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Is this ok for a summer wedding abraod?

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PinkChick Fri 06-Jul-07 15:16:33

its in cyprus in aug and i really wanted a nice maxi dress, but all the ones ive tried are too casual for wedding, so im opting(maybe) for this top and white linen trousers?
what do you think?
and what shoes/accessories would you suggest?

PinkChick Fri 06-Jul-07 15:18:13, here it is

oranges Fri 06-Jul-07 15:26:22

i like it. think it will look very crisp and fresh.

theStallionOfSensibleness Fri 06-Jul-07 15:28:35

but 100% oiktsyeter will be hOT

PinkChick Fri 06-Jul-07 15:29:14

thanks, its nice and loose/comfy as had to get it a bit big as it went into sale before i ordered and all but one had gone!, they had the dress too but that had what shoes/accesories would go best IYO?, i tend to go for longish beady kinda things similar to that in pic?

PinkChick Fri 06-Jul-07 15:30:25

hmm, never thought of that? although it does feel very cool and comfy on when i tried it earlier but im not in 40 degree heat yet??..

PinkChick Fri 06-Jul-07 15:33:21

and what about a hat??will prob have hair tied back into low bun type thing, so would a big floppy hat look too much?, its 4pm on a beach in cyprus so expecting heat and sun!

PinkChick Mon 09-Jul-07 09:44:48, what aboutt his? dp thinks im a skin flint, but it looks lovely on as i fill it out better(norks) and its much longer on me, very swishy and cool

PinkChick Mon 09-Jul-07 09:45:19

actually it looks crap on that pic, very nice in RL!

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