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The general consensus about Nike Rifts??

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popsycal Sat 28-Jul-07 18:04:14


LIZS Sat 28-Jul-07 18:07:59

<shudder> saw a man in some at Chessington the other day . Nooooo !!!! OK on prepubescent girls , maybe.

bohemianbint Sat 28-Jul-07 18:46:59

nooooo.....But then I am very fussy about shoes.

Mommalove Sat 28-Jul-07 19:08:25

Message withdrawn

brimfull Sat 28-Jul-07 19:09:42


expatinscotland Sat 28-Jul-07 19:10:40

I have some and LOVE them!

VERY comfy.

I've had mine for 5 years and they're still going strong - although, keep in mind I am in Scotland and we've really had only one truly warm summer in the past 6 that I've been here .

whoopsfallenoveragain Sat 28-Jul-07 19:12:58

Are these them?
My friend was wearing the the other day I don't think I'd find them compfy

Idreamofdaleks Sat 28-Jul-07 19:13:45

they smell bad quite quickly

Mommalove Sat 28-Jul-07 19:16:29

Message withdrawn

expatinscotland Sat 28-Jul-07 19:22:04

Mine don't smell.

BUT, I also spray all my shoes with Scholl deodorant stuff before putting them on.

ALL of them.

I don't like whiffiness in anything - I'm one of those folks who uses perfume, too.

FluffyMummy123 Sat 28-Jul-07 19:22:36

Message withdrawn

FluffyMummy123 Sat 28-Jul-07 19:24:23

Message withdrawn

expatinscotland Sat 28-Jul-07 19:25:15

They're very comfortable!

I like heels for work and going out, but when I'm at home, I like comfy.

I abused my feet with ballet and climbing slippers, so I like to indulge them where possible.

brimfull Sat 28-Jul-07 19:26:31

they do look comfy ,but very very ugly

whoopsfallenoveragain Sat 28-Jul-07 19:27:35

Too expensive too!

cheechymunchy Sat 28-Jul-07 19:40:28

Perhaps a silly question, but I always wonder how many, or which, toes go in which side? Is it big toe +1 in one and the other three toes in the other?

MrsScavo Sat 28-Jul-07 19:44:18

I saw a man on the tube waring these a few weeks ago, and nearly peed myself. He looked normal in every other way, but these are girls shoes.

Mommalove Sat 28-Jul-07 23:30:46

Message withdrawn

mumemma Sat 28-Jul-07 23:39:29

They are fantastically comfy and great for your feet. I loved them and had them in all colours but that was back in about 2001 - I think their time has been and gone. They've got a bit of a chavtastic reputation now - sorry.

Mommalove Sun 29-Jul-07 01:09:05

Message withdrawn

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