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Help me find a hiar style please

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newlifenewname Tue 10-Jul-07 13:04:15

I'm getting a long awaited, much needed hair cut tomorrow and feel like a change. Any recommendations please that will suit me? I know what I like but am unable to judge what will suit.


PS Have interview Friday so this will be quite timely.

newlifenewname Tue 10-Jul-07 13:04:40

Arse. Hair, not hiar.

Photos of current hair in profile.

mistypeaks Tue 10-Jul-07 13:14:46

TBH I think your current style really suits your face. Maybe have a trim and some highlights instead.

MamaGryffindor Tue 10-Jul-07 13:22:41

How about a choppy bob with a pulled-to-the-side fringe? (not heavy fringe)

newlifenewname Tue 10-Jul-07 13:50:05

I really quite fancy a choppy bob actually - will I look blokish though? Thanks btw. misty

MamaGryffindor Tue 10-Jul-07 15:50:35

No you won't look bloke-ish

suezee Tue 10-Jul-07 15:52:18

i think ud look fab with a "posh" bob

newlifenewname Tue 10-Jul-07 16:56:32

Oooh! Does that mean I can ask for a 'posh' bob or 'pob' with confidence then? I don't particularly want to look like her but I do like her cut!

doughnuts Tue 10-Jul-07 17:06:45

you could have nice short choppy bob - won't look blokish - very chic

snowwonder Tue 10-Jul-07 17:15:29

short bob pob ????

choppy bob

DrNortherner Tue 10-Jul-07 17:24:25

I think your current hair is lovely. Very thick and glossy.

I say just a trim and maybe a few caramel hightlights.

Don't fix it if it's not broke!

newlifenewname Tue 10-Jul-07 18:37:49

thank you!

So, bob/pob or just a trim.
Am going on 'model night' so will just be the cut for now which is all I can justify forkign out for even at 'model' price!

MamaGryffindor Tue 10-Jul-07 20:14:52

oh no DON'T ask for a fecking pob! Just say choppy bob

newlifenewname Tue 10-Jul-07 20:16:44

I was thinking I'd chicken out of using the phrase at the last second probably.

pob is that character that spits isn't he?

MamaGryffindor Tue 10-Jul-07 20:19:22

lol yes

MamaGryffindor Tue 10-Jul-07 20:20:05

BAck in teh day, I really wanted JEnnifer Aniston hair

went to hairdressers and instead of just saying that, I spent 10 minutes trying to describe it.

At the end, she said "so, like J A then?"

me - "er...yes"

uberalice Tue 10-Jul-07 20:39:38

What about keeping the overall length, but with some fairly choppy layers. I just had something similar done and I'm really chuffed with my new look.

Gemy Tue 10-Jul-07 21:35:42

I really like your current hair. If having a cut I wouldn't go much shorter as I think your length is good (and bet it looks nice with loose curls by way of tongs/GHDs) Sometimes bobs can look a bit boring - I know I have the pob and prefer it now it's longer and more femhinine - but I've kept the longer at front than at back style and really like this still.

Highlights-wise, some shimmery subtle ones that just catch the light would look very nice and sexy (instead of going for the stripy ones)

Hope all goes well!

newlifenewname Wed 11-Jul-07 18:18:12

I got a bob, pic on profile in next few mins if you want to see it...

doughnuts Wed 11-Jul-07 18:20:15

was just thinking of your new hair and wondering what you've chosen - will check it out !!

doughnuts Wed 11-Jul-07 18:24:06

that's lovely - I like the fringy bit too - you have lovely hair and I'm envious !

bundle Wed 11-Jul-07 18:25:05

newlifenewname, you look lovely

newlifenewname Wed 11-Jul-07 18:26:36

Thank you doughnuts. I had a very nice time, just sitting down for more than 2 mins was nice.

Need to see your hair - get some pics on your profile! I suspect you are just humouring me

doughnuts Wed 11-Jul-07 18:45:35

Have just hjad mine cut and am getting used to it - I loved it at first, now slightly regretting it (is short now, from a bob) but that's usual. I always wanted nice dark hair but have instead very fine fairish hair.

mistypeaks Fri 13-Jul-07 19:03:25

Just to let you know after replying to this I got all excited and booked myself in to hairdressers. Have gone from shoulder length hair to v short spiky crop!!!!

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