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Straightening Newbie needs help

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SlightlyMadSpider Fri 27-Jul-07 12:06:27


I am about to buy a set of straighteners. I have found a Babyliss set which get excellent reviews - I do not have the money for GHDs.
Where do I go from here?
What styling products do I need - I assume I need something to protect from the heat - but I don't want my hair to end up greasy within 2 days.
Is it easy to do - or will it take a few goes to master?

coleyboy Fri 27-Jul-07 12:16:54

I would get some straightening serum, something mid price like Daniel Galvin or Charles Worthington, but not Tresseme - I think their stuff is shite.

Put it on when your hair is damp and then blowdry your hair. I have a natural wave and very thick hair, so to get the best results from straightening I blow dry my hair straight as well.

If you have thin hair I would use a protective spray (Lee Stafford is good) which you spray on sections of dry hair as you straighten it.

If you spend the time getting your hair straight on the blow dry and take your time and do small sections with the straighteners, you shouldn't have to straighten between washes.

My name is Coleyboy, and I am a straightening addict!

coleyboy Fri 27-Jul-07 12:17:47

Oh, and to stop greasy hair, don't put any styling products near your roots.

SlightlyMadSpider Fri 27-Jul-07 13:09:31

TY......will give it a try

MellowMa Fri 27-Jul-07 13:11:32

Message withdrawn

SlightlyMadSpider Fri 27-Jul-07 13:14:27

What about practise?

Can I go out and get a set today and wash my hair and use them for a 'do' tomorrow or will it end up a shambles?

coleyboy Fri 27-Jul-07 13:28:52

Tbh, I don't think you can really get it wrong! The only difference will be that once you've used them a few times you'll get better and quicker at it.

If you're worried, buy them today and straighten your hair tonight, then do it again (without washing your hair) tomorrow if you need to.

SlightlyMadSpider Sat 28-Jul-07 10:58:51

Looked great when I went to bed.

Looked OK when I got up (just needed to touch up one kinky section which is always a problem

Gone a bit frizzy after showering 3 DCs - a bit too damp and humid I think....will do it again later.

coleyboy Sat 28-Jul-07 11:10:24

See, it wasn't that scary was it??!! You are no longer a straightener virgin!

SlightlyMadSpider Sat 28-Jul-07 11:14:16

Wondering why I didn't buy some years ago....I am thinking of a restyle which will make the most of the straighteners (I am using them more to control kinks and frizz than anything).

Having said that I am sure that within 14 days afro perms will be all the rage now I have straighteners

Gemy Sat 28-Jul-07 14:33:22

I don't straighten my hair very often as I prefer a straight blow dry. But, when I do get the GHDs out, I do it the same way as the hairdressers I.E use a tailcombe on the section and then place the plates on just after the comb has been through it. I find this gives a good finish and saves me from burning my hands.

Try and use smaller sections too, because then the plates are on your hair for less time thus reducing the heat damage.

I've also had my hair curled with straignters before but I can't get the hang of it! [just end up with strange kinks that I can't get out!] If anyone has a good way to use them for curling any advise is appreciated (sorry slightlymadspinder for piggybacking on your thread!

SlightlyMadSpider Sun 29-Jul-07 20:50:53

Gemy - when I was brosing I found some demo clips on the ghd weebsite which illustrated quite clearly how to do waves and curls. It looked very easy - havn't tried though .

Oh and I was glad that I did it again as it was so much better the second time. DTD2 even asked why my hair had gone straight so it obviously did something.

MrsFish Sun 29-Jul-07 20:55:29

Gemy - I can't master curling with the ghd's either... also I am actually in the middle of straightening my hair with them now


Gemy Mon 30-Jul-07 13:03:19

Hello slightlymadspider can you send me the link of the demo? I must be having a blonde moment because can't find it!

Thanks in advance and glad you have for the hang of it now and you must be a natural! I use mine somteims and end up with a very strange 'fringe situation'. Methinks I need more practice!

MrsFish - Yes, I do too!

SlightlyMadSpider Mon 30-Jul-07 17:06:24

here you go Gemy

Oh and I don't have probs with my fringe as I don't have a fringe

Gemy Tue 31-Jul-07 09:34:57

Thanks slightlymadspider! Just viewed them all and I am going to try it right now! Oh right, I'm at work will have to wait til I get home

SlightlyMadSpider Tue 31-Jul-07 18:00:17

Looks easy though doesn't it . You will have to give feedback.

Gemy Wed 01-Aug-07 09:42:17

Well here I am today with a head full of GHD-induced curls! The demo video explained it all really well and it works! *swishes head and flicks hair about*

SlightlyMadSpider Wed 01-Aug-07 14:36:22

Well done.....did you do the curls or the summer waves?

Gemy Wed 01-Aug-07 15:41:35

I went for the curls - I have a vidal sassoon waver that looks easier to use than doing the waves with GHDs.

I must say some of my curls looked a bit strange on the first go, but then I really got the hang of it. Need to buy some products though as the curls did drop quite quickly into tousled wave-like ones (had loads of compliments though!) so maybe I need a holding spray or something.

How're you going with your new straighteners? Lots of hair swishing going on i'll bet

SlightlyMadSpider Wed 01-Aug-07 16:13:51

Have only used them a couple of times. Will have another go later today. Went swimming this morning and let my hair dry naturally so it is pretty wavy and has no style so I will be interested to see how they cope and whether they can tame it the same as they can after I have blowdried it straighish.

Will be great if they can. I am on holiday next week and 10 mins straightening is much more convenient than 20 mins blowdrying or 20mins drying + 10mins straightening.

I think I need a new haircut to get the most out of them though - although I need to let it grow a bit first before I can cut more off and have 'a style'.

SlightlyMadSpider Wed 01-Aug-07 16:15:50

And don't do as much swishing as my hair os a little to short for that - but lots of finger running thru & 'smoothing down'. I need to stop it though as it makes it greasy quicker.

My John Freida serum on its own though is fab - and just applying it to the lengths and not the routes as coleyboy recommended is fab. My hair is almost less greasy with it.

Gemy Wed 01-Aug-07 19:40:02

I know what you mean - and with the current warmer weather we're having, it's not pleasent to spend any time under the hair dryer!

I think shorter styles look great after they've been run through with a straigntener.

Know what you mean about the smoothing down though - it does make my hair greasy too so I have tried to leave it alone today!

I may get some of the John Frieda serum as well as a fixing spray.

littlerach Wed 01-Aug-07 19:45:20

I have thick very wavy hair and try and leave it to dry naturally before straightning as I figure that's less heat on it. It straightens fine without blow drying.

Does it really kill your hair to straighten it all the time?

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