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Can I have your opinion. Do you like this?

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Megglevache Mon 09-Jul-07 10:21:00

Message withdrawn

hatrick Mon 09-Jul-07 10:22:47

Message withdrawn

Nbg Mon 09-Jul-07 10:23:05

Gorgeous, really nice.

And you will be selling me one

Nbg Mon 09-Jul-07 10:23:33

hatrick, add fruitloop just before your name!

TigerFeet Mon 09-Jul-07 10:24:01

I'd buy one

NaeDanger Mon 09-Jul-07 10:24:12

i love that!!

Lizzylou Mon 09-Jul-07 10:25:00

It's lovely, really cute (your DD looks divine as well).

I never really got into slings as my boys were so big but I think you could easily sell those.

lljkk Mon 09-Jul-07 10:30:36

Cute baby... but I don't like the sling. Too frumpy.

Megglevache Mon 09-Jul-07 10:33:20

Message withdrawn

Nbg Mon 09-Jul-07 10:37:33

How do they tie or they those ones you just slip over your head?

Megglevache Mon 09-Jul-07 10:46:42

Message withdrawn

lljkk Mon 09-Jul-07 11:02:59

Big Flower Pattern looks like a shower curtain or hydrangea, (sorry!) that's what I mean by frumpy.

Tried Maya slings with my babies but never go the hang of them -- my babies (small ones) seemed to get squished up and miserable. So must admit I probably wouldn't even ever try any sort of sling every again.

Megglevache Mon 09-Jul-07 11:07:01

Message withdrawn

collisionfrances Mon 09-Jul-07 11:10:16

I saw a lady with one of these in Sains the other day and she bought them for £30!

She had loads and stuck them in the w machine. Her child was a toddler but she said they were so easy for carrying her around.

lljkk Mon 09-Jul-07 11:16:10

Don't go clothes shopping, Am an anorexic shoppper, truly. Actually I was psyching myself up to go on a big shop to replace frayed old clothes, but then fell PG, so probably have to wait a year now. At least I can be reassured I wouldn't have found much I liked, anyway! LOL.

Good luck with your slings. I would plan for it to be a labour of love and pride rather than anything you'll make much money out of.

Nbg Mon 09-Jul-07 11:18:36

I paid £23 for a Brightsparks sling and that was reduced.

I reckon if you wanted to sell and get going, you should start them around £20 and then bump prices up.

Megglevache Mon 09-Jul-07 11:19:56

Message withdrawn

Rantmum Mon 09-Jul-07 11:20:55

Really like that - would buy one for next baby. You should sell them.

Megglevache Mon 09-Jul-07 17:19:55

Message withdrawn

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