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Hushistas watching the snow fall

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ilovecherries Thu 17-Jan-19 13:30:03

New thread. My nerve was cracking!

ilovecherries Thu 17-Jan-19 13:36:32

Old thread

justilou1 Thu 17-Jan-19 13:40:28

I do hope you take some lovely photos of snow to make me jealous!!!

ilovecherries Thu 17-Jan-19 13:43:29

Here is the first, lou. There has been about another 3 inches since I took this.

Talisin Thu 17-Jan-19 13:49:37

Looks gotgeous, cherries. I’m in London so I doubt we’ll get to see any this time round.

I have cracked and ordered the grey sequin Love Saves the Day jumper, just to see. The more I looked at it the more I liked it so will be collecting it from Waitrose tomorrow. If it’s not perfect then it’s going straight back - if I do love it then it’s my Birthday present to myself a few weeks early.

SoyYo Thu 17-Jan-19 14:10:06

Signing in Thank You cherries for the new thread (only just caught up with the last one). The snowy pic is lovely, there’s something so pristine and beautiful about freshly snowed countryside. Enjoy!

soups the burgundy for sure, which reminded me I have a Mango suede biker that has hardly had any wear AND a cream Baukjen leather jacket which again has only been worn once...must make a bigger effort to get them out (mental note to take to my Spanish break with me in Feb as it’s too cold to wear here)

laska love the sound of your outfit today. I like the Lola scarf too and glad I grabbed in the sale and I’m wearing my non dyed M&S leggings today too so snap! wink

melen hope your hall painting is going well

never you sound busy but stylish today

just yes maybe you can get someone to alter the leggings for you if you love them a lot?

not yes I quite like Nikki’s blog, she is always very transparent when it is a “sponsored” post and she has great ideas to share

Dear Ella thinking of you flowers

Talisin will be interested to hear what you think of the sequin jumper. I have a birthday in 2 weeks and 3 days (I’m not counting! wink) and don’t know what I’d like, so with you and cherries that’s 3 Aquarians on this thread smile

neveradullmoment99 Thu 17-Jan-19 14:10:44

Oh that is lovely @cherries.No snow here just outside Glasgow but there is the possibility of some flakes over the weekend. I wonder if it will come as heavy as last year. Here's hoping schools have to close grin

neveradullmoment99 Thu 17-Jan-19 14:11:44

and forgot to say thanks for the thread @cherries smile

neveradullmoment99 Thu 17-Jan-19 14:14:05

Does anyone have the Samantha trousers? Thinking of ordering them. Size down? or true to size?

Laska2Meryls Thu 17-Jan-19 14:18:13

Thanks cherries lovely snow. It's sunny here and for your excitement here is a photo out of my office window. We only have one small stretch of dual carriageway on the whole island ( less than quarter of a miles worth!!) And here it is. Don't all swoon at once🤣

Ellapaella Thu 17-Jan-19 14:33:38

Hello all.. just place marking. Thanks for all your well wishes. Have a journey ahead of me but feeling positive and know I'm in the very best hands. Here is the snow where I live this am - taken while walking the dog this morning. I have had a brief look at spring collection- it's a bit 'meh', nothing floating my boat I'm afraid. And not feeling at all spring like out there today anyway! It'll be Woolley jumpers and puffa coats for a little yet!

dontcallmelen Thu 17-Jan-19 14:34:35

Cherries aww such a pretty view, thanks for new thread.
Laska Not sure I can cope it’s that, may have to go & lie down 😂
Tailsin oooh report back, it does look very pretty.
Soy painting going well, currently painting an old box that I use as a shoe cupboard in the lobby, it’s a mustard colour but not sure if I like it.

dontcallmelen Thu 17-Jan-19 14:36:43

Ella that’s a beautiful picture😘

dontcallmelen Thu 17-Jan-19 14:37:59

No snow here, it’s pretty cold but for the first time in days it’s not grey
Picture from my kitchen window.

neveradullmoment99 Thu 17-Jan-19 14:51:31

View from my car outside the school. Cold and crisp

NotAnActualSheep Thu 17-Jan-19 14:55:15

Thanks for the new thread cherries. Hadn't noticed it was getting so close to the end of the other one....Hope you are having a lovely break - beautiful snow, but hopefully it's not causing a problem to get around! (have to say, that in spite of the sunshine, your photo just has the edge over laska's car park...even if it does have the lesser-spotted dual carriageway grin). No snow here either, but it is REALLY freezing and clear, so assume something is brewing...

soups - I do like both jackets (love a pale jacket) but I'm with the others that the burgundy has the edge and does seem to fit better. Also, if you've not worn the other, I agree, you're unlikely to start! But well done on saving money by not keeping the spanx..

laska, never and codfish all sound v stylish today. I confess i sent the lola scarf back. I didn't really need another scarf even though it was a bargain, and I just thought it was a bit too dark for me - if I have anything up that close to my face, it really has to be paler. I do love (and am wearing at the moment!) the bright blue wool one from the summer, though, so I am not suffering from lack of a hush big wool scarf grin kept the skinny black silk one with white stars, though, so my logic doesn't always work

justilou - I'm with soy and len in that you could always get them shortened if they are otherwise perfect. Though, to be honest, for that price, I would wince at having to spend even more - even if it is only a few ££/$$. shock at the shoes, though. How could you get 40 pairs of a particular shoe in a particular colour??! oh, I know what I don't have that my wardrobe really needs....oh, yes, actually I do have 39 other pairs, but this one will do so well for an outfit that the other 39 orange mary janes are totally wrong for...". Actually, maybe it was just what she liked collecting? Unusual, but no weirder than many things, I'm sure...

Yay talisin - glad someone has finally cracked on the new collection! It was most unlike us to have no-one me buying anything from a new drop! Hope it is as good as it looks.

I'm wearing that toast green skirt today with a brown belt, with the hush teal flock star tee from autumn (wear that loaaaads) and a thick grey cardigan and that blue scarf. I've given up colour matching... And thermal tights and some ancient brown clarks DM-alikes with a fluffy lining cos its freezing. Going for first checkup at a new dentist today. Am uncharacteristically nervous...I don't have teeth issues I don't think, but I'm always worried that a new dentist is going to find problems... ah well...

NotAnActualSheep Thu 17-Jan-19 15:01:21

Am loving all the view photos. I've just got the bins and a neighbour's front door, so not going to post that! Can see a bit of Arthurs seat between a gap in some trees from upstairs, but its not v impressive!

dontcallmelen Thu 17-Jan-19 15:08:47

Never another lovely view.
Not good luck with dentist, My Dh has to escort me & physically put me in the chair I go to pieces at the thought of an appointment.

twosoups1972 Thu 17-Jan-19 15:12:03

Thank you for the shiny new thread cherries The snow looks lovely. We had a very light snowfall around 8/9am this morning but it's all gone now and is sunny. Very cold though!

Thank you all for the unanimous vote for the burgundy jacket. It's a keeper!

tailsin look forward to hearing about the new jumper!

twosoups1972 Thu 17-Jan-19 15:26:58

Agghh, someone make me step away from the Russell and Bromley sale site hmm Some lovely handbags on there at huge discounts.

dontcallmelen Thu 17-Jan-19 15:34:24

Soups close your eyes n walk away, if anything will make me crack my no spend, it will be R&B😢

hendricksy Thu 17-Jan-19 16:47:32

I bought the zebra dress for £45 and it's just meh . It's too big at the front and too long really . Nothing special ..
As an aside do you know Next have started doing All Saints !!

Talisin Thu 17-Jan-19 17:01:02

As an aside do you know Next have started doing All Saints !!

I did not and having rushed off to check, they do not, thank god, have the one leather jacket I’ve always wanted to try but never found in store. It would have been fatal.

SoyYo Thu 17-Jan-19 17:15:59

hendricks shame about the dress but now you know
ella and never lovely pics and laska not so much 😂
soups now in your best handwriting 100 lines with “I must not look at any more online sale bargains” grin
not you are channeling your chic country lady today
melen you are so industrious with your pairing and loved your pretty window pic

ilovecherries Thu 17-Jan-19 17:17:06

If you could take the cars out of your photo Ella, it would look like a Victorian winter scene. Very pretty.

It’s continued to snow here all day - maybe 4-5 inches. I ran 5 miles on the treadmill as part of my ‘buns of steel’ initiative. DH ran 8 in the same time on the next treadmill, so not as impressive as it first appears!

I have cracked and ordered the Ivy knit tunic from last year. I have the jumper, and have worn it loads, and I really wanted it last year, but refused to pay full price for it, and I don’t think that colour was ever reduced? I’m just not ready to contemplate spring yet, the bulk of winter still has to happen.

SoyYo Thu 17-Jan-19 17:17:20

Industrious with your pairingconfused
I meant painting!

Laska2Meryls Thu 17-Jan-19 17:22:08

...Poo! But my sky is the best colour of all the photos Soy !! still v clear so its ruddy cold though

Laska2Meryls Thu 17-Jan-19 17:23:29

Ella that looks like Seaton Carew? (where 'canoe man' lived? )

Laska2Meryls Thu 17-Jan-19 17:25:15

Or Whitley Bay?

SoyYo Thu 17-Jan-19 17:27:00

never no sorry no idea on the Samantha trousers, the reviews are a bit mixed.
cherries do you size down to S in the Ivy? (Vaguely tempted to try) and I assume it’s not tent like? Just hanging straight off boobs? This is why I’ve never tried this type of Hush dress shape I’m just worried it’ll make me look shapeless due to boobage. But if you’re reordering maybe I should give it a go...

SoyYo Thu 17-Jan-19 17:30:51

Yes the sky was very blue hmm 😂
Meant to ask you laska did you get the zebra joggers? I vaguely remember you ordering a pair. I really like mine and glad I got on the sale, would be tempted by the other print but sadly all ooo now in S. For this time of year perfect loungewear/homeworking trousers 👍

dontcallmelen Thu 17-Jan-19 17:30:54

Laska actually the sky is very pretty in your picture <hoping that makes you feel better>, it’s clear here as well but has got really cold possible -4 tonight, but on the upside have chicken casserole in the oven for dinner.

twosoups1972 Thu 17-Jan-19 17:33:55

Soy thank you, that made me laugh. When do you want them in Miss? grin

Ellapaella Thu 17-Jan-19 17:37:21

@Laska2Meryls very close to Whitley Bay! I'm in Tynemouth and this is our beach, Longsands. It's a 5 min walk from my house.

twosoups1972 Thu 17-Jan-19 17:37:40

cherries the knit tunic looks lovely and has good reviews. I agree about winter, some cold weather ahead I think. Nice the days are getting slightly longer though. I actually do like winter clothes, love the feel of cosy soft wool and faux fur.

Ellapaella Thu 17-Jan-19 17:38:40

If anyone's worked out who I am in real life don't tell anyone 😂

twosoups1972 Thu 17-Jan-19 17:38:59

ella you're so lucky, I'd love to live near the sea. My mum tried to move from London to Bournemouth when I was a child but it never worked out sadly.

neveradullmoment99 Thu 17-Jan-19 17:41:06

@cherries, I have the black ivy on atm! Its very comfy. I got the xs this time and it fits fine. I had the small and it was fine too, just a bit more generous. I think its a great throw on piece.

dontcallmelen Thu 17-Jan-19 17:41:51

Yy beautiful spot Ella I’m always daydreaming about living by the sea I like looking at it, just hate being on it I get sea sick on a pedelo 🤢

hendricksy Thu 17-Jan-19 17:47:05

@Talisin .. they are only doing one at the mo I think . I've had a bales and papin but sold both because they were really too long . I've bought a cropped one now which works better for my height ( or lack of ) .

Ellapaella Thu 17-Jan-19 17:47:25

I've lived here for ten years now.. grew up in the Cotswolds, met DH and moved all over the UK for a while with his work but now settled up here in the NE where he is from.
We have this beautiful coast but also a vibrant, cosmopolitan lively town with an abundance of restaurants, night life and some brilliant schools. Short metro ride into Newcastle and of course within an hours drive of Northumberland and only a bit further to the lakes. I love it here.
I did my training In Bournemouth but lived in Weymouth at the time and loved living by the sea. Think once you've done it it would be hard to move away again.

SoyYo Thu 17-Jan-19 17:51:30

I think Newcastle city is fab ella and yes to living by the sea. We had a holiday once when DC were small in Warkworth a cottage near the castle and the whole Northumberland coast is magnificent (also not far for a day out in Edinburgh by train).
Glad to read you’re feeling brighter today.

Talisin Thu 17-Jan-19 17:52:47

@hendricksy it’s the Papin I lust after. Never tried it on and quite possibly it wouldn’t suit me, but what if it did? I’d never be able to let it go and I can’t afford it! Better to live in ignorance...

ilovecherries Thu 17-Jan-19 17:52:47

Not the ivy dress never, the Ivy coloured knit tunic. This one.

I did recognise where your picture is, Ella, as have been there with dog a few times. In fact, thought I recognised you there once a few weeks ago, but thought it might just be too creepy to approach you! Different wigs every day always gives me a bit of incognito. Although I did also post my photo on fb and someone said ‘oh, you’re at xxx!’

twosoups1972 Thu 17-Jan-19 17:55:38

ella dd has applied to Newcastle university, she loved it at the Open Day. It's just so far from home though!

Laska2Meryls Thu 17-Jan-19 17:56:24

I used to live sort of up that way Ella in Durham DS was born there but I left about 24 years ago now!.. ive also lived in north Wales and just out side Brighton (for many years ) although am originally a Hampshire lass .. now I am (a couple of miles ) offshore!! IOW not far from the Needles. This is our bay ( but its 10 mins walk from my house , I cant see the sea but can hear it , there's a 300ft cliff about half a mile south of me

hendricksy Thu 17-Jan-19 17:57:24

It was lovely @Talisin but just too long for me and .. I got it for £260 in the sale and sold it in eBay for pretty much the same money. Keep you eyes on the sale , jl often have stock when AS don't .

Laska2Meryls Thu 17-Jan-19 17:58:36

That tunic cherries is the same as the Nnana from last year only longer.I think it used to be called the Jada tunic?

I have the green Nana .. havent worn it recently but now is the time to do so ..must go look for it ...

Ellapaella Thu 17-Jan-19 17:58:36

Looks beautiful Laska - lovely sort of the world. We used to live in Saltburn by the Sea when we worked at the hospital in Middlesbrough so had many friends out Durham way at that time.

Cherries you should have come and said hello! Would have been lovely to meet you in real life

Ellapaella Thu 17-Jan-19 17:58:59

Lovely part of the world I meant!

Laska2Meryls Thu 17-Jan-19 18:00:40

See that big cliff on the second photo? that's in between me and the sea!! Good thing too #globalwarming

ilovecherries Thu 17-Jan-19 18:06:52

I was really tempted, Ella, but worried you’d be horrified or think it was very stalkerish behaviour!

And yes, I ordered the S, Soy, which is what I have in the jumper, and I think it sits nicely. Yes, Laska, I think that’s right. It’s the green nana jumper I have, and I love it, so hoping dress is the same.

I really miss living near the sea. At home, we are only a 10 minute walk from the beach, and we are there most days. I have learned three things from this secondment a) I will never live this far from the sea again b) I will never live somewhere without a railways station again c) I will never live at the top of a bloody hill again!

Laska2Meryls Thu 17-Jan-19 18:07:48

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>I am just over here! Yoo Hoo! grin

Laska2Meryls Thu 17-Jan-19 18:10:02

...Oh , hello everyone who knows me!! (oops) > I bet the local lady Postie would if she reads MN,.. shes commented on the amount of my Hush parcels before!

ilovecherries Thu 17-Jan-19 18:11:08

Well, on reflection, as Laska says, the hill might be a good thing, right enough!

dontcallmelen Thu 17-Jan-19 18:12:42

Laska that’s a much prettier view, I all can see from our front windows is other houses & chimney pots, the garden backs onto the tram line so the other houses at the back are quite far away, which doesn’t make it feel so surrounded & we aren’t overlooked which is a bonus for London.

neveradullmoment99 Thu 17-Jan-19 18:13:47

Laska that looks beautiful.
Um confused @ cherries. What dress/ tunic do you mean?

ilovecherries Thu 17-Jan-19 18:14:11

I have, over the years, met a number of people from online forums. Some here, some from yahoo groups, and some from random special interest things. I’ve never actually had a bad experience, and a number have turned out to be good friends.

ilovecherries Thu 17-Jan-19 18:15:54

I posted a picture never I’m guessing you can’t see it? This one

neveradullmoment99 Thu 17-Jan-19 18:15:58

Oh sorry just seen your pics. I have that dress. Have worn it quite a lot.

FuzzyCustard Thu 17-Jan-19 18:42:34

Hello all. I leave you for a short while and when I get back you're three pages in! That's talking!

ella sorry to hear of your health issues...I hope everything can be and will be sorted as soon as possible.

twosoups late to the party but keep the burgundy jacket.

No snow here (north Cornwall) but a glorious sunny day. I did lots of washing!

FuzzyCustard Thu 17-Jan-19 18:44:17

This is the sea that I live near.

Ellapaella Thu 17-Jan-19 18:44:56

@twosoups1972 my Stepdaughter has also applied for Newcastle uni to do English. She doesn't live locally so we are all hoping she'll get in so we can see a bit more of her.

Ellapaella Thu 17-Jan-19 18:46:27

Oh wow Fuzzy that's just beautiful! I love north Cornwall. We go down to north Devon every summer (Croyde) bit I've had many many holidays in Bude, Polzeath and St Ives.

dontcallmelen Thu 17-Jan-19 18:51:44

Ooh Fuzzy another lovely picture, crikey we are the length & breadth of the country & an island as well, I love hearing about all the different areas we live in.

FuzzyCustard Thu 17-Jan-19 18:57:11

ella the picture is of Widemouth Bay near Bude. We used to holiday in Polzeath every year (before we bit the bullet and moved here).
I do like the fact that we are all over the's so interesting!

dontcallmelen Thu 17-Jan-19 18:58:48

Cherries yy hills, before we moved here we lived in a very very hilly part of south east London, pushing dd uphill I used to be practically blue from lack of oxygen, in bad weather we were marooned on the top as nothing could get up or down.

SoyYo Thu 17-Jan-19 19:03:10

Beautiful laska and Fuzzy!
All my paternal side of the family is from the Mediterranean coast (Marina Alta region, they call it the Azahar/Orange blossom coast between Valencia and Alicante) and my DNA longs for living full time by the Sea...
And I have a cunning plan to make it real this year I hope 🙏

dontcallmelen Thu 17-Jan-19 19:07:21

Soy another beautiful part of the world, really hope your cunning plan comes to fruition < i now have BlackAdder song in my head>

Laska2Meryls Thu 17-Jan-19 19:12:27

Dh has (half Spanish) relatives in Calpe Soy

.. 2020 Husista long weekend in Spain anyone? -scares Soy

dontcallmelen Thu 17-Jan-19 19:33:39

Ooh checks piggy bank & back of sofa for any loose change & if I continue no spend until December, might be able to afford it 😃

PorpoisefullyObtuse Thu 17-Jan-19 19:35:10

So sorry to hear about your health issues @ellapaella.

Loving all the sea pictures. I’m from two long lines of seafarers, including merchant and Royal Navy, lifeboats men and a whaling captain. The sea is in my blood and I really feel it’s lack if I’m in land for too long. The air just isn’t the same. We live by a lough and are an hour from the wild Atlantic coast. My favourite thing is to get to the proper sea take me shoes off and walk along the beach, regardless of the weather.

This is the lough.

dontcallmelen Thu 17-Jan-19 19:38:45

Am off to Pilates tomorrow, havent been for a very long time so am a bit nervous but thought as im feeling relatively ok & my energy levels have improved the last few weeks should make an effort.

dontcallmelen Thu 17-Jan-19 19:40:24

Porpoise stunning views.

ilovecherries Thu 17-Jan-19 19:52:32

This is my sea

SoyYo Thu 17-Jan-19 20:00:38

Porpoise that’s beautiful too. You’ve described just how I feel every time I’m by the sea. I feel healed!
Well laska boss agreed again last week in Paris that if I want to work from Spain or Timbuktu he couldn’t care less as long as I’m close to an airport and can fly to Paris or wherever when they need me to wink so it really is a matter of time now...and wouldn’t it be fun when it finally happens if we ended up meeting there? I’m half hour drive north of Calpe, in a village nestled at the foot of the Vals de Gallinera (Hills) 5 km from the beach and Oliva, 10 km from Denia (which by the way runs daily ferries to Ibiza and Formentera). Keep your tootsies crossed we can sell our house this coming summer (not a given with Brexit) as everything else is lined up for the Big Escape. But we will divide our time between there and Norfolk (again by the sea) as our DC have no desire to move away for the time being. It will be a wrench leaving our family home of the last 24 years. We just know it is now time to do it.
So I really don’t want to buy too much as the move will be major and my wardrobe alone will require a dedicated truck! blush need to start doing the eBay lark and serious culling I reckon.

SoyYo Thu 17-Jan-19 20:06:17

Another beautiful pic of the sea cherries I attach one of “our” beach in Spain.
Well done melen! Pilates will really help with your shoulder pain and everything else. Just build up slowly.
After 3 years I’m now in an advanced class and I tell you it killed me last Monday! Felt all my abs after so fat tummy still but a firm fat one. I used to have terrible lower back pain which is the reason I started going. It is Gone! And I have a shoulder injury too (not to mention the broken now healed ankle from last August) but even with all that I manage and feel tons better for doing something for myself every week

SoyYo Thu 17-Jan-19 20:07:08

Ah yes the beach pic 😎

dontcallmelen Thu 17-Jan-19 20:16:07

Wails 😭 at even more beautiful sea pictures, glares out at boring London street view.
Thanks Soy will take it slowly & hopefully be able to build it up over time also will be good to go & do something for me.

FuzzyCustard Thu 17-Jan-19 20:16:16

I love everyone's sea.

SoyYo Thu 17-Jan-19 20:21:03

But melen London is fabulous too! You have everything at your fingertips there. So much going on!
Yes Pilates is also a kind of mindfulness in that you need to concentrate on the right posture and breathing so your mind stops wondering and that in itself is very relaxing (in between the repetitive tiny movements/exercises you get some lovely stretching too...I can literally feel everything loosen up at the end of a session).
So glad you’re giving it a go.

SoyYo Thu 17-Jan-19 20:25:32

Right I’m waffling now (no trouble filling a thread with all kinds of non style related things me hmm)
I bid you good night need to go to pick up DS2 coming back from Brighton/arriving at station too and then feed the hungry hoardes as DH is still not home from work.
Look forward to your fashion news tomorrow.

PorpoisefullyObtuse Thu 17-Jan-19 20:35:05

Stunning Cherries! Wish I was sitting on a beach right now with a wee camp fire.

PorpoisefullyObtuse Thu 17-Jan-19 20:40:12

Missed a page! And Soy!

Btw I got a few nice bits in Baukjen sale (can anyone help me pronounce Baukjen). I love their jersey - washes beautifully and perfect weight, always drapes well. I will post pics when I move them into circulation.

AFingerofFudge Thu 17-Jan-19 22:01:47

No snow here (South West England) although finished work at 9.30pm tonight and had to scrape the car before driving home!

I have only lived by the sea once in France where I lived for a year in my younger days.

I have decided to style it a bit at work (NHS birth unit but we don't wear uniform!) so today wore my Toast pull on trousers (nicer than they sound) a Toast striped T-shirt I found in a charity shop and some Art red shoes. Have had a big clear out of clothes and decided to actually wear the clothes I love rather that look at them in the wardrobe and avoid wearing them in case they wear out!

never I have the Samantha trousers and I absolutely love them! They are lovely and cosy and I would say size down.

Haven't bought anything yet from the new Hush stuff but will be going to a John Lewis hopefully tomorrow so will have a look and feel!

GinandGingerBeer Thu 17-Jan-19 22:26:34

Gosh new thread time already! Thanks cherries 
Very jealous of all your lovely beach pics and views. I'm as far away from the coast as you can be in the UK. Bang slap in the middle, I am very close to the Peak District though, so no sea but lovely views within a ten minute drive 

@Ellapaella, I'm very sorry to read on the last thread that you have some health worries, sending you good vibes chicken smile

I'm bloody itching to buy something!!! Supposedly not buying until I've lost weight but I'm sure it doesn't count if I use a JL gift card! grin.

Ellapaella Thu 17-Jan-19 22:40:33

@FuzzyCustard I know Widemouth bay, have been there before, there is a great pub that does fantastic seafood just by the beach!
Everyone's photos are lovely ❤️

twosoups1972 Fri 18-Jan-19 07:32:20

porpoise agree about Baujken, they have some lovely stuff. What did you get? I don’t know how to pronounce it either!

hendricksy Fri 18-Jan-19 07:43:23

Isn't it's bawwken?

FuzzyCustard Fri 18-Jan-19 09:20:03

I'm going for "bow (as in boat front, not pussy-catstyle) kin"

FuzzyCustard Fri 18-Jan-19 09:20:26

(only cos someone in a long ago S& B thread said so)

ilovecherries Fri 18-Jan-19 10:01:41

I’m having the same issue with this thread as I had once before. Basically it doesn’t exist unless I type in the url for it. It’s not appearing on the board index, it’s not in threads I’m on/watching/started. It’s not hidden. It’s just not there sad

PorpoisefullyObtuse Fri 18-Jan-19 11:09:14

@twosoups1972 - Ally top for today. Feels really lovely and great weight - skins over ripples!

PorpoisefullyObtuse Fri 18-Jan-19 11:09:46


twosoups1972 Fri 18-Jan-19 12:27:55

Looks lovely porpoise their clothing is lovely quality.

It's cold here today but I am determined to go for a run as I haven't been for ages. And dd wants to come with me which is a good sign. She's been much perkier lately, making me laugh with stories from school. It's looking very likely she will repeat the year now but school have said she can still come back when she wants. She's keen to go back to take part in a dance show in March with her friends. In one way, it'll be good for her and the pressure will be off work-wise. But I'm worried about her going back so soon.

justilou1 Fri 18-Jan-19 12:52:59

Thanks for the photos ladies! I'm so very jealous of the snow! I was feeling very sad after going to the funeral of my best friend's mother, so your photos cheered me up no end! It was very, very hot today, and there is something very comforting and embracing about blanketing snow, isn't there?
As for the Spanx, the universe has decided that they are not for me. The Americans don't deliver outside of their continent (of course!). If I order them from elsewhere the exchange rate and cost of postage is bloody ridiculous, and if I buy them here, I would have to sell a kidney or one of my kids to pay for them. (And I'm quite attached to all of them, thank you very much!) Can you imagine spending that much on faux leather and then having to alter them? Forgeddaboutdit!
Oh well... I'll have to come up with a plan B! I hope you all have a lovely weekend. I have heard we are in for a heatwave. Oh joy. If you never hear from me again, you know why. I have either expired from heat exhaustion, or exposure G&T's.

Laska2Meryls Fri 18-Jan-19 13:54:59

Quick hello,.The faces T came , its a bit short but the print is so nice that I am going to keep it anyway and have a go with some dye.. probably pink..

I am keeping the L even though t e M is fine because i think it would work best as a layer over a L/L long sleeve T or vest best .. reckon I can afford to punt £20 on it anyway and see what happens , .. may go for a tye dye effect as i think that will work best with the potential white stitching..

I probably wont be attempting it until next week anyway because DGs (6) is just about to arrive for the weekend!! it will be @ Laskaplayslego and @ Laskagoesscooting.. and @Laskahastogetupat6amandisgrumpy
But he is lovely and its great seeing him (for a few hours anyway, but we cant give him back until Sunday !! grin)

Luckily his dad (DS will be here Saturday and staying the night , but we still have to get up with him because DS is a zombie until at least 8am.. !

Some exciting ( but scary) news here .. DH has finally told his boss he is leaving/retiring ! Eek! that means that I am going to have to live with him very soon !! .. Weve been together 25yrs but he has worked away all weekdays most of that time .. I may have to build a chalet in the garden ....(for me!!)

Laska2Meryls Fri 18-Jan-19 13:57:22

Sorry for the surfeit of !!! in that last post and the odd bold..

Laskagoesofftogetsome calmingpills gin

hendricksy Fri 18-Jan-19 16:07:28

I got my matte leather leggings today for ASOS and they are great if a little big , I've re ordered the 12 .. they are nice and thick on my bum which is a bit lumpy and they don't show any thing which is a win for me 🤗🤗

ilovecherries Fri 18-Jan-19 16:10:06

I’m actually very nervous about the whole retirement thing, Laska. DH will probably go in August and while I retired from employment nearly 7 years ago, I’ve done a lot of consultancy since. I’m not really sure what we will do with ourselves. We aren’t golfers, bridge players, or any of the other things that lots of people seem to base their retirement around.

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