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Have bought a lovely, flattering, slimming, swimming cozzie, just one problem....

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MegaLegilimens Mon 16-Jul-07 12:16:53

....when I swim in it the top falls down and my norks pop out

I know the description says the neckline is alluring but swimming lengths in th elocal pool with your nips out is just not the done thing around here.

I was full of good intetions, would swim lengths for an hour whilst DS1 at swim party, but got out after 20 mins because I was soooo bored as I could only swim vvveeerrryyy slow breaststroke else the top fell down.

MegaLegilimens Mon 16-Jul-07 12:28:27

I promise that the link is not to a pic of me with norks ooot!

MyEye Mon 16-Jul-07 12:30:48

are you going to take it back?
now that's what I call a design flaw, lol

MamaGryffindor Mon 16-Jul-07 12:31:10

I was hoping itwa s

I was looking at pic to see if you could pin it anywhere, but I cant see anywhere you could - bugger

MegaLegilimens Mon 16-Jul-07 12:34:57

MamaG - it was not a pretty site - fortunately no one was wearing goggles. I'd already had to get out the pool once as I'd forgotten to take the stciker in the gussett out. [bush].

Can I take it back now that I've worn it? It is such a nice cozzie, was for our holiday but will be even more disasterous in Cornish surf!!

nailpolish Mon 16-Jul-07 12:44:15

lol @ [bush]

did you get that out too?

nailpolish Mon 16-Jul-07 12:45:29

you cant take cozzies back if youve worn them without the sticker

i had a nightmare finding a cozzie last month, they all seem to be for either posing in or swimming at the olympics

nailpolish Mon 16-Jul-07 12:46:55

i got this one and i lvoe it, also got one from bhs who have a very surprisingly lovely range

MyEye Mon 16-Jul-07 12:48:57

NP, of course you can take it back if it's not fit for purpose! Doesn't matter if you've worn it. It's not a size/cut issue, it's a function issue!
'Mr M&S, my swimming costume has malfunctioned, causing me much public humiliation'
'I'm sorry to hear that, please accept a refund and our apologies for any embarrassment'

MegaLegilimens Mon 16-Jul-07 12:50:46

Can't open the link np.

I wondered if I might be able to claim that the cozzie is faulty! Suppose it could be my lack of anything substantial to hold the top up in the first place but that's why I chose it as it was padded and underwired.

MegaLegilimens Mon 16-Jul-07 12:51:27

Thanks MyEye - I will give it a try!!

MamaGryffindor Mon 16-Jul-07 20:16:26

LOL at gusset sticker!!!

MegaLegilimens Mon 16-Jul-07 21:03:24

Twas v.sticky.

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