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Please help me choose between 2 dresses for a wedding!

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Starryskiesinthesky Thu 13-Jun-19 08:20:09

Got a summer wedding to go to and cant decide between these 2 dresses. Have different shies/sandals I could wear and plan to buy bag/earrings etc (and pants that dont show through!). Thanks for your help.

KMoKMo Thu 13-Jun-19 08:26:13

Stunning in both but I prefer the red one for a summer wedding.

QueenEnid Thu 13-Jun-19 08:26:51

The red one!

KMoKMo Thu 13-Jun-19 08:27:12

Where are the shoes from please? x

Nedsxx Thu 13-Jun-19 08:27:46

Definitely the red one!

AllStar14 Thu 13-Jun-19 08:28:36

I can see why you're struggling to choose, they are both lovely. But red for a summer wedding.

Fatkins Thu 13-Jun-19 08:32:11

You look great in both of them!

I think the red one is a little more summery, but based on the pants weather we have here today, either would be fine! Not helpful sorry.

anotherconundrum Thu 13-Jun-19 08:33:04

Red one! Where's it from, please?

Bluntness100 Thu 13-Jun-19 08:33:09

They are both lovely on, Id go for the navy personally. But either work.

CmdrCressidaDuck Thu 13-Jun-19 08:35:09

The red - it's both weddingy, cheery and has a modern twist with the split and the high neck. The navy is perfectly fine, but the red is nicer and I think a summer wedding usually calls for something a bit lighter and more festive than plain navy.

ShagMeRiggins Thu 13-Jun-19 08:45:20

Either is gorgeous. Love both hats.

Miniloso Thu 13-Jun-19 08:47:14

The red is stunning! The dark one is ok, but a bit boring imo.

Miniloso Thu 13-Jun-19 08:47:57

Where is the red one from?

Pringlemunchers Thu 13-Jun-19 08:48:16

Red !!! Looks great .

Ihopeyourcakeisshit Thu 13-Jun-19 08:48:56

Red, you look fabulous.

CadburysTastesVileNow Thu 13-Jun-19 08:49:39

I also thought the sharpie-ing was a dramatic hat!

Ihopeyourcakeisshit Thu 13-Jun-19 08:50:10

Different hat though.

fedup21 Thu 13-Jun-19 08:52:00

Black one-am not keen on the shoulders of the red one.

Yutes Thu 13-Jun-19 08:53:41

I love the dark one! I find the red one a bit meh but either would be lovely

MrsBertBibby Thu 13-Jun-19 09:04:07

I prefer the style of the navy one myself, but the red is stunning, and much more weddingy. You look lovely in both.

If you do pick the navy you can wedding it up with jewellery though.

fancynancyclancy Thu 13-Jun-19 09:12:06


CherryPavlova Thu 13-Jun-19 09:13:29

The red is much more summer wedding

Zoeputthatdown Thu 13-Jun-19 09:17:15

I prefer the dark one but you look lovely in both and on a bright summer's day the red will look amazing.

newmomof1 Thu 13-Jun-19 09:20:08

Definitely the red!

hellswelshy Thu 13-Jun-19 09:26:50

Both are lovely, but agree red for a summer wedding!

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