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OI HUNKER**********************really need to talk to you

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MaloryTowers Mon 23-Jul-07 21:02:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

NotReallyHereHunker Mon 23-Jul-07 21:08:21

It's too wet to wear flip flops isn't it?


MrsBadger Mon 23-Jul-07 21:14:47

better to wear short skirt and flipflops in the kind of wet we're having

wellies ain't cutting it

MaloryTowers Mon 23-Jul-07 21:16:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

NotReallyHereHunker Mon 23-Jul-07 21:34:46

SHORT skirt, MrsB?!

Are you mad?!

My legs not short skirt appropriate!

I can't wear rubber surfer flip floppery to work. For one thing, my feet would freeze off in the air conditioning.

Bought some trainers today though.

For running in, in case you thought I was making a style statement

MrsBadger Mon 23-Jul-07 21:37:22

hunker did you see the picture?
wear a long skirt and you'll get swept away in the current...

NotReallyHereHunker Mon 23-Jul-07 23:49:24

I didn't even notice the link, sorry, MrsB

The floods are shocking, truly. But I still couldn't wear a short skirt...

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