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Spivving up your man

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BarefootDancer Wed 04-Jul-07 21:50:19

Anyone tried smartening up their dp/dh? Need to get mine out of his comfy but oh-so-old and ageing chinos and shirt and into some better gear.
What and where do I get it?

BarefootDancer Wed 04-Jul-07 21:50:41

And how do I persuade him it is a good idea?

EffiePerine Wed 04-Jul-07 21:51:21

Good luck

BarefootDancer Wed 04-Jul-07 21:58:26

Thanks Effie. I've never seen a question drop so quickly out of active convos. Maybe you all have men with better dress sense

FrannyandZooey Wed 04-Jul-07 21:59:26

Actually, I would say don't bother

we went to this story telling thing this week and the bloke there had obviously spent sooooo much time on his appearance, clothes, hair, muscles, tan, etc etc

he was a complete and utter nobboid and I am coming to the conclusion that men who don't give a toss what they look like are much sexier, really

having said that, buying some new underwear and a few nice t-shirts or whatever for presents for dps usually goes down ok

themoon66 Wed 04-Jul-07 21:59:36


I need to know how to stop him buying horrible polo shirts. Yeuky things.

BarefootDancer Wed 04-Jul-07 22:01:11

Oh yes he has many horrible polo shirts.
FandZ not interested in the fake tan and pecs. Just despairing of the pipe and slippers look. Like living with me grandad

EffiePerine Wed 04-Jul-07 22:01:33

I think we have all given up BD

Polo shirts and chinos are an irresistable target for the Man Shopping for Clothes. The only alternative is to buy all his clothes yourself, whereupon you turn into his mum.

MrsBadger Wed 04-Jul-07 22:03:05

nowt wrong with chinos and shirt
just replace new for old
Gap is good for one-hit shopping (ie get everything in one place), esp if you can get to a factory outlet (MacArthur Glen often have Gaps)
also Boden - sale starts Fri and is often good for Man Stuff of this ilk.
Try a striped shirt and don't let him tuck it in.

Be grateful he is not of the ratty-od-tshirt-and-jeans, inappropriate-sportswear or Misguidedly Ethnic persuasion - they are much harder to spruce up.

MrsBadger Wed 04-Jul-07 22:03:54

and Just Say No to polo shirts

lose them in the wash

EffiePerine Wed 04-Jul-07 22:04:08

oh God, the Ethnic Clothed Man

<counts blessings>

EffiePerine Wed 04-Jul-07 22:05:27

and facial hair - goatees <shudder>

there was a thread earlier about tattoos - the ultimate in pissing off your partner

BarefootDancer Wed 04-Jul-07 22:06:06

What about the faux-suede slippers and bobbly fleece?

MrsBadger Wed 04-Jul-07 22:06:39


pleats are for golfwear only

EffiePerine Wed 04-Jul-07 22:07:03

I mean, the odd orange polo shirt can be accidentally shredded or sent to the charity shop. What do you do about tattoos? You can't really get into action with a biro in the middle of the night...

am waffling now

BarefootDancer Wed 04-Jul-07 22:07:57

Oh MrsB. He has pleats.

MrsBadger Wed 04-Jul-07 22:09:07

replace fleece with zip-neck jumper of this type - Gap a good bet again

slippers are out of my league

MrsBadger Wed 04-Jul-07 22:10:53

[heading for bed but will check in tomorrow]

BarefootDancer Wed 04-Jul-07 22:13:12

Nice MrsB. Goodnight.
Anyone care to pick out stuff for him?

BarefootDancer Wed 04-Jul-07 22:14:06


moondog Wed 04-Jul-07 22:15:23

lol at nobboid
I so know the kind of bloke you need.
Give me a tree surgeon any day.

FrannyandZooey Wed 04-Jul-07 22:18:54

Moondog he was the absolute pits

dp and I actually could not look him in the eye because our sphincters were so tight with embarrassment

he had fricking hipster jeans and a retro style tight sleeveless vest, which was inexcusable IMO given that he won't be seeing 30 again

bare feet, long curly hair, skinny with big muscles


EffiePerine Wed 04-Jul-07 22:20:05

long curly hair?


FrannyandZooey Wed 04-Jul-07 22:24:33

yes (actually it sounds quite nice on paper to me but was revolting)

slightly receding

oh god the bare feet

it was horrific, dp and I were sitting there in agonies of revulsion while he ponced around being "Mr Gentle But Masculine Story Teller In Touch With His Creativity"

with me mouthing "nobboid" at dp every time his back was turned

moondog Wed 04-Jul-07 22:25:00

Who would shag a bloke like that??
Now tree surgeons...

Forgive me,for I knw not what is wrong with me.Think of nowt but tree surgeons these days...

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