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washable suits. are they any good?

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purplemonkeysomethingsomething Fri 06-Jul-07 09:02:50

DH needs a new suit. but we can't afford the cost of dry cleaning all the time. do those suits that you can stick in the washer and dryer look ok? i've seen them at marks.

bobbiewickham Fri 06-Jul-07 11:20:53


Well, I've never got them to work.

A bit like the non-iron school shirts.


MrsBadger Fri 06-Jul-07 13:51:52

they work to the extent that you can wash them
but tbh they are never as nice as real ones

what does he do to them that means they need cleaning so often? And does he always get two pairs of trousers? [stern face]

purplemonkeysomethingsomething Fri 06-Jul-07 15:50:28

TWO pairs of trousers! now that's a good idea!!

paolosgirl Fri 06-Jul-07 15:52:33

They are not as nice as wool ones, obviously, but DH uses them for work, and thinks they're fine - as he says, he likes the fact that he's not sitting in sweaty wool [gin].

silverfrog Fri 06-Jul-07 15:55:42

Purplemonkey - a total longshot, but what size were you after? Dh had soem of these when we lived in Africa, and I sorted them out a while back to ebay, and haven't got around to it - so if you fancy trying some cheaply (as long as sizes ok) you're more than welcome. Thiink he had 3 or 4 of them, purely because they were a lighter weight than all his previously worn winter wool suits carted out from the UK....

Let me know if you're interested

ChippyMinton Fri 06-Jul-07 16:12:01

DH has a M&S washable suit - two pairs of trousers, because he rarely wears the jacket. He's happy with it. It comes with a special washbag and instructions about how to fold it etc.

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