think you’d get plenty of wear out of both. Did you keep the parka? I’m less keen on the top, it’s a bit fussy and I don’t like the way that you can see the inside of the unlined bell sleeve.

Methenyouplus4 Mon 22-Jul-19 10:38:09

Not much to report here in style terms, ordered cashmere jumper from.ebay for about £19 delivered so will report back on that.

The denim skirt is one I had on pintrest and liked, saw an ad for this Boden one which I quite liked but think it's perhaps just a bit 'meh' compared to one I liked.

While on the Boden site I did fall in love with this swimming costume but don't think i can justify cost on a costume? I can't decide if that's somewhere to invest or actually cheap and cheerful is better as body shape can change?

ToEllewithIt Mon 22-Jul-19 10:42:52

Also - wearing the same navy and black old Céline dress as I posted a couple of weeks ago so no new photos.

I read this article at the weekend and enjoyed:

botemp Mon 22-Jul-19 11:20:45

Just quickly, @ToEllewithIt, I'm currently browsing the Outnet sale as they have a further 25% off with the code EXTRAEXTRA and there are a few good coverup options. This one from Majestic Filiatures ticks a lot of boxes as it's linen and an oversized shirt dress.

ToEllewithIt Mon 22-Jul-19 12:33:45

Oh thanks for that - looks promising.

botemp Mon 22-Jul-19 18:42:20

Proper catch up now.

It's funny, I think it was on the first thread that I said in response 'to how to', Parisians are more likely to find their style inspiration closer to home, a zany grandmother, a wacky aunt, a mother whom the entire family orbits around like the sun, etc. with envy inducing closets to match, rather than a traditional celebrity/fashion mag.

Bani, my grandmother used to call trousers like the Chloe ones -literal translation- 'turd catchers' (which autocorrect just corrected to tits catcher shock) and my mother used to delight in wearing them to taunt her. It's a silhouette that does suit me well though so I'm not too concerned.

Hmm I'd always wondered how uncomfortable a ride with Flixbus would be considering the low prices. Now I have an answer.

My grandmother on my mother's side was all round useless with anything you'd expect of a housewife, never cooked an actual meal or cleaned in her life so I have no clue how my mother was able to knit, sew, etc. I assume it was taught in school, she was more of a knitter than anything else and went a bit mad knitting everything for the PFB, by the time I came around I think she only made me some sock booties that I have stored away somewhere, think there was a hat that perished as well. And she did this crafty thing with something that looked like a wooden mushroom that you had to feed yarn into confused I never did enjoy knitting (which she did teach me alongside sewing) but we did a lot of crocheting when she was going through chemo, it's a good keep the mind and body busy thing without too much strain as we were learning this Japanese technique, amigurumi (sp?) which was new to her as well and is usually to make very cute little stuffed toys. We made less cute monsters which is a bit odd but was quite fitting at the same time.

Elle, the thing that confused me with Moda Operandi is that they do final sale with no returns, which isn't legal in the EU, so I assume they're working with some sort of loophole. But no import fees and taxes is good to know.

I love the ideas of a thread tote, or several even. They're good conversation starters, the chimp gondolier will definitely be I've mocked one up quick just for the occasion. Though the lawyers on here will have to chime in so we don't get sued by MNHQ and Sainsbury's 😬

There seem to be plenty of sites that offer these kind of things but I've kind of taken a fancy to these premium ones (from France, naturellement) which are a lot pricier and would need a creative solution to get the typography working alongside the design. I'm thinking an enlarged label with typography sewn in with the mid seam where the J is. They're rather spendy but they do fit in with the buy once buy right ethos, otherwise known as no one will buy them at that price so just find a cheaper option already...

XingMing Mon 22-Jul-19 20:27:47

I actually think you have to go a long way and kiss a lot of frogs before you beat the LLBean boat totes. When I worked in NYC, all the Park Avenue princesses used them, for everything. They do wear out... eventually... and the colours are not modish, not even slightly, but they're an essential element in preppy American style.

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