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Find me some shoes please!!

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sarahhal Sat 07-Jul-07 17:35:16

For once I am about to have a social life and need some decent shoes. I have in mind black wedges, open toed, but with a black wedge ie not cork or espadrille stuff.

Actually, thinking about it, they don't have to be black but I really want the wedge to be the same colour as the shoe.

(Please please don't let any of them suggest the beautiful pale green ones in Boden or I may have to buy them and they are far too expensive for me.....)

Apart from the above shoes which shall not be mentioned, has anyone seen any??

Gemy Sat 07-Jul-07 20:03:17

I bought some black wedges a few months ago where the wedge is the same colour as the shoe (they also had them in a lovely vintage green colour)But, they are peep-toe, not open-toe. They were from Kenneth Cole @ Debenhams and were either £59.99 or £69.99. Sorry they're not exactly what you're wanting but good luck with the shoe hunt!

sarahhal Sat 07-Jul-07 20:10:35

Will have a look, thank

Nbg Sun 08-Jul-07 16:02:51

Right, here we go ..........

Dressy black wedge £60
It has got a black wedge but has a bronze trim too at the top
red and black
not quite black, green or brown
not quite mossy green either lol
patterned though

Any good?

sarahhal Sun 08-Jul-07 18:01:18

Ooh, love love love the Dune ones - eeeeek at the pink top shop ones!!!


Where do they stock Dune shoes? I've got really wide feet so should really try them on!

sarahhal Sun 08-Jul-07 18:02:20

Think the DP ones might end up being bought at they are at least within my budget

Nbg Sun 08-Jul-07 18:13:41

Theres Dune at Meadowhell.

On the same side as Topshop and La Senza. In fact I'm sure its next to La Senza.

sarahhal Sun 08-Jul-07 18:34:25

Thanks nbg, think a sneaky visit to Meadowhell one evening this week is in order! Am swaying towards the green Dune ones now even if the heel isn't the same colour!

Gingermonkey Sun 08-Jul-07 19:05:30

any here?

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