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Calling Hushista's over here..., crabs, lobsters, kimonos and all things Summer

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Ellapaella Sun 19-May-19 13:09:39

Hello everyone.. new thread.. god knows what number we're on to now?

Ellapaella Sun 19-May-19 13:10:24 old thread

Huffthepuff Sun 19-May-19 13:18:35

Thanks Ella!

GinandGingerBeer Sun 19-May-19 14:41:27

Thanks Ella. Are you feeling any better?

Ellapaella Sun 19-May-19 15:05:41

Yes thanks Gin - got some different antibiotics last night and feeling so much better.

Laska2Meryls Sun 19-May-19 15:16:53

Hi there !, Glad you are feeling better Ella thanks for new Fred smile

OK so the Joules bag is going back! . I have bought this one instead from a local shop .. Its this one but pleased to see it was cheaper in local shop! (they have some nice other stuff on this website , best not look!)

Nicer I think than the Joules (but heavier as its made of jute with leather strap and longer jute strap also) and DH approved !! (and he paid) ! I also got this pink Khaki green teal scarf whilst there , will look good with the Green Wren I think..

Laska2Meryls Sun 19-May-19 15:19:15

... this bag is really nice also

Ellapaella Sun 19-May-19 15:21:58

I love your new bag laska - I love the touch of pink. Very nice.

Ninkaninus Sun 19-May-19 16:18:34

Oh I really like the two-tone colour in the bag. And the scarf is a perfect match.

Why is the Joules one going back? Was it not quite right or did you just like the other one better when you saw it?

SoyYo Sun 19-May-19 16:40:14

Thanks for the new thread Ella!
Back after a very long beach walk, body totally full of nature, negative ions and loving the thread name wink🦀🦐

So as requested attaching pics of the hand crafted super cheap but lovely goodies from the talented jewellery lady at the festival stall. The pin for my shawls. The bookmarks (the dragon one is for DS2 who’s an avid reader and thought may be more suited to a boy, he’s really a RocknRoll boy with heavy goth vibe and I’m after a book on punk music -vintage- to give to him on his birthday on June 1st together with a vintage vinyl/record player) and finally a summery necklace that’ll go with my white summer dresses and T’s. Will look good with a tan. (I like to wear white when I’m not in my favourite black or blue summer things).

@Laska what a gorgeous bag and scarf! Love the colours!

SoyYo Sun 19-May-19 16:46:49

And mermaid pebbly art for my fireplace, not sure if you can read it but it’s a girl who paints pebbles (tiny painstaking work) and then frames them for sale. My little mermaid/starfish pic reads “mermaid kisses, starfish wishes” 🧜‍♀️ And her stall

Laska2Meryls Sun 19-May-19 16:48:19

Ninka I do like the Joules bag ( and it has some advantages over the one I bought today in that its lighter in weight and lined) but I just really Love the new one! especially the jute/ pink neon contrast stitching.

The new one isn't lined but thats ok its a really smooth weave, also new one has two sets of handles , short leather and the long jute also (Joules handles are PVC , but still good for all that, but definitely shoulder strap length ) .

What really like with the new one like is that unlike so many bags I have , the leather handles are just the right length so the bag is easy to carry without the need to double up the strap in your hand to stop it touching the It feels much more practical overall (and better made/ more stylish tbh)

Ninkaninus Sun 19-May-19 17:29:33

It’s gorgeous Laska and I’m with you on the shorter straps - it’s one thing I’m deliberating on with the Joules bag. Although I like the look and the idea of carrying a bag on my shoulder I often find I don’t really bother with it, so I would have liked a longer strap as well. Also prefer leather straps to PU. But I may make an exception for this one, I do think it’d be nice to have one to wear with my relaxed look for the summer. Anyway I think yours is lovely and the scarf too.

Soy your little lot is lovely too! I love the dinky little pebble artwork.
I have a safety pin brooch similar to that but with semi-precious stones in purple and green which a friend of mine made (she has a handcrafted jewellery business). I got it for Christmas and I’m looking forward to wearing it in a/W when I wear tweed blazers and capes and things like that. Yours is very pretty with the dangling charms and such a lovely colour for summer and the seaside!

Ellapaella Sun 19-May-19 17:52:04

Lovely little haul @SoyYo love the painted pebbles. I'd love something like that for one of my bathrooms - I have a seaside theme going on in our main bathroom.

SoyYo Sun 19-May-19 18:05:57

@ella pebbly art girl is on FB under pebble art
Gorgeous pebbly art pics. There was a Bee one which was so prettt and may yet order. She’ll also customise her pebbly art so lovely as a thoughtful pressie.

Thanks @nink I know they’re nothing super spectacular but like you I get a lot of pleasure wearing handmade things and buying from the artist/crafter that made it. Talking to them always makes it so special and they do need supporting, as really for the hours of work it’s sometimes too cheap (specially compared to mass produced stuff).

Ninkaninus Sun 19-May-19 18:08:45

Yes I know what you mean. I generally only buy from Facebook or local handcrafting businesses now, when it comes to artwork/trinkets/decor and other such things. It matters a lot to me and as you said, also makes it more special, more meaningful.

neveradullmoment99 Sun 19-May-19 18:33:59

Thanks @ella for the new thread. Been busy today tidying etc. Love all the crafty things and the bag and scarf look great @laska smile Glad to hear you are feeling better @ella smile

dontcallmelen Sun 19-May-19 18:36:00

Laska love the bag💕 & scarf.
Soy also love the trinkets & pebbles very pretty & yy handmade always that but more special, the weekend sounded so brilliant & jealous of the tapenade yum.
Ella so glad you are feeling a bit brighter & sure your Mum visiting will help as well.
Well I have been out all day RL shopping, & all I got was a T-shirt😢
Looked in monsoon in vain for the jumpsuit no joy, as I find monsoon sizing quite odd so really wanted to try on, tried on a couple of linen dresses in white stuff, but didn’t have my size so may order a couple just to see if they look any better in the right size, Hobbs had a couple of nice dresses but ££ & really just want a couple of simple cotton or linen shift or shirt dress style, I’m a bit fed up it’s a fecking mission.

dontcallmelen Sun 19-May-19 18:36:44

Oops sorry, thanks for the new thread Ella love the title.

GinandGingerBeer Sun 19-May-19 18:42:20

Lovely bag and scarf laska. That scarf will go with so many things.
Some cute finds there soy, love the pebbles.
Glad the anti B's have started to work @ Ella.
I've managed to get off my ass today and tick some chores off my list and start to gather a bit of stuff for my holiday. A week is a pain isn't it? Still need as much stuff as if I were going for a fortnight 🤷🏻‍♀️
I've downloaded a really good packing app though, better than writing lists and redoing them each time!

Ninkaninus Sun 19-May-19 19:05:32

Oh yes flowers to Ella, I’m glad you’re on the mend. Hopefully you’ll be pain free ASAP.

CakeInMyFace Sun 19-May-19 19:49:14

Hi - has anyone got the Cannes star bag? This one:

I really love the look of it but was wondering if it's worth the money? Not tried any bags from Hush before!! Be perfect when carting around snacks etc for kids this summer!

NotAnActualSheep Sun 19-May-19 19:55:56

Hello - made it to the new thread - thanks ella! And glad the new drugs seem to be more effective. Hope you've had a lovely time with your mum. Your kitchen looks stunning too grin.

It sounds like you've all had good weekends.. and the odd lovely purchase 😊 soy... those handmade bookmarks are gorgeous, and I love the necklace which will go so well with summer dresses, and the pebble mermaid is so cute! All in all sounds an excellent festival.. and not too crabby/lobstery.

Also huff's monsoon jumpsuit, (and also by now possibly, soy, Ella and len's jumpsuit...) is 😍😍😍, as everyone has said! I haven't had a browse round monsoon for ages, but the window display at the moment is lots of lovely colourful beachy stuff. V tempting...

Looking forward to seeing more miriams (lol at the "midget in a tent... ") , and also gin's jumpsuit. Its a lovely colour and style.

soups I hope the Victoria Wood weekend went well! I would second len in sorrento being a great destination for a family holiday! There is so much there and within easy reach. Yy to the public bus down to Amalfi... Its fecking terrifying though.. Loads of really tight bends with the mountain to one side and sheer drop to the sea on the other... Fun when you meet the bus coming in the other direction...

laska- absolutely gorgeous bag and scarf. And also maybe youre less likely to see the world and their dog with it over the summer than the joules bag. Joules is a bit ubiquitous here at the moment. Glad the shoes are good this time.

Hello to everyone else too... I've loved catching up on the chat. I'm exhausted today. We watched Eurovision last night (blush I know, I know) and I've been a bit "tired" today... so have been totally lazy. Its a Bank Holiday here tomorrow so hopefully can be more productive then...

NotAnActualSheep Sun 19-May-19 19:57:37

Oh yes, gin I need to know more about this packing app... Sounds ideal!

Ellapaella Sun 19-May-19 20:01:38

@CakeInMyFace that bag is truly gorgeous ❤️ don't have a Hush bag myself but I do really like that one.

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