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*** Boden SALE has started ***

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Hathor Thu 05-Jul-07 20:59:24

Nah just joking....

Hathor Thu 05-Jul-07 21:02:29

Am planning to buy this so nobody will need to ask where I got it from.

DoubleBluff Thu 05-Jul-07 21:03:13

You swine have just checked their site to see if it had started, panicked then!!

cupcakes Thu 05-Jul-07 21:06:47

ya old meanie

pyjamaqueen Thu 05-Jul-07 21:07:45

Very funny! Wish I'd thought of that.

CantSleepWontSleep Thu 05-Jul-07 21:11:05

Does anyone know when it does start?

moopymoo Thu 05-Jul-07 21:12:54

sod. was all of a fluster. think its tomorrow. how sad am i to really feel a heart fluttering. really need a life...oh i have one but love shopping

Hathor Thu 05-Jul-07 21:13:57

Will get him indoors a vintage popover

JackieNo Thu 05-Jul-07 21:14:20



pyjamaqueen Thu 05-Jul-07 21:43:18

Well, there is a 'sale' section on the website.

Hideehi Fri 06-Jul-07 00:16:43

Whats going on 8am maybe ?

DoubleBluff Fri 06-Jul-07 06:54:46

Hasn't started yet.....

moopymoo Fri 06-Jul-07 06:55:27

Im looking too...good morning

DoubleBluff Fri 06-Jul-07 06:57:00

Hello How sad are we?

moopymoo Fri 06-Jul-07 06:58:10

i keep pressing refresh ...would be nice to do some shopping before the kids get up. my dh things im so sad

moopymoo Fri 06-Jul-07 06:58:31

thinks.. tis early

DoubleBluff Fri 06-Jul-07 07:00:07

i know, I have a really busy day today if i don't get this done now I might not get chance later. Then all the bargains will be gone.

moopymoo Fri 06-Jul-07 07:02:39

ditto. if it doesnt start in the next ten mins i have to wake dcs and hit the ground running. its the last day of term here, loads on , am sure ill come home and it will all be gone!

SilentTerror Fri 06-Jul-07 07:03:55

Was 8 am last year,but site went down beforehand,so strange it hasn't yet....

DoubleBluff Fri 06-Jul-07 07:04:23

Grrr! No sign.
Best go and get breakfast.
Speak later to see if you got some bargains. Good Luck!

moopymoo Fri 06-Jul-07 07:05:16

you too, have a good day.

moopymoo Fri 06-Jul-07 07:08:42

thiats what i was thinking silent, maybe its not today. hey ho, i think ill live..

McDreamy Fri 06-Jul-07 07:09:26

Just looked - nothing! Is it def today?

heifer Fri 06-Jul-07 07:11:25

another one looking - even got out of bed early on my day for a lie in (as DH goes to slighly later on a Friday)..

and Nothing there!

Sale sale come out wherever you are....

moopymoo Fri 06-Jul-07 07:13:02

ooooo site gone down....

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