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Are mini-boden clothes small or large for age?

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Blu Tue 10-Jul-07 11:46:18

DS is about to be 6, but is on the small and skinny size for his age. Should I buy 5/6 or 7/8? I don't want him to grow aout of it too soon - but he won't wear clothes that swamp him!

bundle Tue 10-Jul-07 11:48:06

blu, I've had mixed experiences - a skirt I got dd (though elastic waisted) when she was 4 still fits her @ 7 but she grew out of a pair of jeans v quickly. dd1 is bigger than average and I always go up a size but agree the 5/6-7/8 thing is a bit stoopid

EnidJane Tue 10-Jul-07 11:49:30

dd3 is a small 14 month old and the 12-18 months aer tinsy on her

dd2 is 4.5 and I buy 5-6
dd1 is 7 and I buy 7-8

so I would say smallish (IIRC trousers tend to be long and skinny round waist)

Piffle Tue 10-Jul-07 11:50:01

tops are long arms and short torso IMO
But the maybe my dd has short arms and a long torso

EnidJane Tue 10-Jul-07 11:50:01

i would try 5/6 trousers and 7/8 tops

Blu Tue 10-Jul-07 12:07:30

This is for an anorak - the 'fatigue jacket'.
Maybe I will send for both sizes and send one back....

FluffyMummy123 Tue 10-Jul-07 12:12:16

Message withdrawn

mozhe Tue 10-Jul-07 12:27:03

They are huge...DTs 13 months still swim about in 6-12 months...DS1 is 6 and he fits 3-4 no probs, he is smaller than average,( about 10th centile,maybe a bit under..), but 5-6 is massive on him...I'm always sending stuff back to them as they seem to vary their sizes from season to season...

mare Tue 10-Jul-07 12:33:12

Yup huge! Both sons on 91% height and 75% weight. Boden clothes for age massive on them!

Blu Tue 10-Jul-07 12:41:37

Thank you!

batters Tue 10-Jul-07 12:49:11

7 / 8 tops

5 / 6 trousers (and they still might be too long for a bit!)

ooh just spotted Enid said the same. Must be right!

Gingermonkey Tue 10-Jul-07 17:36:32

My ds is average sized and they fit him true to age (he wears 18-24mth tho the PJs are small). DD is 7 almost 8 and wears age 9-10. DD's friend is skinny and small (but tall) and she is the same. I think they are pretty small fitting (but I seem to be in the minority). I usually order both sizes just in case and send back the ones I don't want - they have a fab returns policy.

CountessDracula Tue 10-Jul-07 17:38:08

they are big, the trousers are very long

Idreamofdaleks Tue 10-Jul-07 19:23:16


deaconblue Tue 10-Jul-07 20:40:08

small. Ds is 14 months and I had to send back 12-18 month tops and change for 18-24 months

Clary Tue 10-Jul-07 20:49:19

DS1 is a tall, average build 8yo and still wears some 7-8 boden tops. Most of his 9-10 ones are still far too big, esp if long sleeve.

DD is in a lot of 5-6 Boden, she is just 6 but very skinny. H/ever some of the dresses come up short on her. 7-8 far too big.

DS2 is a little tiddler of a 4yo and many of his T-shirts generally are 2-3, some 3-4, inc Boden.


Clary Tue 10-Jul-07 20:49:55

Tho DS1 grew out of Boden trews in 7-8 looooong ago, think he must have long legs.

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