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Royal style and gossip: photo calls and tennis balls

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QueenOfTheAndals Fri 12-Jul-19 12:20:25

Everyone ready for a joint Wimbledon Duchessing?

TokyoSushi Fri 12-Jul-19 12:23:28

Yes! Kate & Meghan tomorrow and Kate & William on Sunday, fabulous!

You'll all have to keep me posted tomorrow as I'm out on an alkday activity with the DC's 🙄

MotherofPearl Fri 12-Jul-19 12:24:47

Thanks for the new thread Queen. Looking forward to seeing the Wimbledon outfits this weekend.

FATEdestiny Fri 12-Jul-19 12:28:58


StCharlotte Fri 12-Jul-19 12:29:17

Phew, thanks Queen for the new thread. I was getting a bit twitchy towards the end of the old one!

Looking forward to seeing the Duchesses at Wimbledon.

banivani Fri 12-Jul-19 12:32:22

Tried posting a yay for new thread but it was closed - nick of time this time!!!

I will go to Denmark I promise. So close yet so far away ...

pinkladyapples Fri 12-Jul-19 12:41:26

Thanks Queen

Looking forward to Duchesses at Wimbledon smile

latedecember1963 Fri 12-Jul-19 12:42:06

Thank you for the new thread, Queen. 🙂

One of DH's colleagues will be at the Mens Final on Sunday. I've asked him to ask her to send her comments re the royal outfits.
Mind you, if Roger gets through we've no chance as she'll be totally fixated on him!

Ninkaninus Fri 12-Jul-19 12:50:06

@banivani Yay for scandi neighbourhood! Sorry for derail, guys, I just get happy when I come across someone from anywhere close to back home!

I’m looking forward to seeing Meghan and Kate tomorrow. Hopefully some great outfits!

QueenOfTheAndals Fri 12-Jul-19 12:53:01

I feel sorry for the two duchesses as every little movement and expression is going to analyses and overanalysed tomorrow. If they don't chat much they'll be said to be at loggerheads but if they're too friendly they'll be accused of putting on a show. They really can't win!

BertrandRussell Fri 12-Jul-19 12:55:01

On the subject of royal dresses- I stole this from another thread. It’s lovely!

AnnaMagnani Fri 12-Jul-19 13:00:50

Thank-you @BertrandRussell there is a lovely book about the France and Marianne dolls from when they were restored.

I went to see them at Windsor Castle and they are stunning. They are in the same room as Queen Mary's Dollshouse but disappointingly stuffed in a cabinet where you can't see them that well - I'd have had a whole corridor devoted to them with every outfit grin

On the other hand they are easy to view as absolutely nobody else is interested in looking at them, unlike the dollshouse so you have the display to yourself.

DevonUkelele Fri 12-Jul-19 13:08:10


Thanks @Queen

CurlyWurlyTwirly Fri 12-Jul-19 13:10:58

Thanks for new thread.
Here's Princess Beatrice looking sharp as nails with boyfriend Edoardo.
How long have they been together? Is it even a year yet?
However she's said to be keen to settle down; so I'd go for a winter engagement;. and a 2020 wedding.

SenecaFalls Fri 12-Jul-19 13:11:54

Thanks for the new thread. crown tennis

TipseyTorvey Fri 12-Jul-19 13:19:36

I can barely keep up! Thanks for the new thread queen. I have two weeks off now so hopefully can play on here a bit more smile

Ninkaninus Fri 12-Jul-19 13:20:09

Thanks for the new thread! And thank you Bertrand for that link! Gorgeous.

itswinetime Fri 12-Jul-19 13:23:59

Checking in for the weekend 🎾🍓👑

Daisypie Fri 12-Jul-19 13:28:39

Checking in for the tennis sightings.

AppleKatie Fri 12-Jul-19 13:29:42

Checking in! Thanks for the thread 😃

RatherBeRiding Fri 12-Jul-19 13:34:29

Love Bea's outfit - that copper skirt really brings out her colouring. I would LOVE another royal wedding next year! C'mon Eduardo - pop the Q.

frugalkitty Fri 12-Jul-19 13:44:26

Checking in, thanks Queen

Nanamilly Fri 12-Jul-19 13:48:34

I think Eduardo has to get divorced first.

QueenOfTheAndals Fri 12-Jul-19 13:58:38

I don't think he was ever married?

CurlyWurlyTwirly Fri 12-Jul-19 13:59:37

I don't think he's actually married more about Edoardo dm link

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