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MNV- Vol 85 The Winter Warmer Edition

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FedupNagging Wed 16-Jan-19 08:52:22

Christmas and the sales are sadly over but winter is still here for a few months yet.

Come and show us your cosy knits and woolly hats whilst we dream of summer - everyone welcome, the more the merrier.

FedupNagging Wed 16-Jan-19 09:04:51

Today I am wearing a red jumper and red lipstick - hoping to draw the eye away from the grey roots that desperately need sorting. Have an appointment in a few days thank goodness.

Dream I'm currently using Ultrasun - it's ok but I'm not keen on using so many products at once (- serum, moisturiser, suncream, primer etc etc) so in winter unless I'm outside a lot, i don't always use and rely on my moisturiser with spf. Think both my primer and foundation have spf too

libertyonhertravels Wed 16-Jan-19 09:18:19

Thanks fedup. You're a 🌟.

I know what you mean about all the layers of stuff on your face. Can't ditch SPF in NZ so I've quit using primer.

shopafrolic Wed 16-Jan-19 09:57:23

Thanks for the new thread Fedup
I came on to post this for *QueenC* and got thread full message <panic>

MarshaBradyo Wed 16-Jan-19 10:08:28

Thanks Fedup you’re a star, back later

Dreamqueen Wed 16-Jan-19 12:09:54

Fedup thanks for new thread.

Thank you Fedup and Apple for sun cream responses. Fedup I know what you mean about too many steps of product. I get especially annoyed if I'm trying out a new product & it doesn't sit well on the other creams and gets that bobbly texture thing going on, requiring having to take it all off and start again.

OneNightTimeMenaceStrikesBack Wed 16-Jan-19 12:59:11

thanks for the new thread fedup thanks

absolutely no fashion news to report, i'm over tired and feel wiped out constantly so keep reaching for the same things in rotation, depending on whats clean at any given point. Hoping the vitamins i'm now on for deficiencies will make a difference as they build up in my system and that as it turns more to spring,t hat will also help me feel better

maradesbois Wed 16-Jan-19 18:41:42

Good one fedup, nice opener.

I think too many different products gives me spots so try and keep it simple as possible.

Am busy trying to negotiate a pay rise, difficult!

maradesbois Wed 16-Jan-19 18:43:07

Oops didn’t mean to press post. Difficult as in need to make a case, have presented a reasoned argument using examples of other similar roles advertised across our sector. Any tips greatly appreciated!

justasecond Wed 16-Jan-19 18:49:51

Thanks for the new thread fed up!
dream I use this one biore have used the LRP and Heliocare too. They are all good but I like that this one is really light and can be layered over moisturiser.
No advice re pay rise mara I'm afraid but hopefully others will be more useful, good luck!

Dreamqueen Wed 16-Jan-19 19:13:06

Justa I've seen that mentioned before. Thanks for the link, I'm going to try it.

VivaVegas Wed 16-Jan-19 21:27:40

Marking place with a few sale purchases:
Mint Velvet jumper
Mint Velvet Jumper
Mint Velvet boots
red top
Silk top

Can't keep it all!

DryWhiteagainW Wed 16-Jan-19 22:41:55

Nice haul Viva

Thanks for the new thread Fedup

Think I’m loosing the plot....all I want to buy are holiday clothes and it’s about to snow hmm

Those of you who have Longchamps bags......are they strong? I need a tote sized bag for work. Something that looks chic but not pricey as my bag gets dumped on the floor shock

libertyonhertravels Thu 17-Jan-19 08:40:18

Yes dry they are very strong but they do get little holes in the bottom corners eventually from being on the floor. I use mine regardless but I know you're a bit more particular so it might bug you.

I love those boots Viva and the green jumper.

I had a facial today, massage was nice and felt relaxed having it but she didn't clean the mask off properly so I had to wash my face when I got home which felt a bit pointless confused.

Mara as well as industry comparisons you need to talk about how you have added value, examples of what you have done for them that demonstrates your worth. It's horrible and us women are particularly bad at it. If they say no then ask what would make a difference and ask to set a date to have the discussion again in six months or so. Practice the discussion with a friend or just talking it out in front of the mirror so you are well rehearsed! You can do this!!!

FedupNagging Thu 17-Jan-19 09:44:57

Popping in quickly to say the ESCENTUAL20 code finishes today

Back later

Dreamqueen Thu 17-Jan-19 10:07:47

I'm trying to Marie Kondo my wardrobe and realise that I have a stripe issue smile

shopafrolic Thu 17-Jan-19 14:44:01

Looks like my wardrobe Dream
I’m watching the Kevyn Aucoin documentary on Netflix. Fascinating.

MarshaBradyo Thu 17-Jan-19 16:22:17

I keep looking at Matches final sale. How is it possible to have so many items and barely anything I want to buy

Everyonelovessparkles Thu 17-Jan-19 17:44:08

Thanks for the new thread fedup.

Great buys viva. I like the satiny tops, how do you avoid under arm sweat marks? I now have to avoid all tops like that, maybe I’m just overly sweaty? (Sorry! TMI!)

dry I have a long champ le pilage and a couple of these which are in the same vain as a le pilage, they just don’t fold up. I actually prefer the Radley ones as think they are better quality and haven’t got holes in the corners. Also, you shouldn’t knock the cashmere joggers till you try them! They can look pretty stylish (ok, lose interpretation of stylish!) but they are are sooo comfy grin!

marsha I keep trawling the sales too but don’t need anything so am being good. 😇

mara that’s great to hear the compliment about your skin. What do you think has made the most difference? I’ve been using these Vichy vit c drops for nearly 2 weeks. My skin does look a bit better, but not sure if that’s the product or the fact that I’ve reined in the Xmas indulgence. hmm

dream, I love stripes too! I’m even passing this obsession onto the DC!

shopafrolic Thu 17-Jan-19 18:09:54

This just popped up on my FB feed - Liberty Tote I love it but ££

shopafrolic Thu 17-Jan-19 18:19:16

Look *Lib* Autumn colours and it's got your name on it smile

FedupNagging Thu 17-Jan-19 20:57:38

What have you decided to keep Viva? Love the red top - I nearly ordered it fp a while back.

I thew in some Ordinary Vit c serum with my Escentuals Clarins order this morning as couldn't remember the one Justa recommended.

This Vit C moisturiser is what I'm currently using and absolutely loving it - am seriously considering a re buy. Dsis recommended it so for £15 I had nothing to lose!

Lib you have to buy the bucket bag Shop linked!

justasecond Thu 17-Jan-19 21:41:50

Fed up That looks like a good buy, will bookmark it for when I need a new moisturiser. I am trying to not buy any skincare or make up this year and use up my large stockpile of products. I can only buy stuff that I absolutely need. I have decided that I can't do without my Hourglass highlighter though. It ran out a while ago and I've been trying to use up a couple of liquid ones I have from becca and charlotte tilbury but I don't iike them as much.

On the subject of beauty, with my mid life crisis in full swing I bought this device on black friday. I have been using it for about 6 weeks now. nu face. I was a bit skeptical but there was a 60 day approval so I thought I'd give it a try. I have only used it on my jaw and cheeks and I think it does work. The right side of my face was sagging a bit so I have used it more on that. I think it looks a bit more toned and corrected the symmetry with the other side a bit. You have to keep using it otherwise it all goes back to how it was but it doesn't take long so I'll continue with it.

justasecond Thu 17-Jan-19 21:45:35

The Liberty bags are really lovely, wonder what the leather is like?
I'm off to look at the Matches sale although I think you are right Marsha!

VivaVegas Thu 17-Jan-19 23:23:55

Not sure yet Fedup, need to have a proper try on over the weekend.
I've never really worn green but at the moment the MV green jumper is my favourite out of the 2 jumpers, I think the boots are keepers as look good with skinnies and with dresses/skirts then need to decide on one of the silk tops!
I've just booked a microdermabrasion course (seems a few of us are investing in treatments). Had one session a couple of years ago and liked the results. A local salon had a block booking offer so I've got 5 booked to have one every 3-4 weeks. Hoping it might rejuvenate my skin! I have been using Liquid Gold every other night along with some cleanser and eye cream from my M &S advent calendar and think I can see an improvement.

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