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Budget outfit for DS (4.8) to wear to a wedding - inspire me

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stealthsquiggle Wed 11-Jul-07 17:29:50

Having bought a multi-purpose (honest) dress for myself and a completely impractical but gorgeous dress for DD I have just realised that DS has nothing to wear to a friend's wedding in a couple of weeks.

He is 4.8 but more like 5-6 in size. The only pair of long trousers which fit him ATM are cords with the knees scrubbed bald. I don't want him to look like I wanted him to be a pageboy, or to look like he is in school uniform, but I can't/won't spend a fortune on something he will probably only wear a few times before he grows out of it.

Oh and it probably needs to be high street as I will be cutting it fine for mail order!

Gauntlet laid down - go on, MN Style gurus, inspire me (please)

MrsBadger Wed 11-Jul-07 17:33:55

that linen-look suit from Next
only goes up to 4-5 though

or any non-denim trousers and a nice shirt
or even cropped trous - would last till next summer as won't matter if too short...
bottom right?

MingMingtheWonderPet Wed 11-Jul-07 17:41:35

Monsoon kids sale started today.

Also, recently bought DS a linen style suit from H&M for just £16.00 (jacket and trousers). Trousers and jacket were bought separately so could get correct size in each. He wore it with a plain white tshirt and he looked great. He wore it for a family wedding.

MingMingtheWonderPet Wed 11-Jul-07 17:42:15

V similar to linen suit taht Mrs Badger has highlighted at Next

MrsBadger Wed 11-Jul-07 17:44:25

Monsoon have linen suits (with waistcoast if your taste runs that way) in both stone stripe and navy in the sale at the moment - def worth a look...

MingMingtheWonderPet Wed 11-Jul-07 17:59:50

Monsoon sale jacket
Monsoon sale trousers

stealthsquiggle Wed 11-Jul-07 18:00:01

Thankyou. £16 sounds like the sort of budget I had in mind . I knew I should have dragged DS into the shops today - hopefully either H&M or Monsoon (next door to each other!) should still have something by Saturday... or I could gamble on Monsoon mail order?!

filchthemildmanneredjanitor Wed 11-Jul-07 18:02:36

gap-khakis for £12 and a shirt. yummy!! and very practical

katelyle Wed 11-Jul-07 18:05:27

Charity shops. NCh are often good for children's clothes. ICR are good for nearly new stuff.

stealthsquiggle Wed 11-Jul-07 19:37:16

On the basis of price indications from H&M and Gap (not that we have a Gap!) I am going to pass on Monsoon mail order sale and take the risk of waiting for Saturday - reassuring to know that aiming to do it for under £20 is semi-realistic (even though it will mean putting enough black polish on his school shoes to hide the holes )

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