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do you knowanything about tights you can wear with open toe shoes that look like you are not wearing tights?

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BBBBasilisk Fri 13-Jul-07 21:33:36

I keep thinking I must have made this up but I have a vague recollection that you can get tights that are somehow naked at the towe bit so you can wear them with open toe shoes and it looks like you are not wearing tights.

Do you have any idea what I am talking about?

If so where can I get some?

If not what do I wear on my legs for a wedding if the shoes are open toed?

filchthemildmanneredjanitor Fri 13-Jul-07 21:34:35

yes . marks and spencer do them. they stop before your toes so toes are bare.

hoxtonchick Fri 13-Jul-07 21:35:49

sorry, they are horrid! just go bare-legged. are you wearing a long or short dress?

filchthemildmanneredjanitor Fri 13-Jul-07 21:35:50

[[ 64661?ie=UTF8&node=&m=A2BO0OYVBKIQJM&keywords=hosiery&mnSBrand=core&size=9&rh=n%3A42966030%2Ck%3Ahos iery%2Cn%3A42967030&page=1 here]]

filchthemildmanneredjanitor Fri 13-Jul-07 21:36:08 64661?ie=UTF8&node=&m=A2BO0OYVBKIQJM&keywords=hosiery&mnSBrand=core&size=9&rh=n%3A42966030%2Ck%3Ahos iery%2Cn%3A42967030&page=1

Quattrocento Fri 13-Jul-07 21:37:36

So what is wrong with bare legs? If your legs are embarrassingly bluey/white - and I speak as a woman whose husband today won the award for the whitest legs on the beach - then a bit of tinted moisturiser or even St Tropez will do the trick.

luckylady74 Fri 13-Jul-07 21:37:51

i got them in john lewis a while ago, but i just used to snip a bit off the end and paint the edge with nail varnish to sto[p ladders

BBBBasilisk Fri 13-Jul-07 21:39:18

thanks filch - so quick.

hoxton chick I get you - they are a little vile sounding but dress is knee length bright pink with bright pink open toed shoes (yuck - not my choice!!!) and my legs are pale and show the brusing form running around with children plus nettle stings etc etc.

Quattrocento Fri 13-Jul-07 21:40:13

This is a really embarrassing confession actually BUT I do like french manicured toenails. Go the whole open-toed hog. Get a pedicure. Think of it as a public service. There are so many nail bars, you are just keeping people off the street.

BBBBasilisk Fri 13-Jul-07 21:40:50

and surely I will just look like I have bare legs but just nicer.

hoxtonchick Fri 13-Jul-07 21:41:23

would good fake tan work? get a professional one perhaps.

Quattrocento Fri 13-Jul-07 21:41:39

There is no excuse for open toed tights, really. I don't care if your legs are black and blue with pink nettle rash. It's nothing a bit of St Tropez won't fix.

mazzystar Fri 13-Jul-07 21:42:04

some black woolly ones

what with the weather and all

Tinker Fri 13-Jul-07 21:43:12

Just get non open-toed shoes?

filchthemildmanneredjanitor Fri 13-Jul-07 21:44:32

give her a break! shes being a bridesmaid! she can't do bare legs in church anyway!

Quattrocento Fri 13-Jul-07 21:45:31

"and surely I will just look like I have bare legs but just nicer"

No. You need saving from yourself here. It is a thoroughly bad idea. If you don't agree to stop it now, I will call Cod over to give you a talking to. It will look silly. Your legs are fine. Trust me.

Tinker Fri 13-Jul-07 21:46:53

Didn't know she was bridesmaid. Oh, get teh open-toed tights then. Am with you on that, wouldn't go bare-legged if feeling iffy about my legs especially not if teh bridesmaid

BBBBasilisk Fri 13-Jul-07 21:47:11

oh sod sod sod!

I can't buy different shoes as sister chose them. Is it really that vile?

I can;t do fake tan myself so that means I have to do the paper g-string, scary made up lady infront of a weird tent thing don't I?

BBBBasilisk Fri 13-Jul-07 21:47:43

yes I am bridesmaind hence the forced and vile outfit.

filchthemildmanneredjanitor Fri 13-Jul-07 21:47:50

wear the tights -they'll be fine. noone will be looking too closely.

BBBBasilisk Fri 13-Jul-07 21:48:22

thanks flich - it is £4 tights or £30 scary lady fake tan.

fishie Fri 13-Jul-07 21:49:26

no they are really bad, the tights bit gives itself away somehow, round the ankles or by being too shiny. then everyone stares at your bare toes wondering what has happened, or else knowing what you are wearing. you don't want people to speculate about yoru tights do you? fake tan or proud nettly legs.

FrayedKnot Fri 13-Jul-07 21:52:08

Get a st trop and make your sister (she's the bride, right?) pay.

Don;t do teh tights thing, please <wimpers>

PS You lie down for a St Trop and can wear your own knickers if you want.

Quattrocento Fri 13-Jul-07 21:53:52

Basilisk - you cannot go into church with people wondering why you are wearing tights with naked toes. I will not let you.

Just buy a bit of tinted moisturiser and rub it in. It will (a) not look orangey (b) avoid the scarey ladies and (c) be the low cost alternative and (d) look nicer than toeless tights

LittleLupin Fri 13-Jul-07 21:57:37

BBBB, the tights are FINE, I have worn them myself and the M&S ones are fine (I also have bruised and v pale legs, and every fake tan turns me orange). Ignore the naysayers.

(Oh and if you are like me and slightly, um, voluptuous of thigh, and the day is hot, if you don't wear tights your thighs will stick together and be horrid and sweaty.)

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