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who are Oli? and why did they send me their brick of a catalogue

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southeastastra Sat 30-Jun-07 21:33:41

when i didn't ask for it

JackieNo Sat 30-Jun-07 21:35:40

WHo are they? Googling brought up this lot, which looks kind of interesting, in a rot your teeth kind of way, but may not be the same Oli.

southeastastra Sat 30-Jun-07 21:38:59


it's like the next directory. i didn't ask for it

JackieNo Sat 30-Jun-07 21:41:26

- never heard of them, but a good range of sizes. Just another Marshall Ward wannabe catalogue, maybe.

southeastastra Sat 30-Jun-07 21:47:54

ahh seems to be the new look freemans cat maybe? or part of them

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