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Skimming through the next catalogue I saw......

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Rosa Sat 28-Jul-07 13:58:26

Woolly Crocs whatever next ??

allgonebellyup Sat 28-Jul-07 14:00:31

ha they look cool!

MrsWeasley Sat 28-Jul-07 14:06:15

I like some of their new lights

LIZS Sat 28-Jul-07 14:38:01

but wouldn't the furry bits get wet ? [puzzled emoticon]

MaloryTheExciterTowers Sat 28-Jul-07 14:39:42

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MrsScavo Sat 28-Jul-07 14:41:34

Thankyou - now I know exacly what to get my sistr for Christmas

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