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SpawnChorus Thu 12-Jul-07 14:32:18

I've got a wedding on Saturday. Can you tell me which of these dresses you like best. I've uploaded them to flickr - hope it works!

I'll be wearing those shoes (probably...unless you think they are hideous).

fashion parade

I have to go out for a bit, but will be back for an MN-slating later.

ChippyMinton Thu 12-Jul-07 14:34:05

No. 1030 the blue looks nice.

FluffyMummy123 Thu 12-Jul-07 14:35:34

Message withdrawn

nailpolish Thu 12-Jul-07 14:36:26

the 1030 light blue one definitely

jackie2kids Thu 12-Jul-07 14:36:26

Wow SC is that you in the picture?

I like the middle one (is it the same as the first one?)

Where they from?

DoubleBluff Thu 12-Jul-07 14:36:57

Def 1030. Lovely colours!

SpawnChorus Thu 12-Jul-07 14:37:09

lol at me?? Oh God...not promising.

FluffyMummy123 Thu 12-Jul-07 14:37:12

Message withdrawn

Nbg Thu 12-Jul-07 14:37:36

like the second dress, blue an brown

WaynettaSlob Thu 12-Jul-07 14:37:53


DrNortherner Thu 12-Jul-07 14:38:46

Yes I prefer 1030 too. It's lovely and the colour really suits you. You have good figure and are pretty .

Not surte about teh maxi dress though - how tall are you?

SpawnChorus Thu 12-Jul-07 14:39:16

Yes I know icod. I looked like a ship in full sail. I'd written them off anyway. Only included for completeness.

SpawnChorus Thu 12-Jul-07 14:39:44

I'm 5'6"

oliveoil Thu 12-Jul-07 14:39:53

1029 black/white one

maxi dresses are ok but HIDEOUS with those shoes

in fact am not overkeen on the shoes full stop

(my bump looked just like yours)

Ishouldbeworking Thu 12-Jul-07 14:40:07

1029 or 1030 - don't go for the long ones.

FirenzeandZooey Thu 12-Jul-07 14:40:52

1032 is most flattering on you

I actually like 1027 the best as in which dress do I think is the nicest, but it makes your figure look a completely different shape and not nearly so slim and gorgeous as you do in 1032

I think 1030 is slightly too short for saytime do

DrNortherner Thu 12-Jul-07 14:41:28

See at 5'6'' you should be tall enough to carry off a maxi, but it's still looks wrong.

Me and my 5' 4''ness are staying well away ..

How come Collen McCloughlin looks good in them? Is she VERY tall or something?

SpawnChorus Thu 12-Jul-07 14:41:46

Surprised that no one seems to like the first one best (1033 and 1032). That was edging ahead in my eyes. It's got nice horizontal pleating on the waist band.

FirenzeandZooey Thu 12-Jul-07 14:42:43

Yes 1032 you look model-esque in

the maxis you look a bit bosomy

bundle Thu 12-Jul-07 14:42:55

i like the 1030 one too, it's the colour that's so pretty. the others look good too though

SpawnChorus Thu 12-Jul-07 14:43:13

OO - Nooooooooooo I'm not pg

ChippyMinton Thu 12-Jul-07 14:43:26

I do like the first one, but prefer the colour of the second for a wedding

SpawnChorus Thu 12-Jul-07 14:43:55

Have to go out....will be back later with bitten nails.

oliveoil Thu 12-Jul-07 14:43:55

I know you idiot!

I meant your bump pic further down!

<<rolls eyes>>

FluffyMummy123 Thu 12-Jul-07 14:44:04

Message withdrawn

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