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Royal style & gossip: What a smashing, positively dashing spectacle - the Ascot opening day

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QueenOfTheAndals Wed 19-Jun-19 11:46:36

Obviously today's the second day of Ascot but given Kate's outfit yesterday, I felt a My Fair lady tribute was fitting!

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Link to ALL other RS&G threads for anyone who wants a big catch up.

escapade1234 Thu 27-Jun-19 18:51:20

Long floaty floral dresses were very much the look at my DC’s day today. The women wearing them looked fabulous!

beanaseireann Thu 27-Jun-19 15:22:46

Thanks QueenoftheAndals

QueenOfTheAndals Thu 27-Jun-19 10:28:00

New thread!

Laiste Thu 27-Jun-19 09:25:47

I liked the floaty dress. I love that look. I wish i could wear things like that but i'm too hour glass.

CurlyWurlyTwirly Thu 27-Jun-19 09:15:26

Interesting discussion on the thread about William openly supporting any of his children choosing to come out. LGBTQ

CurlyWurlyTwirly Thu 27-Jun-19 09:12:38

I think Charles will be a good King.
Short reign no doubt; but he will have an impact like Edward VII

William is definitely preparing for role of Prince of Wales.

I think HM wants to make sure all her heirs are well prepared.

megletthesecond Thu 27-Jun-19 09:10:44

mother I nearly said Per In a but decided it wasn't embellished enough for that grin.

BlingLoving Thu 27-Jun-19 08:37:13

I don't 4think Charles will hard straight over to William. It feels more like he is preparing to be the kind of prince of Wales Charles has been - engaged, outspoken and with his own agenda points.

I think Kate wearing something different was great this week.

pinkladyapples Thu 27-Jun-19 08:35:57

Mathilde in a nice peachy pink dress

Smokeonthewater Thu 27-Jun-19 08:30:15

I wonder increasingly whether William and Charles have come to sort of agreement. After all, Charles may be 80 when the Queen pops her clogs, as her mother lived to over 100. It just isn't a sensible option for Charles to take over at that age. He'll be doddering around whilst all the younger Royals do everything. It makes far more sense to hand over directly to William. I am guessing William is well aware that he may be King sooner than he thinks and is behaving differently as a result. There is a very obvious switch in gear I think.

Myimaginarycathasfleas Thu 27-Jun-19 08:19:26

We are seeing a lot more of William on official business these days. As in, not just the odd photo but articles detailing his comments and videos of him speaking. I think there's definitely some PR around that and it's a good move to quash the other stuff.

He's going to be a very different kind of monarch, much more engaged. Good to see him giving focus to marginalised members of society.

MotherofPearl Thu 27-Jun-19 08:00:29

At least it doesn't look like it's from Per Una eh meglet? That's the ultimate insult on here!

mathanxiety Thu 27-Jun-19 08:00:25

@TracyBeakerSoYeah - I've been doing as much batch cooking as I can before summer heat makes cooking completely miserable.

QueenOfTheAndals Thu 27-Jun-19 07:55:23

I preferred the darker version as she looks good in strong colours, but it's a departure for her and makes a welcome change from the endless identikit coat dresses!

megletthesecond Thu 27-Jun-19 07:45:47

I do not like that flowery floaty dress of Kate's. It looks like something you'd see in Debenhams shock.

MotherofPearl Thu 27-Jun-19 07:38:00

Oh Curly, that's a smooshable potato alright! grin

AngelaScandal Thu 27-Jun-19 07:11:40

Just saw that post about Thomas van Straubenzee/Strawberry/Whatever's engagement to Miss Lucy Lanigan-O'Keeffe.I am a distant relative of hers shock. Unless there is more than one Lanigan-O'Keeffe family knocking around Ireland..

Math! Our very own royal adjacent on the threads...I wondered if she was related to the modern pentathlon guy
As a teacher I have to say I find this fascinating... where did Miss Lanigan-O’Keefe meet Mr Strawberry?? How odd would it be for the small royals to be attending at their HT’s wedding ?? Like one day she’s teaching you your sums and the next you’ve donned some frilly pantaloon number and you’re being forced to wave with a skeptical expression...

CurlyWurlyTwirly Thu 27-Jun-19 06:30:26

Mathilde and daughter Elisabeth are in Kenya.
I just could not resist posting this adorable baby in the peach snood! 💕

CurlyWurlyTwirly Thu 27-Jun-19 06:22:46

Great statement by Prince William re his children being LGBTQ

Dm link

He of course acknowledges the complications given their position, but I would expect nothing less than this stance from him: given Diana’s very open attitude and the way he was raised.

CurlyWurlyTwirly Thu 27-Jun-19 06:18:59

Harry and Meghan trip to South Africa in the autumn confirmed

Dm link

CurlyWurlyTwirly Wed 26-Jun-19 23:36:23

Lady Kitty Spencer and Cressida Bonas at the Serpentine Summer Party,

CurlyWurlyTwirly Wed 26-Jun-19 23:29:03

Melissa Percy has a sideline in designing country clothing

CurlyWurlyTwirly Wed 26-Jun-19 23:26:34

I do wonder if Sophie and Edward are a bit short of cash. ( I know it’s all relative) but their only source of income must be from the Queen.

What happens when HM pops off? They will have to be funded by Charles.
Also Anne; maybe there is a genuine reason that she wears her vintage wardrobe: more than just an “anti-fashion” statement.

The York’s however seem to have no money worries. I guess Andrew has many rich friends.

MotherofPearl Wed 26-Jun-19 22:59:36

I think Sophie is a really hard-working royal and looks kind and caring too.

So it pains me to make more critical remarks about her outfit today, but why is she wearing her hair in a plastic hair grip? This is the kind of thing you might wear on the school run, but not to an actual function. It looks... unfinished.

itswinetime Wed 26-Jun-19 22:26:28

I saw that and thought Amy would be great for these threads any excuse to wear a tiara 👸🏻 grin

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