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Phillips Lumea has changed my life!

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Desmondo2016 Sat 02-Mar-19 13:59:57

Just that, really.

Been using it since Xmas, every 10-14 days. Haven't removed hair from legs, pits, bikini line or arms in 10 days now and there's practically no regrowth. This isn't a sales pitch btw, I just wish I hadn't spent the last 10 years wanting one but thinking they were too much money!

JeremyIronsBenFolds Sat 02-Mar-19 14:50:45

I bought the latest one, which you can use while charging, which is great, and has four different heads for underarms, face, bikini and legs. The face was the first one to stop growing, it’s totally got rid of my little moustache. The legs have taken the longest, but I’ve noticed in the last couple of weeks there’s hardly a hair back. No ingrown hairs either, which is what I hated about epilating. It’s not painful, but can be a bit uncomfortable in places. I have very pale skin am dark hair, which is supposed to be the best combination to work.

Inbedbynine Sat 02-Mar-19 14:53:39

jeremy do you know which model number?

Desmondo2016 Sat 02-Mar-19 15:01:48

BRI956 is the one I have. Can be used while charging.

Susannach Sat 02-Mar-19 15:04:09

This sounds amazing! One for the birthday list.

Susannach Sat 02-Mar-19 15:04:54

Do you know if it just does hairs or is it pulsed light which would work on eg. broken capillaries as well?

Inbedbynine Sat 02-Mar-19 15:15:31

Thank you.

If anyone’s interested here is a 10% discount off Philips website

JeremyIronsBenFolds Sat 02-Mar-19 15:24:39

Yes, I have the BRI956 as well.

schnubbins Sat 02-Mar-19 15:44:59

Does anyone know if you can reorder the attachments.I bought one with a body and a face attachment but the one for the face has gone missing.I just cant find it.Nothing on the website about ordering individual parts.I hadn't even used it.So annoyed !

DarkestBeforeDawn Sat 02-Mar-19 16:40:53

I think you have all convinced me to invest too! Thank you, this may be the answer I have been searching for. Can you use it all over the bikini area or just the bikini line?

HappyKatieA Sat 02-Mar-19 17:39:40

The best price I can find is £315 from amazon, does anyone else know of a good deal? I know a PP said 10% off with Phillips, but I think they're at £350 to begin with.

Inbedbynine Sat 02-Mar-19 17:42:26

I paid £315 delivered on Philips website.

yearofthehorse Sat 02-Mar-19 17:49:53

Another vote from me. For people who say it's very time consuming, yes it is to start with. But if you never have to do it again, very, very worthwhile

OakElmAsh Sat 02-Mar-19 17:52:35

Anyone with ash-blond hair ever had any success with one of these? If I could get something to sort out facial hair I'd pay a fortune

Desmondo2016 Sat 02-Mar-19 19:13:11

Re bikini line area... I've done the whole area, 3 treatments and I'm completely hairfree having last shaved about 10 days ago smile

chocolatespiders Sat 02-Mar-19 19:16:05

Maybe worth an investment for myself and daughters.
Would use it in legs and moustache!

Citytwin Sat 02-Mar-19 19:23:52

Do you have to shave first to use it?

rainydogday Sat 02-Mar-19 21:38:49

When you say hair free, is it smooth? Also is there any known side effects? Is it just light/burning no weird sonic stuff that damages your skin blush

KittyWindbag Sun 03-Mar-19 00:40:03

I’m so interested in this, but am hesitant as I don’t know which one to go for? Is the latest one really the best? I currently epilate so pain is not an issue for me, but want something longer term.

Desmondo2016 Sun 03-Mar-19 04:33:38

You can carry on using your normal hair removal method. So for me, I shaved my legs, atms, pits amd bits about 24 hours before I intending to use it. I carried on epilating facial hair.

nosleepformetonight Sun 03-Mar-19 06:57:30


Do you think your face is less affective as you epilated and not shaved that? I am really tempted by one but don't want to shave everywhere before as usually wax / epilate. But worried it won't work / be as effective

Desmondo2016 Sun 03-Mar-19 07:26:06

I've kinda changed my mind since posting that and have realised that actually the facial results are still pretty impressive. If anything I think the lesser contrast in colour between hair and skin would be what made results slightly slower. Epilating is fine alongside the lumea, as it only works on hairs in certain stages of the cycle which is why it takes several treatments a fortnight apart to get full results. When you epilate you're only pulling out hairs that have got to a certain length so there will be loads that haven't poked through yet that it'll work on. But really, it doesn't matter as after a couple months you won't need to shave OR epilate!

Whatsnewpussyhat Sun 03-Mar-19 23:44:34

When you say hair free, is it smooth?

Yes! I've always had the type of leg hair that is stubbly even after shaving and you could see the black dots of each hair just under the surface of my skin. After a few goes I lost most of the hair and black dots and my legs feel lovely and smooth.

Even when I didn't use it throughout my pregnancy, the few hairs that grew back were much finer.

BabyDarlingDollfaceHoney Mon 04-Mar-19 04:11:50

Is it painful at all?

nosleepformetonight Mon 04-Mar-19 06:31:40

The latest prestige one only seems to come in cordless which I don't want in case I forget to charge it and kill the battery.

£315 on amazon.

ArtisanPopcorn Mon 04-Mar-19 07:15:42

I have light skin and almost black hair, this sounds amazing. If I get one now would I not need to worry about my bikini line by my may half term holiday?!

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