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Help me find a dress to wear to my mother's wedding

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MamaG Tue 03-Jul-07 08:47:50

5 foot 3
bra length dirty blonde hair
light tan skin
blue eyes
big norks
nice arms & legs
magic underwear

in chocolate

or this

a mate likes this, I'm not convinced

I'll have to log off soon to work (!) but I hope somebody will have a look for me <pleads>

MamaG Tue 03-Jul-07 08:52:03

<<flutters eyelashes>>

MamaG Tue 03-Jul-07 08:56:32


Shoshable Tue 03-Jul-07 09:03:39

your blonde!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! alwys thought of you as a brunette like the chocolate by the way

heifer Tue 03-Jul-07 09:10:13

ok for what it's worth (or until someone far more professional comes on)...

I really like the 2nd one...

Think the 1st one isn't dressy enough
and not liking the 3rd on..

The 2nd one seems quite weddingny..

JackieNo Tue 03-Jul-07 09:21:20

I really like 1 and 3 (sorry heifer) - 2 less forgiving to large norks (and difficult to wear a bra underneath). Although 1 and 3 both look quite autumn/wintry - when's the wedding? I think you'd also need to brighten them up a bit with some brighter accessories, either gold, or teal/aqua blue. (Am I misremembering, but was it you whose mum wanted them to wear a lilac corsage? If it was, not sure that will work with brown).

MrsFish Tue 03-Jul-07 09:50:53

I like the second one, but I suppose it depends on just how big your norks are

Nbg Tue 03-Jul-07 09:51:24

Here you go me deary.
Dont know what your budget is though

Dress no.1
Dress no.2
Dress no.3
Dress no.3 again but in fushia colour

Have a look and see what you think.

Tbh the only one I really like is no.2 on your list but even then I'm not taken.

Nbg Tue 03-Jul-07 09:52:36

I'll do a shoe search for you if you like any of them.

Also I checked out French Connection, Debenhamns, M&S, Warehouse and there was nothing but smocks and nasty stuff.

Aefondkiss Tue 03-Jul-07 10:24:25

I like number one, with the right shoes etc, though it isn't very exciting...

I don't like no. 2 the straight line across norks, well I don't think it flatters, tbh

really don't like no 3

I quite like nbg's ideas, but they are double the price of the dresses you have posted.... when is your mum's wedding? you might get a lovely dress in the sales?

MamaG Tue 03-Jul-07 12:11:47

Thanks all!

budget - am V skint so needs to be as cheap as poss.

corsage - yes, you're right, she did want me to wear lilac one, but we've agreed on cream

Its on 11th august so I'm running out of time!

With the choc dress, i thought it would look niece with aqua/teal accessories but yes, it is a bit dark.

I don't like bright/light colours though, I'd feel very uncomfortable all day - know what you mean about the flowery one with norks htough, they are big

MamaG Tue 03-Jul-07 12:31:49


Tutter Tue 03-Jul-07 12:34:54

good lord i think we need a topic just for

Help Me Find a Dress

Tutter Tue 03-Jul-07 12:35:38

can't help but read your op as saying you have a dirty bra

MamaG Tue 03-Jul-07 12:35:46

shurrup and look

MamaG Tue 03-Jul-07 12:40:17

<<narrows eyes>> i hope you're busy looking Tutter

Tutter Tue 03-Jul-07 12:40:59

ok well i like no 1. don't really like the others tbh

Tutter Tue 03-Jul-07 12:41:35

lovely colour, no 1

would accessorise beautifully with golds and bronzes

MamaGroundskeeperWillie Tue 03-Jul-07 12:47:59

yy thats what i thought

Mate said she thought it would be a bit boring

but i don't do "jazzy" or "wacky"

I prefer chic <sniffs>

Nbg Tue 03-Jul-07 12:54:23

Ok going to re hunt but more suitable prices.

MamaGroundskeeperWillie Tue 03-Jul-07 12:55:18

i have to log off in 5 mins,off to choose some new specs to wear for readnig

will look later

Nbg Tue 03-Jul-07 12:59:37

too mumsy? would be good for your figure though
I like this. Not a dress though

ANy good?

Nbg Tue 03-Jul-07 13:03:40

OMG I farking love this and its a major major bargain!
tis nice and could be dressed up lovely

heifer Tue 03-Jul-07 14:26:01

I really really like the 2nd one Nbg below..

am loving the aegean colour....

Nbg Tue 03-Jul-07 14:29:38

gorgeous colour isnt it.

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