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Psychological advantage

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newlifenewname Thu 12-Jul-07 17:55:26

Interview tomorrow for a managerial role within education/community development.

I am definitely wearing black linen trousers and black linen jacket (slightly fitted 3/4 length sleeves) but need to know the following:

I need to choose a top.

Does wearing an 'upbeat' colour create a good pschological advantage?

Shall I try and be a bit more mumsy than normal so that I appear more serious (I look fairly young for my age at times)?

Ring and necklace or earrings and ring/necklace do you think? (all understated)

How much make up - I am quite tanned?

I can do day to day but I know my usual look - even for client visits - isn't going to be right for interview.

LittleLupin Thu 12-Jul-07 17:58:50

Can you do something a bit "older" with your hair? And maybe a bit stronger lippy - but not old-slapperish .

What tops do you have to choose from? And is the linen a definite (I worry about creases!)

Good luck!

newlifenewname Thu 12-Jul-07 18:03:03

Yes, I can try with hair. Only had it cut yesterday so not attempted to blow dry myself yet! What do you reckon?

I need to rummage with top, have a navy, and ochre sort of colour wrap top but is a bit tits out if not careful. Have a couple of smart knitwear type things. Can try on and do pics after dc in bed .

Linen is okay as I think trousers might be a mix - they haven't creased previously. Jacket is too structured to crease. I have smart work trousers but one pair a bit too summery/funky the other is too wintery.

EscapeFrom Thu 12-Jul-07 18:05:10

a top with deep red involved - similar but NON GLOSSY lippy

create cheekbones to hide your baby face

wear glasses if you possess them

newlifenewname Thu 12-Jul-07 18:09:21

I do have some 'pretend' glasses, as it happens. I bought them to make me look older!

Will go in search of deep red in wardrobes.

Is deep red a colour likely to good things to interviewers minds?!

EscapeFrom Thu 12-Jul-07 18:21:31

Limit the jewelry too.

EscapeFrom Thu 12-Jul-07 18:21:50

People wearing red always look confident to me

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