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Help me panic buy a summer holiday wardrobe!

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DrWhy Mon 13-May-19 14:53:23

So, I’m 5ft 7” and a size 14-16 with a fatter tummy than hips. I am still breastfeeding a 6 month old, have a 2.5 year old and still look about 5 months pregnant (I suspect separated abs).
I started to put together a list of what I needed to buy the DC for holiday and realised I have very little that fits me. We are leaving on Saturday and it’s a week in Crete so mid 20s in the daytime and mid to high teens at night. Worse still I’m travelling with family including my stunning sister who is 5ft11 a size 10 absolute max and slings together an outfit from Matalan and looks like she’s walked out of Vogue!
I reckon I can scrap together a couple of pairs of shorts, board shorts, swim stuff and short sleeved feeding tops that I can get through the days (albeit looking a mess) but for the evening I have one pair of yellows beige wide leg linen trousers that were fashionable (ish) about 10 year ago.
I’ve got one possible afternoon in town with baby but no toddler or online orders need to arrive by Friday.
Where do I even start? What do I need and from where? I’d like to look slightly put together but without spending a fortune as I live in Northern Scotland so it’s not going to get a lot of wear afterwards and I’m hoping to be back to a size 12-14 by next year.
Please help!!

user1494055864 Mon 13-May-19 15:04:53

I'd just get everything from Primark, big sun hat, for sitting feeding, loads of shorts, maxi dresses, beach bag, sunglasses, beach cover up, they should have everything you need without having to spend too much money.

angemorange Mon 13-May-19 15:11:50

Next do next day delivery and have some inexpensive tops/culottes/dresses.

I've just bought a maxi dress for £25 and a couple of tops.

Would agree go to Primark too and don't rule out Monsoon - sale on there at the minute smile

Travellingraspberry Mon 13-May-19 15:13:43

I second Primark! I went last week (first child free shopping trip in a year!) and grabbed stuff for upcoming trip to Spain. Had some nice plain coloured t-shirts with a bit of detailing on the shoulder to go with patterned shorts, lightweight trousers.
Can also recommend the Facebook group 'can I breastfeed in it' always loads of fab ideas from the highstreet.
Enjoy your holiday!

DrWhy Mon 13-May-19 16:57:16

Right, I haven’t tried Primark since it turned out I needed a size 20 for their maternity shorts to fit! Sounds like I should go back, it’s between the two main shopping centres so I’ll probably pass it anyway.
My sister also suggested Next so I’ll look at them, I find their website immensely annoying but perhaps I haven’t properly figured it out.
What is stylish at the moment? How do I find out?! I’m rubbish at this! I don’t have time to buy and look at magazines, are there good websites? I have been living is mum stripes for 3 years now!

wildhairdontcare Mon 13-May-19 17:17:40

What colours suit you?

wildhairdontcare Mon 13-May-19 17:25:56

Super flattering and easy for feeding.

Doobigetta Mon 13-May-19 18:06:35

If the temperature is only going to be in the teens at night I wouldn’t bother buying new things, I’d just take jeans and tops. And for the daytimes, casual dresses are more comfortable and look better than shorts, imo.

Jacksback Mon 13-May-19 18:22:27

Just bought this good old and s , it wraps so will fit if you lose or gain lbs
Beautiful colours , flat espidrillas and good to go

Jacksback Mon 13-May-19 18:24:49

Sorry m and s
It’s light much more vibrant than pic and floaty

Thegirlisnotright Mon 13-May-19 18:58:37

Next denim boy shorts are good, and nothing wrong with linen trousers. Get some simple vests and a couple of nice swishy kimonos for over over the top (next has quite a few if that’s easiest for you). Long necklaces would look nice (and give the baby something to play with!)
Stick with a few colours so everything goes together.
Styled by Susie Facebook group is helpful.

DrWhy Mon 13-May-19 22:52:35

Thanks folks, wildhairdontcare I’ll add Matalan to the list too!
I’ve got mousy brown hair, slightly olive skin and greyish eyes. For causal clothes I tend to go for blues, reds and neutral colours. Work is grey, black, white and red - no idea if these actually suit me though!
Doobigetta I’d like to do more dresses but they are generally hard to feed in discretely, even if you can get a boob out like in a wrap dress it tends to have to be a whole boob - shorts or skirts and tops mean I can do vest under and top over.
Jacksback see Espradrilles wouldn’t even have occurred to me - M&S was also another of my sisters suggestions so that’s definitely going on the list, thanks.
Thegirlisnotright that sounds perfect, I like the sound of ‘swishy’. I’ll check out the Facebook page you’ve suggested too.

Jedeye Mon 13-May-19 22:55:51

Have you tried H &M? Lots of choice there.

Jedeye Mon 13-May-19 22:57:10

marmiteloversunite Mon 13-May-19 22:57:09

I would second Matalan. They have lots of summer stuff in. I got a really pretty dress and maxi skirt in there. I think you can click and Collect if you want to order stuff before you get there.

Jedeye Mon 13-May-19 22:58:28

The link is to show you the floaty trousers

DrWhy Mon 13-May-19 22:59:37

Doobigetta I should have mentioned that my normal wardrobe is pretty dire too, I have one pair of black skinny jeans that are respectable but a bit wintery for a holiday and one pair of blue that I have worn holes in the inside seams of. I have today ordered 6 pairs online from H&M which is where the worn pair are from in the hope that one will fit!
I’m basically a clothing disaster. I have been pregnant or breastfeeding for all but one month of the last 3.5 years and frankly I didn’t have much sense of style before! I have promised myself that when I’m all done I will get some kind of personal shopper / makeover and have a ruthless clear out of my wardrobe.

DrWhy Mon 13-May-19 23:04:31

Thanks Jedeye my existing linen trousers might be more in fashion than I realised! I rather like the maxi skirt too - are bodysuits really back? With poppers and everything? Like we did in the early 90s!
I did an H&M order today so will probably pop in and return the stuff that doesn’t fit and look in store on my afternoon in town, I can cope with jeans and children’s shorts online but looking for tops gave me over 1000 results and I’ve no idea how to narrow them down!

Jedeye Mon 13-May-19 23:05:10

Shirt dresses look smart and can look smart but casual too.

puppy23 Mon 13-May-19 23:07:48

I'll third Primark, loads of nice comfy trousers in currently that would work well during the evenings, usually patterned so would only need a plain top with them. Picked up a new pair earlier today for only £6!

Jedeye Mon 13-May-19 23:10:28

Ha just read your post. I know what you mean, it’s hard to shop online if you have limited time. You need a plan before you go or you’ll panic buy more stuff you’ll never wear. Head into town with a list; wide legged trousers, floaty skirts etc

Ps I too wore the body suits back in the day. Not any more though. My once flat stomach is no more.

IggyAce Mon 13-May-19 23:11:52

I’ve been to Matalan today and they had loads of lovely trousers, tops, shorts and skirts. I found it easy to find items because they are grouped together so lots of trousers all together same for tops and a whole section dedicated to leggings.

Jedeye Mon 13-May-19 23:22:37

I went abroad at Easter and needed some new summer clothes - I bought some lovely shorts from Hush (Marseille) and they are so nice I bought them in both colours. Expensive but a good investment as I will wear them to death. I see you already have shorts but thought I’d mention just in case.

UrsulaPandress Mon 13-May-19 23:25:47

Try Asda. I bought some linen shirts and trousers cheaply before a hot Easter holiday.

TheClitterati Tue 14-May-19 02:00:40

I travelled in this dress and wore it loads. Completely comfy, swishy and lovely to wear day or night (I'm 5"8/ sz 18/20).

Look out for 20% off voucher.

Love this too for slip
On ease. Maybe not for bf though.

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