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do you have false nails/get your nails professionally done?

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jenk1 Sat 30-Jun-07 13:12:42

im thinking/have been thinking for a while about getting acrylic nails done.
i have always bitten my nails and at the age of nearly 35 have realised that i aint gonna stop.
my sister gets hers done and they look beautiful.
just wondered if anyone could give me the pros and cons of having them done.
my sister says go for it.
my friend says no as they are expensive, but i dont go out much socially and dh says i can have them done if i want but just wondering if its worth it, sorry im rambling.........

agalch Sat 30-Jun-07 13:19:42

hi Jenk1

I had mine done for my wedding in April.They were lovely(i too am a nail-biter/picker) but tbh i wouldn't get them done again.

Wasn't practical to have them as i am a childminder and they were getting ruined with the job.

My nails are ruined now Full of bumps and ridges that were not there before.Keep splitting too.

if you think you will keep getting them maintained then go for it but they do ruin your own nails if you want to get them off.


Tamdin Sat 30-Jun-07 13:25:36

used to have them done regularly but don't now. the down side is they do affect your own nails. bumps, ridges etc as agalch said but if your own nails aren't great then that might not be a problem/concern for you plus my own nails 'healed' within 6-8 weeks the last time and are back to being strong and white so no permanent damage thank god.
if you do go for them keep them shortish as too long imo gets a bit WAG ish.

MzShakur Sat 30-Jun-07 13:37:58

What I did was have acrylics for 2 months until my nails had grown underneath. Then I had those off and had CALGEL applied, which is a coating similar but applied to your OWN nail to make them as hard as acrylics. (Cant bite them!) This is made from natural materials and doesn't damage your nails at all. You can have calgel applied straight away if you want but then you wouldn't have the cosmetic effect that you desire for a few months until your nail has grown and strengthened. When they have grown you can have them french polished and they look exactly like those perfect acrylics but they are your own! You still have the expense of having them re-done but at least your nails are getting stronger all the time underneath them. I hope to one day be able to have my own nails out and touch wood, have kicked the biting habit! not everywhere does calgel but i think it is becoming more wide spread. I go to s Slimming World Beauty salon which is not too far from where i live.

MarsLady Sat 30-Jun-07 13:44:28

Don't go to a nail bar! They can ruin your nailbed! So.. check the nail places out.

nearlythere Sat 30-Jun-07 13:47:41

i have acrylic overlays done on my natural nails. I will openly admit that my hands look lovely!

I often end up pulling prams to bits and general maintenance at work BUT my nails survive, i started having them overlayed in February and to date i have not had one breakage, i've stopped biting and everyone comments on how lovely they are. If you do it this way then you get used to having longer nails gradually as aposed to falsy's which give you instant length.

Almond oil is the secret to fab hands (and atrixo- old ladies hand cream according to dh!) Every night i rub almond oil (fragranced with a few drops of lavender essential oil) into my cuticles, then slather on liberal ammounts of atrixo, give that 5 minutes (whilst brushing teeth) then rub in almond oil over the whole hand and wrist.

Having nice nails makes me very proud- mine have always been terrible and i used to bite the skin around them!

Cost wise mine cost £15 every two/three weeks for infills, but that price would include any repair work (ie replacing a broken nail with a tip) if it needed doing, and a manicure and shiny topcoat or painting as required!

ludaloo Sat 30-Jun-07 14:00:29

I have a nice set of fibreglass nails
I have never had a problem at all with it ruining my own nails, when I want them off, I soak them in nail varnish remover and they dissolve. My nails underneath are fine.
They are only actually nail tips so I guess they don't harm the cuticles or nail bed in anyway.
(I'm very lucky though as I get mine done for free...otherwise it can get very expensive)

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