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Royal style & gossip: from christening gowns to tennis lawns

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QueenOfTheAndals Fri 05-Jul-19 22:56:32

Previous thread

And I think we all can agree that it's much more fun if we stick to critiquing the clothes rather than the women!

LadyPollyEstherCardigan Fri 05-Jul-19 22:57:49

Thank you, Queen! Signing in 👑

Myimaginarycathasfleas Fri 05-Jul-19 23:02:13

Just popping my towel on this here sunbed....

Thanks queen! 😉

SenecaFalls Fri 05-Jul-19 23:13:21

Looking forward to the christening pics.

UrsulaPandress Fri 05-Jul-19 23:14:55

tennis bear crown

BlingLoving Fri 05-Jul-19 23:16:54

Ooh, never checked in so early before.

(Although queen - clapham in North london? Really? [Grin])

Needless to say, my part of surrey is mostly Next and the odd marks ans spencer in the charity shops!)

Rhubarbisevil Fri 05-Jul-19 23:16:59

Thanks for the new thread!

CurlyWurlyTwirly Fri 05-Jul-19 23:24:56

Ooh excited about the christening now!

beanaseireann Fri 05-Jul-19 23:35:06

Thank you for the new thread QueenoftheAndals.

Horsemad Fri 05-Jul-19 23:35:29

When is the christening?

CurlyWurlyTwirly Fri 05-Jul-19 23:35:49


mikado1 Sat 06-Jul-19 00:07:19

Checking in!

Horsemad Sat 06-Jul-19 00:21:21

Thanks Curly.

ScaryBunnyPainting Sat 06-Jul-19 01:05:17

Checking in for the new thread! 🙏

Paradyning Sat 06-Jul-19 02:20:04

Loving Bea's bird dress here
DM link
Princess Beatrice dances along to Celine Dion with sister Eugenie

managedmis Sat 06-Jul-19 02:51:16

Ooh, new thread grin

Throw me the wine and let me grab the puffet

managedmis Sat 06-Jul-19 02:53:44

Beatrice looks nice

She's obviously been reading these threads grin

Not sure about Eugenie's dress, can't really see it, her hair looks lovely pulled back though

Why do all British women look the same when dancing?!?

managedmis Sat 06-Jul-19 03:00:44


Couldn't resist linking this

Even though that croissant head piece was a disaster I did think Bea looked better slimmer. She's probably mega tiny in real life at that weight tho

rosewater20 Sat 06-Jul-19 04:50:49

@managedmis I use to see Beatrice on a near daily basis, and she is very tiny in real life and much prettier too.

Wetdogloveshubert Sat 06-Jul-19 06:01:03

Morning ladies! Thanks for the new thread @QueenOfTheAndals. It's carnival day where I am in the West Country, but I'll be checking in when I can for christening pictures. Will Kate do a quiet outfit? Will we see the children? It would be fun if they could attend.

Japonicaflower2 Sat 06-Jul-19 06:12:58
Apparently we won't be finding out who the godparents are because the information is being officially withheld.

CurlyWurlyTwirly Sat 06-Jul-19 06:30:44


We know about the godparents! Discussed ad Infinitum on the previous thread! grin

Wow, Beatrice’s stylists are a hot mess.
I think they get a commission from Self Portrait and they are rubbish at accessorising.

Béa, love, head over this way if you want advice. The S&B threads will have you looking faaaabulous

GotToGoMyOwnWay Sat 06-Jul-19 06:31:57

Thanks for the new thread Queen

CurlyWurlyTwirly Sat 06-Jul-19 06:33:13

I will say Bea’s casual look is great.
Is the dress Hush?
I said in previous thread Eugenie should be wearing dresses and converse.

GotToGoMyOwnWay Sat 06-Jul-19 06:35:05

I actually love that B&E take style risks - I know it doesn’t always work by by gosh it’s fabulous when it does!!

CurlyWurlyTwirly Sat 06-Jul-19 06:36:39

Prince Harry’s Christening.
Most of Meghan’s outfit will be hidden but the christening gown. She just needs a sharply cut jacket and a cute hat.

QueenOfTheAndals Sat 06-Jul-19 06:42:10

@BlingLoving No, I said east Dulwich and Clapham in south London!

TipseyTorvey Sat 06-Jul-19 06:45:52

Happy Christening day everyone, waves at Queen, thanks for the lovely New thread although I haven't read all of the last one yet. I'm up early so that's my first weekend task!

CurlyWurlyTwirly Sat 06-Jul-19 06:45:59

More details of the christening DM link.

photos to be in the green drawing room where the wedding portraits were taken.
I reckon Meghan will wear pale green Givenchy after reading that.

CurlyWurlyTwirly Sat 06-Jul-19 06:51:45

I really hope the Cambridges and children are present.
Without the Queen and Prince Phillip and no godparents in the photoits going to look sparse with only Doria, Charles and Camilla.

QueenOfTheAndals Sat 06-Jul-19 06:55:50

W&K will be in the photos too. Not sure about the children. Have siblings' kids been in other royal christening photos?

CurlyWurlyTwirly Sat 06-Jul-19 07:01:43

Well with WIlliam and Harry, the Phillips children were in the photos.
I think it would be lovely to see all the Wales family together.

Notmyrealname855 Sat 06-Jul-19 07:48:09

Checking in!

Can’t wait for the Archie jigsaw to be complete :P

BigGreenOlives Sat 06-Jul-19 07:57:48

Thank you for the new thread.

Love the practical side of B, sensible work dress & flat shoes, big red satin coat turns work glam.

QueenOfTheAndals Sat 06-Jul-19 08:00:56

Thread on Celeb wedding dresses that may interest some of you!

ElspethFlashman Sat 06-Jul-19 08:02:14

Apparently the "A" necklace was a gift from a brand that I've never heard of.

Gifts have always been a bit of a grey area - whilst the RF trumpet that they pay cost price for everything, that's never been true. Laudner has always gifted their bags to the Queen for example, and continue to gift her any new colours or styles every year.

And like I've said on other threads, I believe a lot of Kates Kiki earrings are gifts from the brand. And Meghan's Monica Vinader is 100% gifted - they are a brand that send a lot of product out to Instagrammers so gifting is part of their PR.

They are already walking advertisements but I can see this already loose protocol becoming so relaxed that the Royals become moniterised by brands.

After all, Kate is already a walking advertisement for Jenny Packham and McQueen and Meghan is an advertisement for Givenchy. I imagine they are charged very little. The brands would be mad. They would whittle that bill down to the nth degree. It may be that they only pay a nominal cost towards those custom gowns. It's in the brands best interest.

DevonUkelele Sat 06-Jul-19 08:02:58

Me too, re the style risks of B&E @GotToGoMyOwnWay ... at least they are never boring.

Cheers for another new thread @Queen 🎩.

Yay for a christening 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼!

ElspethFlashman Sat 06-Jul-19 08:09:29

Also Jessica McCormack, who gave her their tiny little overpriced evil eye ring she was wearing at the tennis, has made full use of the opportunity to plaster her pic wearing it on their IG page. She has a few JmC pieces and they're hideously expensive and I imagine have been all gifted as that's another Hollywood brand that loans/gifts things to celebs as a central part of their PR.

Historically the Palace has issued cease and desist letters to any brand who has the cheek to use a photo of Kate wearing their garment on their website (for example on the home page with a link to buy the dress) . It's considered crossing a line and using her for direct selling. A few have tried, only for the picture to be swiftly taken down.

It'll be interesting to see if this one is taken down. Or allowed to stay up, which will be even more interesting.

Notmyrealname855 Sat 06-Jul-19 08:21:03

Soooo I like Jessica McCormack but have to say when I saw that I thought it really crass.

Was the necklace not by ? She’s (no offence) a Hollywood do-little, her dad ran one of the massive studios and she was married to Toby Maguire. Now makes tat jewellery all her friends endorse.

That’s very mean... but it’s frustrating to see mediocre and unimaginative designs promoted, when it’s all just nepotism.

Totally understand wanting to promote your friends too (not sure if K&M actually know any of these lot). But is that not just a form of nepotism? Their pals shouldn’t get any benefit from knowing them (ok we all know they will to some extent, but shouldn’t be on public engagements).

This is where H&M’s Instagram gets a bit sketch IMO. Promoting a friend’s page, or Leo Di Caprio’s... not ethical if you ask me (no one is smile )

ElspethFlashman Sat 06-Jul-19 08:24:39

No, JM do identical ones though. The brand it really is obviously got pissed off with reports speculating it was JM and decided to claim it.

It's a very generic style that a hell of a lot of companies do so the confusion is understandable as Meghan has a bit of JM already.

Notmyrealname855 Sat 06-Jul-19 08:31:33

Well lookey here... she’s obviously not shy about promoting...

Daisypie Sat 06-Jul-19 08:31:52

Looking forward to seeing the christening photos.

Notmyrealname855 Sat 06-Jul-19 08:32:28

And ...

Looks like the royals have given up on any cease and desist

Notmyrealname855 Sat 06-Jul-19 08:34:37

I’m betting it’s all the same for Kate’s designers too, pretty depressing

JM is pretty brazen. Nothing wrong with it in Hollywood but feels wrong with the royals

ElspethFlashman Sat 06-Jul-19 08:37:33

But if you look at the KikiMcDonagh IG page there's not a single photo or reference to Kate.

In other news, now I want ALL THE THINGS.

Myimaginarycathasfleas Sat 06-Jul-19 08:59:16

Maybe a cease and desist letter would only apply for a UK company? Another reason for the RF confining themselves to British brands and designs in public.

I agree with you, Curly, I expect M to be wearing something green to tone perfectly with the background. Her wedding photos were exquisite. She (or her design advisers) have a great sense of colour.

Myimaginarycathasfleas Sat 06-Jul-19 09:04:45

Oh, just discovered Jessica McCormack is in Mayfair. Scrub my last post.

ElspethFlashman Sat 06-Jul-19 09:08:52

I believe they use foreign solicitors when the occasion requires (like the French topless photos). So they could get a letter sent from a US firm easily.

Notmyrealname855 Sat 06-Jul-19 09:10:22

Jessica McCormack has about as many promo pics of MM. Sucks because I loved her designs! But it doesn’t feel ethical at all.

Wonder if this is true of Sophie, B&E?

Myimaginarycathasfleas Sat 06-Jul-19 09:11:58

May I offer this little 'gem' to start the day?

beanaseireann Sat 06-Jul-19 09:24:31

In Harry's christening picture the Queen looks like she knows there is tension in the marriage. The Queen Mother is, as she always did, putting the bright side out smile

frugalkitty Sat 06-Jul-19 09:34:54

Checking in, thanks for the new thread Queen

ElspethFlashman Sat 06-Jul-19 09:43:15

Heavenly Necklaces have used Sophie a few times. Though not since 2017. Kate has a pair of their pearl earrings and whenever she wears them, they do put it up. So they get away with it, I'm not sure why - maybe because it's only about twice a year and it's gone under the radar? I dunno.

Their stuff still remains absolutely fab, I wonder what the quality is like? Sophie has an entire "diamond" tennis necklace from them that she wears to formal events. Who knew it wasn't real?

Stravapalava Sat 06-Jul-19 09:52:29

Hello, lovely Royal Watchers, Strava checking in!

I love Bea's dress from the first page, definitely something I'd wear! Did someone say it was Hush?

FATEdestiny Sat 06-Jul-19 10:15:51

crown Checking in

AppleKatie Sat 06-Jul-19 10:21:36

Checking in ☺️ Looking forward to the christening pics. Will Archie be wearing a veil 🤷‍♀️😉

Myimaginarycathasfleas Sat 06-Jul-19 10:45:13

Do we know anything about timings? The BBC news page just says "later".

CurlyWurlyTwirly Sat 06-Jul-19 10:54:40

Probably based around nap an feeding times.
George’s was at 3pm

Spudlet Sat 06-Jul-19 10:59:50

Heavenly Necklaces do refer to Royals wearing their stuff in the blurb on their website, although they don’t mention which ones they mean. I think that’s fair enough, they want to make it seem aspirational to wear imitation jewellery (I certainly aspire to some of their stuff, it’s really pretty).

Maybe Jessica Mcwotsit gets away with it because it’s social media and the palace knows it’s fairly ephemeral... or perhaps the impetus behind the letters comes from the wearer? Meghan would be comfortable with being used in this way as she has a celeb background, whereas Kate might be a bit more hmm about it (just speculating and not meant as criticism of either woman).

I’m looking forward to seeing the outfits today - hope M knocks it out of the park. And K wears a fabulous hat!

GotToGoMyOwnWay Sat 06-Jul-19 11:00:48

Think I remember Diana saying that either William or Harry cried throughout as no one had asked her what time would be convenient for naps/feeding. After all she was only the mother sad

Spudlet Sat 06-Jul-19 11:10:06

It’s beyond bizarre how they managed to get it so wrong with Diana, really. It’s like they (although I’m not really sure who ‘they’ were!) were actively trying to drive her away - although in reality I’m sure it was just utter thoughtlessness. But how did they think it was going to end?

GotToGoMyOwnWay Sat 06-Jul-19 11:28:43

Quite @Spudlet

Myimaginarycathasfleas Sat 06-Jul-19 11:48:06

* But how did they think it was going to end?*

With Diana, having produced a healthy heir and spare, throwing herself into royal duties and charity patronage, leaving Charles to carry on his affair with his mistress. I feel sometimes that I'm the only person in the world who remembers what Camilla was, and did.

GlamGiraffe Sat 06-Jul-19 11:52:52

Hello lovely ladies🤗

Looking forward to a bit of frock watching at the christening.

Bets on MM &KMs colour choices?

QueenOfTheAndals Sat 06-Jul-19 12:17:01

Kate will wear either pale yellow or pale blue, most likely a rewear of one of her many pastel McQueen coat dress. Meghan maybe in cream?

QueenOfTheAndals Sat 06-Jul-19 12:20:39

Re Diana, they probably thought an aristocratic 20yo with little formal education was more likely to put up and shut up, and were taken aback when she didn't.

GlamGiraffe Sat 06-Jul-19 12:22:17

Kate wears pale lemon for all these things doesn't she Queen? It seems like it😉 she wore lemony cream for two of her own children's christenings I think. Again, you think?

DevonUkelele Sat 06-Jul-19 12:25:12

She seems to be in Wedgwood blue, at least for the road trip - and if the DM and Murdoch paps are to be relied on. They're running pics of Kate and Wills arriving.

GlamGiraffe Sat 06-Jul-19 12:26:48

Kate's in blue it looks like

ElspethFlashman Sat 06-Jul-19 12:36:47

Looks like a V neck too.

Spudlet Sat 06-Jul-19 12:47:26

She does suit that creamy yellow (sure she looks lovely in the blue as well). I’d wear it lots if I was her too!

Re Diana putting up and getting on with it - I’m sure that’s what they thought. But it was such a misreading of human nature. A generation or two earlier, when divorce was unthinkable and people had no real choice perhaps. But not by that point.

Annasgirl Sat 06-Jul-19 12:49:34

@CurlyWurlyTwirly I read that recommendation about the converse Curly and 100% concurred. Seems the girls read this too!!! Maybe they should all sack the stylists and just come on to Mumsnet.

MrsGrindah Sat 06-Jul-19 13:12:44

Well at least we know now Kate and Wills have been invited!

QueenOfTheAndals Sat 06-Jul-19 13:16:23

The Mail have really over-egged the pudding with today's story, all about how H&M run the risk of "alienating the people who love them the most". FFS, get a life!

AliasGrape Sat 06-Jul-19 13:31:05

Thanks for new thread queen Looking forward to Christening pics

TSSDNCOP Sat 06-Jul-19 13:43:06

They've got a shit two bob made up by an intern poll too Queen

Apparently 74% of us feel let down.

I've checked and I'm in the 26% that doesn't give a shit provided M & K smash their outfits and Charlotte photobombs the official portrait Mia Tindall style.

QueenOfTheAndals Sat 06-Jul-19 14:07:03

Mia Tindall is hilarious. Her expression in Eugenie's wedding photos were priceless.

AdaColeman Sat 06-Jul-19 14:14:56

I've got my Philip Treacy hat on and a glass of champagne poured, so all ready here!

GlamGiraffe Sat 06-Jul-19 14:24:27

If wills and Kate are driving in alone and no apps of the nanny and kids are we sure mini cambridge are even attending?
I know they travel separately but it raises an eyebrow.
25 guests
4godparents + spouses
A couple of Mm's friends ( perhaps from Wimbledon if they're not from wimbledon)
Cousins like the tindalls
How many children then?
None of Harry's friends or other family like B and E?
Very intimate!

TSSDNCOP Sat 06-Jul-19 14:45:19

I just checked the list of people that were at DS's baptism and it looks just like the one you listed.

yellowalstroemeria Sat 06-Jul-19 14:45:27

The Metro (yes, high quality journalism) says mini Cambridges are not attending.

Gooseysgirl Sat 06-Jul-19 14:51:04

I think it's very odd that the Cambridge kids are not attending.

hopeishere Sat 06-Jul-19 14:58:55

Lots of people don't want mods at things. Is there a lunch or is it just the service / photos and home?

hopeishere Sat 06-Jul-19 14:59:15

MODs = kids

yellowalstroemeria Sat 06-Jul-19 15:13:01

I find it quite strange as well. I don't even think the 'kids at things' argument really holds up... these kids are going to have to sit through service after service due to their positions.

Haggisfish Sat 06-Jul-19 15:17:51

Checking in also!

hopeishere Sat 06-Jul-19 15:17:59

Yeah. When they're older.

UrsulaPandress Sat 06-Jul-19 15:22:30

It all seems a bit joyless.

Notmyrealname855 Sat 06-Jul-19 15:45:01

Ok so I did check the Fail (breaching my DM ban...). Are there no pics of them arriving at the church as was the case at G, C and L’s christenings? None of the families arriving? I thought that would still be the case here. So no pics other than the official group portraits?

I think it’s Harry pushing this. I can see why he hates the press, but him imposing these restrictions isn’t him having control on the press at all. It controls his literal image (no photos) - but not the commentary. If anything the commentary is 10x more out of his control. It allows others to fill Harry’s silence with any interpretation they want.

If we get a jigsaw pic I’m going to be so sad!

Also, family events tbh make MM’s lack of family more pronounced. Must be sad for her that for whatever reason she hasn’t got a big new family at all, H and her look so nuclear sad Now would be a great opportunity to show they’ve made their own family (with friends) so hope we get to see what. Otherwise all a bit puney and sad sad

Myimaginarycathasfleas Sat 06-Jul-19 15:58:53

Those fans saying how hurt and let down they feel are the creepy die hard ones. Most of us probably don't care one way or another except for the frocks and baby pics.

Pretty soon there'll be nobody left to piss off.

ElspethFlashman Sat 06-Jul-19 16:02:32

Tiggy Legge Bourke was at it (looking well, I have to say, but she always did imo).

So speculation she's a godmother.

JudgeRindersMinder Sat 06-Jul-19 16:07:12

Just looking at these pictures of Bea and Eug at Celina Dion-picture 13, how much does Eugenie look like her mum! I’ve only ever seen her as looking like her dad, but I think she’s pure Fergie in that photo

hopeishere Sat 06-Jul-19 16:18:28

Photos are on Instagram!

Kate in pink!
Meghan in white.
Doria in pink.
Camilla in white.

Nogravyforyou Sat 06-Jul-19 16:18:29

Photos on Instagram, MM in white, KM in pink.

hopeishere Sat 06-Jul-19 16:20:01

Kate's in a hatband.
Harry's suit is ghastly.

Notmyrealname855 Sat 06-Jul-19 16:21:46

Ugly suit, cute baby!

hopeishere Sat 06-Jul-19 16:22:08

Kate's in a hatband.
Harry's suit is ghastly.
Meghan's is Dior apparently.

AppleKatie Sat 06-Jul-19 16:24:46

I quite like Harry’s suit. He looks so happy!

Kate’s dress a little shorter than usual?

Lovely to see the baby at last 🤣

AppleKatie Sat 06-Jul-19 16:25:40

Who are the two ladies I don’t recognise? (I realise that’s a stupid question!)

peridito Sat 06-Jul-19 16:26:52

Could somebody post a link ???

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