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Tummy tuck jeans

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oyu Sun 15-Jul-07 20:11:14

Anyone tried these?

I read about them in one of the Sunday magazines. It seems they are jeans that can magically reduce figures by one dress size and are very flattering.

A rubbish brand name but they sound interesting...anyone tried them? Where can I try on a pair?

southeastastra Sun 15-Jul-07 20:12:06

i was going to ask this, they sound good don't they?

quint Sun 15-Jul-07 20:12:30

whats the brand name!

RubySlippers Sun 15-Jul-07 20:16:11

call 020 7323 2049 for stockists
cost £89
called tummy tuck jeans

oyu Sun 15-Jul-07 20:17:43

Quint...they really are called "Tummy Tuck" jeans and are by designers called "not for your daughters" or something.

They are around £100 which I think is a lot but if they make me smaller without cutting out the cake then maybe...

southeastastra Sun 15-Jul-07 20:40:46

not sure if their site does them justice really wish they'd make more jeans with a higher waist, hipsters give you more of a jelly belly don't they

oyu Sun 15-Jul-07 21:35:02

Hmm...they don't look great do they? The models seem to have come straight from the m and s website!

LaCerbiatta Sun 15-Jul-07 21:35:24

They look horrible, don't they??

Enid Sun 15-Jul-07 21:36:40

lolol they look terrible

as if you'd buy them fromt aht website

really you should never tuck a shirt into jeans like that. <shudder>

southeastastra Sun 15-Jul-07 21:37:30

they do look bad. i wish levis would make 501 more available

LaCerbiatta Sun 15-Jul-07 21:40:27

high waisted jeans may flatten your tummy but low waisted ones are popular for a reason: they hide big hips and with the right top are flattering for a big stomach as well.
Do you agree?

Piffle Sun 15-Jul-07 21:42:47

too right lower rise all they way
And a rago wiast cincher for use with any outfit and only £30

southeastastra Sun 15-Jul-07 21:52:58

i don't want to hide my hips, but i want a waist <slopes back to trusty wrangler>

quint Mon 16-Jul-07 08:57:49

Loving the bermuda shorts!

fishie Mon 16-Jul-07 09:02:51

how handy, crop jean with stones(wft?) has built in camel toe.

JodieG1 Mon 16-Jul-07 09:06:55

I prefer hipsters to higher waisted jeans, suits me better.

fishie Mon 16-Jul-07 09:08:17

i am so short bodied that hipsters go up to my waist anyway.

CountessDracula Mon 16-Jul-07 09:08:27

are 501s not available???

JodieG1 Mon 16-Jul-07 09:08:57

Sizes start from a 2 Anyone that small wouldn't need those jeans anyway.

brimfull Mon 16-Jul-07 09:13:45

bloody awful looking jeans

pollypeachum Mon 16-Jul-07 09:23:11

Well in a fit of desperation yesterday about the rolls of fat flopping over the top of my low(ish)rise waistband, I ordered a pair of tummy tuck jeans. I hadn't seen that website though or I doubt I would have. Those bermuda shorts!!!!!
I will let you know if they make me look dramatically slimmer or not and never fear, if they don't look nice I will send them back!

Hassled Mon 16-Jul-07 09:28:27

High waisted jeans do make the lower half of my tummy flatter, but that has the unfortunate side effect of pushing the rolls of flab upwards until it looks like I have some strange growth in the centre of my rib-cage. I've decided I'd rather look permanently 4 months' pregnant than just downright weird .

pollypeachum Tue 17-Jul-07 19:04:11

Well, they came in the post today, I tried them on and what can I say...........

.....they do what they say on the tin.
Tthey may be my holy grail of jeans. Whilst I know this is sad I shall salvage my pride by sending back my other mail order purchase - Crocs. They are in an inadvised silver and look like part of a Cyberman costume.

nailpolish Tue 17-Jul-07 19:06:29

PMSL @ built in camel toe

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