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Cod, I got the Next catalogue but cant work out which shoes are yours...

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Nbg Sat 14-Jul-07 11:22:48

do they have 2 straps across the front that are curved and in patent leather?

MrsBadger Sat 14-Jul-07 15:34:57

hang on


Wuxiapian Sat 14-Jul-07 16:50:25

Isn't the black/brown combination supposed to be a no-no?

FluffyMummy123 Sat 14-Jul-07 16:55:02

Message withdrawn

MrsBadger Sat 14-Jul-07 16:57:53

I think black / tan is allowable

black / choc is a no

oh yes. loving those shoes!

Wuxiapian Sat 14-Jul-07 18:23:02

Isn't tan/black too harsh a contrast?

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