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Party on not behaving......summer dress and strappy sandals or winter tousers & boots?

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SlightlyMadSpider Thu 26-Jul-07 14:12:08

Have a family party at weekend. Had planned to wear a summery outfit that I last wore to wedding a few years ago. Have brought DTDs strappy dresses and sandals.

BUT the weather doesn't look great.

I could wear trousers and a top BUT I last wore it to a family party in March (all the same people). I don't know what DTDs would wear....

Does it matter if it is glum outside (party is indoors evening do)?

yeahinaminute Thu 26-Jul-07 14:21:28

Sod the weather it's July goddamit - go with the summery dress option - it'll be warm with everone indoors anyway ! - and have fun

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