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Can we chat about fashion Instagrammers/influencers..

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Cherrypie32 Fri 28-Dec-18 10:44:09

..because I don’t have anyone in real life to carp about it to. So, I follow a few, am addicted to the stories/feeds of some but don’t always know why. The ‘high end’ ones, The Frugality, Dress Like A Mum, Emma Hill etc pop up but quite designer and high end for me. I like the ramblings of Does My Bum but I’m nothing like her body shape so don’t wear her clothes. There are a few more ‘high street’ ones I follow, Steal My Style, What Kathy Did, Forty not Frumpy and more but they tend to be repetitive. Is this because they are so heavily sponsored to flog something? At the moment they are all banging on bout All Saints leather bikers and maxi skirts. And they all copy each other so there’s not much new to look at. There are a few I follow with nowhere near the amount of followers that seem more creative and have different body shapes so I presume that they have more liberty to do this as aren’t under afflilate deals.
I don’t need advice to ‘unfollow’, I enjoy looking at it all, just interested in how it all works really.

Atalune Fri 28-Dec-18 10:50:29

I need some new grammers to follow as the mainstream ones are So so so repetitive and significantly and consistently very expensive.

AhoyDelBoy Fri 28-Dec-18 11:00:03

🙋🏼‍♀️ Can I join 😊 I don’t have anyone to talk about this with IRL either and have been thinking of starting a general Instagram thread. I’m going to look at your suggestions. I live in Australia and don’t follow that many UK based people at the moment. I’ll normally end up adding accounts that are suggested when I follow someone new and they all seem to be in the same circle IYKWIM. Tbh just thinking about it now I don’t think I follow many fashion accounts 🤔

whatswithtodaytoday Fri 28-Dec-18 11:05:19

The most famous ones all get the same promotions and ads, so you see the same thing over and over again. It does get dull - I usually unfollow when that starts to happen.

Two of my favourites at the moment are Fashionfoiegras - similar body shape to me, does try ons, different style but sometimes overlaps with mine and very sweet on Stories.
Thatgirlwiththebob - completely different shape to me but love her style.

AhoyDelBoy Fri 28-Dec-18 11:07:56

Kate of ‘The Small Things’ ventures into fashion a bit. If you can call it that really. I think she must own thousands of basic tops alone. I like her stories though and never look at her blog like I used too. I would if she mentioned something interesting in her stories that was going on her blog. She’s mostly hair and makeup.

I tend to follow a lot of ‘instamums’ with nice clothes and end up finding things that way.

The ultimate UK fashion girl has to be Victoria of ‘Inthefrow’ 😱 her posts dropped off my feed for ages, literally years. Recently they started appearing again though and I was like whoa this girl seems to have gotten really high end and famous in the last few years.

WeCameToDance Fri 28-Dec-18 13:03:42

I wish I liked more of these. Instagram should be a really inspiring platform but I find that they all start accepting #ads and then practically merge into the same person. It is very obvious when you start noticing it. However I love love love Sammi Jefcoate. Pretty much the only style account I look at anymore. If anybody has similar recommendations im all ears!

ShinyTooth Fri 28-Dec-18 16:03:38

Oh yes, I used to love Fashionlift and Bum40 but now it's just advertising innit.
So so dull and so so expensive.

ChardonnaysPrettySister Fri 28-Dec-18 18:20:30

They are all very same-y though.

They get their gifts and wear them for a bit and it's all the same all the time.

TeaAddict235 Fri 28-Dec-18 18:40:20

Agree with @ChardonnaysPrettySister , they are all so same-y. They follow a certain type of demographic and aspire to look like that demographic and in turn end up looking like each other and not very unique.

I used to follow the sweetest and cutest Asian American girl at uni who was going through the different types of cleaners and creams, then bam! She got a Brazilian straightener on her hair, boom! She discovered some big name clothes brands, kerpang! She got style! And it happened over the summer 'break', and she was no longer genuinely interested in skin care comparisons of the brands. Now she might as well fit into The Only way is Chelsea etc, because she seems to flaunt very expensive and elusive clothing brands and skin care regimes and she does nothing but brand drop in her You tube videos.

RD45 Fri 28-Dec-18 18:46:35

Can I join in please...I used to love a bit of mindless house/fashion related insta scrolling on my lunch break or waiting in car for kids to appear from activities, but lately it's all so samey and soooo pricey. I don't have a massive clothes budget, nor can I abide waste, so used insta for inspiration on how to wear my clothes, but now it seems unless you have the latest "must haves" there's no inspiration to be found.

YouWereRight Fri 28-Dec-18 19:17:15

I think the days of genuinely interesting Instagrammers are long gone now people are more aware that it's a business. Now, it's all the same items that have been gifted or are ads. Still, at least things are more clearly marked as ads or gifts.

strangerthongs Fri 28-Dec-18 20:16:54

what's with the bent leg in all the photos? does she need to pee?

EmpressJewel Fri 28-Dec-18 21:06:34

I think I saw a blogger/instagrammer at a major visitor attraction once and it really put me off.

I don’t know who the person was, but what drew my attention to them was what they were wearing. The outfit was OTT for the location. The blogger was posing all over the place and the photographer kept showing her the photos they had taken.

I like the idea of seeing how people put outfits together, but they need to be realistic.

AtHomeInFrance Fri 28-Dec-18 22:54:44

YouWereRight - that's exactly it. No creativity, no originality - Instagram is just a business platform these days...... and built on promoting insecurity in their readers.

Eesha Sat 29-Dec-18 11:26:39

placemarking as just started on Instagram and looking for interesting bloggers to follow. I like Wearetwinset and I'm a size 14 to 16 but like their styles

KimchiLaLa Sat 29-Dec-18 20:03:25

I do like some Instagrammers for their personalities. Emma Hill seems genuine. I think the mummy instagrammer world is a slippery slope. You get some honest ones like susie verill, but also some that harp on about their brilliant lives/impeccably behaved kids and it's so obvious it's such BS (thefashionbugblog, who is more of a style blogger, but honestly that level of perception management must be exhausting for her).

I think it's best to realise much of the content is paid for, but it's fun to scroll. Just avoid he ones that can make you feel like shite (ironically, their lives are no better, they're just good at masking it).

KimchiLaLa Sat 29-Dec-18 20:06:23

And while I know this is another thread entirely, I really wanted to like Mother/Father of Daughters but can't help but think they just come across as really holier than and patronising.

ThanksItHasPockets Sat 29-Dec-18 20:07:09

I really like Erica Davies. Her styling tips on Instagram stories on a Sunday (?) night are genuinely useful.

PeroniZuchini Sat 29-Dec-18 20:19:41

Nothing to add I’m afraid other than I still follow Goodbye Crop Top as she does growing old gracefully in style, and she seems quite unique. I stopped following all the fashion bloggers ages ago though (apart from her) so what do I know 🤷🏼‍♀️. My bank account is nowadays a lot healthier, (as is my self esteem), I found like others here that all bloggers - whether fashion, interiors or, um, being a mum - merge into one due to ad deals and being ‘in the club’. No originality anymore!

Looby4 Sat 29-Dec-18 20:40:21

My favourites are Lizzy Loves, Hayley Hall and Midlife Chic. I like to see the human side of their stories as well as the fashion/beauty

ScarletPower Sat 29-Dec-18 20:50:43

I've just followed #50daysofshoppingmywardrobe which sounds like it could be interesting. I think the concept is, challenges / themes using your existing wardrobe, shoes, accessories rather than going to buy new. It should be 'normal' people and not those who have gifts thrown at them to promote left, right and centre so might be worth a follow.

ScarletPower Sat 29-Dec-18 20:52:54

My favourite style instagrammer is backofthewardrobe70

CanIGoToBedNow Sat 29-Dec-18 20:57:43

Erica Davies is fabulous and I also like Fashion Fois Grais and Danielle Levier (sp?!)

All different - Erica is ‘normal’ FFG is a 6ft 2 and a size 18 American who lives in London.

Danielle is a plus size fashion blogger

Some people like Style me Sunday but I can’t stand her attitude

ChardonnaysPrettySister Sat 29-Dec-18 21:00:25

Style me Sunday is the one with the finger?

She's a beautiful woman, but I find the finger things very off putting.

CanIGoToBedNow Sat 29-Dec-18 21:02:47

Yeah the one with the finger - I find it a little aggressive so have unfollowed

championquartz Sat 29-Dec-18 21:04:10

Ach I think the Instagram thing is nearly done. Maybe I’m wrong, but it’s become phenomenally boring. Erica Davis and TheFrugality still do it well, but then they are professionals with a lot of experience. The rest? All merge into one for me. The smaller accounts are ok. Certainly as soon as the pr management take over, its game over <yawn>

ChardonnaysPrettySister Sat 29-Dec-18 21:11:53

I've given up on the mumstagram accounts and follow the ones who at least don't pretend they are just like us.

Wardrobe Icons, Net A porter, various designers and retailers - at least I know where I stand with them.

Eesha Sat 29-Dec-18 21:16:16

Agree about Stylemesunday and the finger however I do like a few of her outfits!

KimchiLaLa Sat 29-Dec-18 22:16:14

Just went on stylemesunday and yes the finger thing is weird. I don't like the idea of glamourising flipping the bird!!

Monikh is very unique, I like her. Of course she does sponsored content too but her style is very different. I've worn more colour in the past few months because of her inspiring me to.

AtHomeInFrance Sat 29-Dec-18 23:44:57

MidlifeChic is wonderful. She really writes well, not just the usual formulaic tosh that accompanies the sales pitch of some of them. Have followed backofthewardrobe since she had a very small following - hope she doesn't sell out now she has a larger audience. MOD/FOD are the very definition of salespeople. The Insta dynamic is such that people don't often unsubscribe so it will be interesting to see if their numbers continue to rise and how their engagement stats play out as we become more and more aware of the negative impact of flogging your kids for a quick buck.

SuperstarDJ Sun 30-Dec-18 00:39:06

I still like The Frugality and Wears My Money.

Have stopped following the likes of My Fashionable 40s and pretty much all she wears now is either #gift or #ad.

The whole insta thing as also put me off some brands. Hill & Friends, for example, is massively expensive but they seem to have sent their bags free to literally hundreds of bloggers. Every other one at some stage has been wearing a hill & friends bag tagged as #gift. It really cheapens the brand imo. No way I would pay £800 for a bag if they so readily send it to so many bloggers for free.

championquartz Sun 30-Dec-18 10:46:27

Agree with SuperstarDJ. All the gifting does cheapen a brand for me. There are some footwear companies that do it too - can’t remember the names - really cheapens the brand, and they’re usually quite expensive brands.

I do like wearsmymoney. She also does it well.

ooglyboo Sun 30-Dec-18 11:57:23

I follow DMBL40, frugality, erica davies and fashion lift. I started out wanting to see what they wear and how they style things. I am now totally put off by the sheer amount of stuff fashion lift and kat farmer have! Just never ending me clothes! For me it feels wrong. But also weirdly compulsive to watch. And the things they wear offer little inspiration. Frugality and erica davies have made far more effort to engage with sustainability issues which must be hard as it's basically a straight contradiction with the business model. How to make money by influencing people to buy more when sustainability required buying much less? A conundrum i would think. Kat farmer seems to just ignore it!!

PeroniZuchini Sun 30-Dec-18 15:30:12

I agree ooglyboo, it’s one of the reasons I had to stop following. The sheer level of consumerism and general disposability of the clothes made me feel a bit sick. It’s so at odds with the whole ethos of sustainability too. 🤮

MulberryPeony Sun 30-Dec-18 17:15:32

I found mintlabel after pinning dozens of outfits and realising it was the same person. Lots of repetition of the same basics but with different colour combos (mostly neutrals/b&w). If you like we are twinset you might like mint.

MulberryPeony Sun 30-Dec-18 17:16:39

That should be mint_ label_ all one word

Pagwatch Sun 30-Dec-18 17:23:40

The best thing in the world is following some of the women who follow and copy the insta influencers.
I know it’s mean but watching people copying the studied photos of coffee cups pressed against fashionable jumpers and the endless pigeon toed photos - middle aged women trying to present like beguiling teenagers is so good for the soul. The exasperated teenagers knowing they are being posed for mums grid
It allows you to sit in your fav jeans and t-shirt playing hungry hippos while watching muppets Christmas carol instead of having to pretend you are having a quick game of chess before you swan off to a swanky party
It’s life affirming

I know I’m mean - don’t message me

JessicaPeach Sun 30-Dec-18 17:23:52

I follow a few but I agree they've evolved so much that I'm not buying anything they post about anymore, it's too far removed

I noticed that about the all saints jacket as well but I think that's because that particular group are all friends, I came to one through the other so I end up seeing their same content on a few feeds. One who I really like is 40plusnotgivingup I feel like she is almost having a bit of a wrestle with herself at the moment though as her account is getting very big and it must be hard to stay true to h&m etc while other brands are throwing gifts at you

mamaslave18 Sun 30-Dec-18 17:24:17

I’m so bored with most of the instagrammers! I used to like DMBL40 but it’s all Ads and free holidays these days. Her outfits seem to be getting more and more OTT as well. I think she looks a hot mess most of the time and must elicit stares when out and about dressed like that.

I’ve started following thingsineedinmywardrobe. Not very exciting but a lot of her clothes are things I would wear and from places I can afford like Zara. Not everything she wears is new though so it can be frustrating if you like something and discover it’s years old.

Pagwatch Sun 30-Dec-18 17:33:31

I follow #averagesizedgirl which I love
It’s just mostly ordinary women putting great outfits together and looking brilliant regardless of shape, weight, ethnicity etc etc - no type but just women looking like they feel great

ChardonnaysPrettySister Sun 30-Dec-18 17:43:42

I don't think I'm leading the kind of life where a stripy sequin skirt counts as a neutral.

Sad, really. grin

Pagwatch Sun 30-Dec-18 17:47:21

Yep Chardonnay

strangerthongs Sun 30-Dec-18 18:58:25

are there any instamums who have a job other than instagramming / blogging etc?

I'd like to see a mum who manages to stay fashionable, great make up, keeping a nice house, whilst working and raising kids.

All the mums I find on instagram have instagram as their job which makes it easier to portray the perfect life.

Is there anyone on instagram who actually really manages all the above whilst doing a mundane away from home job?

ooglyboo Sun 30-Dec-18 20:36:46

I think the having a job thing is interesting. That's why i find relatively few influencers inspirational in that sense - i just don't lead a life where the outfits they post are relevant on the whole. Not their fault obviously and i am sure there are plenty of people who disagree. I am totally fascinated by DMBL40's evolving look though, especially who else is buying all the dresses and maxi skirts. I would look like a toddler trying on my mum's clothes unfortunately. I know criticism of this type is not seen as sisterly but i would add that i am criticized ALL the time in my job and do think that is part of working life. But the most interesting thing is for me the sustainability thing. I see some like frugality trying to square that circle which i really respect but it must be hard and ultimately limit earnings.

Mrs9C Sun 30-Dec-18 21:07:01

The advertising has changed the vibe and the style, so boring now sad

Mrs9C Sun 30-Dec-18 21:19:03

"are there any instamums who have a job other than instagramming / blogging etc?

I'd like to see a mum who manages to stay fashionable, great make up, keeping a nice house, whilst working and raising kids."

yes! This!!

JuneFromBethesda Sun 30-Dec-18 21:35:53

I liked your post at 17:23 Pagwatch 😄

HeffalumpsnWoozles Sun 30-Dec-18 21:59:01

My biggest disappointment has been 40plusnotgivingupyet as for the last few weeks it’s been the same items linked over and over, bikers being the worst! I enjoyed Helens account up until recently and the only thing stopping me unfollowing is her personality.

DMBL40 lost me some time ago as her purchases aren’t anything you could wear without feeling ridiculously overdressed and out of place.

SingingSands Sun 30-Dec-18 22:05:53

I l

SingingSands Sun 30-Dec-18 22:12:05

I like to follow mylillookdiary. Partly because I know her in real life! She's always had a unique style, shops mostly in charity shops and has great fun with her clothes. She's very petite so deals with that in her outfits.

I'm not brave at all with my everyday fashion, but I did put together something a bit different for me in the summer and she said it inspired her to do a similar "outfit of the day". I was very flattered!

Another I like to follow is vintage_dahling as she handmakes most of what she wears and upcycles vintage materials and clothes. Unique and lovely to see some originality.

Cherrypie32 Sun 30-Dec-18 22:38:37

Heffalumps agree 40plus was one of the ones that inspired me to write this post! Literally the same old links to H&M, Office and All Saints on loop and then she starts with the bloody ‘Bon Vintage’ t shirt and jewellery cloning about 10 other grammars I follow. I quite like her stories but she hasn’t inspired me for months now.
It’s interesting to me that most of the big players only work with a handful of high street brands, consistently Zara, H&M & New Look & Top Shop.Then they get a bit of stuff thrown at them from Brand Alley or similar. As a forty something size 16 I tend to have to look further for quality cuts and outfit inspiration.
I noticed a few of them felt the need to comment about the sheer amount of clothing they promote/buy/photograph a little while ago after Stacey Dooley did that programme about fashion waste but seemed to revert quite quickly but they wouldn’t have a job without it would they.

Cherrypie32 Sun 30-Dec-18 22:41:18

I have realised I do follow a group of IG’s who all know each other and therefore seem to copy each other’s style so going to look up some of the other suggestions on here.

JessicaPeach Sun 30-Dec-18 23:27:11

Cherry pie I believe that Zara are one of the only big high street brands that doesn't court influencers at all. No gifting and no affiliate programme. One of the only swipe ups that I ever swipe and that's the reason you don't see Zara mentioned very often. Nothing in it for them!

KimchiLaLa Mon 31-Dec-18 00:00:31

Monikh and hannahcrosskey just went on a sponsored trip by Zara so they are doing more.

MountPheasant Mon 31-Dec-18 00:21:39

Sophie Shohet is my fave, absolute goddess. I love her YouTube.

Tw1nsetAndPearls Mon 31-Dec-18 00:24:51

grin pagwatch. I feel mean but I think we all have at least one woman on our instal list who does that.

Pagwatch Mon 31-Dec-18 00:32:57

Yeah , we do.
Sometimes it’s probably me grin

(We can sit here on our mean bench.)

canigetaliein Mon 31-Dec-18 06:53:34

Can never resist having a moan about insta!

I used to work in fashion & was an early adopter if it & loved the diversity it offered, street style & normality of the looks. I stopped using it about 3 years ago, too many adverts & everything is so samey (but I guess that’s inevitable). As other posters have mentioned I find it hard to relate to now in terms of cost & practicality. Without sounding offensive if it’s aspiration I’m looking for I actually prefer the whole magazine concept of a model in a beautiful location as opposed to normal person in front of a wall!

canigetaliein Mon 31-Dec-18 06:54:45

Pagwatch that made me laugh but I guess that’s how some of them must have started.

NotTheQueen Mon 31-Dec-18 09:39:36

I’ve just followed a bunch of these but am forewarned that I might be frustrated / annoyed with them quickly enough. My NYEs resolution is to minimise my fat woman jeans T-shirt and trainers weekend look... keep looking at DH when we leave the house and realising he’s better put together than I am blush It probably doesn’t help i hate spending money on clothing since I’m a five foot size 20 budget conscious midget so rarely find anything I like that doesn’t have a £150 price tag attached to it.

I got annoyed with Instagram when they changed the chronological timeline and still haven’t forgiven them.

Ilikecakes Mon 31-Dec-18 10:28:25

I love Dana and the Red Shoes even though her style is the opposite of my —boring, monochrome— look. She works (I think in Law, but perhaps I made that up?) too. Otherwise yes I agree that they’re all getting v samey now, and I will never buy a bloody All Saints leather jacket as I’m sick of the sight of them!

Ilikecakes Mon 31-Dec-18 10:28:55

Strikeout fail. Oh well brew

canigetaliein Mon 31-Dec-18 11:14:54

I got annoyed with Instagram when they changed the chronological timeline and still haven’t forgiven them. Final nail & I can’t get over it.

chumsnet Mon 31-Dec-18 12:01:20

I follow hashtags rather than influencers and it introduces the same random inspiration into the user experience that Pinterest and Insta used to have in the days before the algorithm echo chamber.

I know some Insta celebs in real life and their internet persona is a marketing device - they’re in costume and they’re acting.

championquartz Mon 31-Dec-18 12:31:12

grin pagwatch
Ach now, I’ve started looking at Instagram again on the back of this thread. I see a load of them are doing a love-in and referring all their friends to us. <from my seat on the mean bench>

Sad/annoying to hear Zara has given into the Instagram corridor.

Anyone else idly wonder where some of them store all their clothes and shoes?

helpandencourqge Mon 31-Dec-18 12:44:01

I really like Erica Davies as a person - funny and sweet and seems genuine.

I work with a well followed instagrammer (she still has a day job). She is very self-absorbed and spend most of her work time on her SM accounts. I feel a bit sorry for her as she can only ever speak about herself. She is young and single and very attractive on the outside. I think her managers are flattered to have her in their presence!

I stopped following her as she was putting me off some of the labels I like!

finks100 Tue 01-Jan-19 09:35:28

Instagrammers are the reason I will never buy a Daniel Wellington watch. They are give out like sweets at Halloween to all the pushers!

ChardonnaysPrettySister Tue 01-Jan-19 09:54:59

The overgramming and endless gift put me off the brands who send out freebies. It cheapens their image when the gifting's done en masse and it also puts me off a product when I see it on the account of an instagrammer I don't like. I prefer professional models, they are more of a blank canvas which helps concentrate on the product.

WipsGlitter Tue 01-Jan-19 10:03:52

The raft of "My 2018 in Insta" yesterday was the worst. How narcissistic!!

I follow a load but mostly watch stories. I had to unfollow the blonde with the big fringe and red lips as she was so up herself.
Also motherpukka as she was very faux I felt.

Once it goes from being a hobby to an attempt to generate income it changes the whole dynamic. I follow blossoming birds and she's given up job to go freelance and for a while it was just a lot of promotions.

MOD and FOD have pedalled back on the constant flogging stuff / trying to get free stuff I think though.

I think for some of them eg WIT maintaining that level of perfection must be exhausting.

Cherrypie32 Tue 01-Jan-19 10:13:38

I would find that level of effort just for the school run exhausting but seemingly this is their lives. None of them make me feel bad or inferior though.

MarshaBradyo Tue 01-Jan-19 10:17:00

Ha I was going to say the same about Daniel Wellington watches - I’ve only ever seen them as freebies on IG. So cheap.

I actively avoid stuff brands flog on IG

AtHomeInFrance Tue 01-Jan-19 11:27:37

I have had to stop looking at MOD/FOD as they are so relentless in flogging their kids and preaching about #ethical Christmas when they are so determinedly sell, sell, selling non stop. I guess I am after the impossible - an altruistic instagrammer who is doing it because they like it, as a hobby, and not to make money. I know it is naive but maybe, just maybe........

Atalune Tue 01-Jan-19 11:51:01

I have found that I am going back to Pinterest for outfit inspiration as I find I get much more out of it.

MarshaBradyo Tue 01-Jan-19 12:05:19

In a weird twist I find I follow actual brands - Vogue, Matches, Chanel etc and avoid third party freebie takers

AtHomeInFrance Tue 01-Jan-19 12:06:31

Yes, I have been using Pinterest more - more originality, less selling. Seems easier to find inspiration.

AtHomeInFrance Tue 01-Jan-19 12:08:58

MarshaBradyo - good idea. Going to give that a whirl - anything that moves away from the vomit-inducing "influencer" label has to be a good idea!

ElspethFlashman Tue 01-Jan-19 12:10:18

One who I really like is 40plusnotgivingup I feel like she is almost having a bit of a wrestle with herself at the moment though as her account is getting very big and it must be hard to stay true to h&m etc while other brands are throwing gifts at you

She's gotten terribly repetitive, it's like groundhog day on her Stories. I find her highlights more useful as it's categories by Shop and Month. Otherwise I'm tapping through All Saints jackets forever. And she really doesn't have to link to her Office boots every day, that's what Highlights are for. I guess she earns money every time, but its in danger of causing unfollowings as its boring.

But she is delightful though so I keep following for her personality, basically.

Same with Kat Farmer. Love the lady, hate the clothes. I haven't read her blog in months, it's all midi dresses and enormous coats, and generally £££ anyway (even the M&S stuff is the priciest they sell, leather trousers etc) so it's wasted on me. But she's very entertaining.

I really think she should diversify though. She hosts loads of parties but never actually shows us the prep, the decor, the food etc. I'd be all over that. Instead she just posts a picture of her hideously expensive midi dress she wore. Turn the camera around, dammit! She talks about redecorating but never actually shows us her doing it and her house is beautiful so it's all such a wasted opportunity. Erica Davies is cleverer and does a bit of both.

I also unfollowed SMS because of the finger. I absolutely hated it.

PETRONELLAS Tue 01-Jan-19 12:19:43

Interesting to see what people do/don’t enjoy. I followed a few interiors people who then started adding photos of their children. Irrelevant. Or moaning about their day job timescales to make it feel cosy. Had to unfollow fashion ones for same reasons - so much blather.

buckeejit Tue 01-Jan-19 12:20:37

I follow nobody but would like to start.

I'm early 40s, plus size & fairly classsic in style with no budget for clothes so don't know who to watch. Will check out a couple of those mentioned but it all sounds a bit depressing 😬

AtHomeInFrance Tue 01-Jan-19 12:20:52

I was a huge Kat Farmer fan a couple of years ago. She writes really well but she has lost me too these days, her blog goes into my spam folder now, I guess because I was deleting it unread so often. As you say, it is the same old, same old and way, way beyond my price range, or at least what I am willing to pay for such high fashion. I guess that, ultimately, the ones who do survive will be the ones who can add a bit of value, show a bit of creativity and embrace a more sustainable approach, though this #shopyourwardrobe crap turned into just another stealth boast for many of them.

AtHomeInFrance Tue 01-Jan-19 12:23:07

buckeejit - Pinterest might be a better place to start. Just by typing in those keywords you will find some inspiration and it may even lead to some Instagrammers.

ElspethFlashman Tue 01-Jan-19 12:26:53

Plus size is few and far between and often verges on Insta Clothing I. E. Like ASOS Curve just chucked random cheap items at them to see what would stick.

Danielle Vernier/Levier/honestly can't remember is the most classic one in terms of dress. She always looks very sleek.

Jess On the Plus Size does a lot of clothing and whilst it's all cheap and some of it is nightclub wear as she goes out a lot, she does showcase nice trousers she comes across etc. She's also very entertaining, though she Stories way too much. She's a talker! You just have to skip through like mad.

MawkishTwaddle Tue 01-Jan-19 12:30:43

I like Not Dressed As Lamb. She seems quite genuine and positive.

Kat Farmer’s gone very adverty and same clothes-wise.

Crimbobimbo Tue 01-Jan-19 12:34:14

I need less willowy people to follow.

secondhanddreamsdealer Tue 01-Jan-19 13:44:39

I don't follow many but one I do follow is amothersedit who I think works in fashion and has the insta on the side. She does ads but tags them as such and links to really good stuff I wouldn't have found myself.

mmmgoats Tue 01-Jan-19 13:57:02

I was thinking about this the other day - I really want some “real” people to follow. as much as I enjoy the occasional glimpse into influencers like In the Frow’s life it’s so unrelatable to me as a person. I think i would
Prefer non perfectly themed Instagram accounts that are actually useful. maybe that’s why the cleaning accounts have really taken off.

ElspethFlashman Tue 01-Jan-19 14:01:41

In fairness, In The Frow has basically turned herself into a cartoon at this stage. Lovely girl, clever girl certainly and very rich I'm sure - but it's a very silly shallow photoshopped account.

JessicaPeach Tue 01-Jan-19 14:04:03

Oh one I quite like is getting stuff done in heels. She seems a relatively normal woman, beautiful house and does do ads but never too expensive etc. A good range of content

Judystilldreamsofhorses Tue 01-Jan-19 14:53:23

I am quite active on Instagram (post daily, but tiny number of followers, about 600) and follow a mix of people. In the last six months I have unfollowed a lot who would be classed as influencers, I find the paid content boring and repetitive. DMBL40 went when she had the holidays, others when their feeds started to be mainly #ad. I also ruthlessly unfollow anyone who I can tell is posting paid content, but not disclosing it.

Of the bigger accounts, I like Wearsmymoney, Midlifechic, Esther Coren, and while there is a lot of paid content, also Tigerlillyquinn - she survives the culls because she’s consistent with disclosure, and I like her style.

AtHomeInFrance Tue 01-Jan-19 15:59:31

Tigerlillyquinn looks quite nice but her age profile is just too young for me who is an empty nester. Trouble with all these 'grammers is that they all belong to the same "tribe" so when they aspire to looking different, they all end up looking the same different iyswim. So it's the same Insta gifting being worn by the same Insta influencers and round and round it goes. Oh, for some creativity. Possibly why I like MidlifeChic, Poppy's Style and Simplythenest - they do manage to be different, aren't courting the next sale so badly that they lose their identity and write well about something they actually believe in.

Judystilldreamsofhorses Tue 01-Jan-19 16:27:20

athome she’s a bit younger than me, but we have quite similar styles. Conversely, Midlifechic is a lot older than me, and I don’t actually love her style, I just like the way she writes. I am probably thinking more about her blog than Instagram.

AtHomeInFrance Tue 01-Jan-19 16:43:02

Totally agree re MidlifeChic- she is a similar age to me but we couldn't be more different. She is very elegant and together, whereas I am always slightly dishevelled and thrown together! But......... she writes so well about such interesting things and has built a community which actually communicates through her blog. You are right - she is more of a blogger than a grammer, and it works for her. I don't want to be her - I couldn't be so formal, but her intelligence, integrity and writing make her very compelling.

Calzone Tue 01-Jan-19 16:46:51

Styled with Susie is brilliant.

She’s late 30’s and only shops on the high street.
She’s won a few awards too.

Cherrypie32 Tue 01-Jan-19 18:31:39

This one Calzone

Calzone Tue 01-Jan-19 18:32:57

Yes CherryPie.

She seems lovely and down to earth as well.

AtHomeInFrance Tue 01-Jan-19 19:05:05

No, nothing ever changes! After an Insta free Christmas I have just trawled 3 (or maybe 4?) of the usual suspects to see they are all wearing identical gifted slippers. No imagination, no integrity...... sooner this fad moves on the better! A gifted recommendation isn't a recommendation, it's an advertisement!! Vacuous beyond words.

CocteauTwin Tue 01-Jan-19 21:22:36

I had to unfollow 40plusnotgivingupyet - the same ripped jeans (yawn) worn with an ASOS cami (yawn), a blazer (huge yawn) and her fecking Office boots. A uniform - beyond boring.

I have unfollowed a few more lately - Danielle Vanier comes across as a massive freeloader. She got binned when she asked dentists to get in touch to 'work' with her to fix her teeth. Claiming to be scared of dentists, I'm sure her real fear was actually paying a bill for the treatment.

If an account is full of ads or stuff that's clearly been 'gifted', they get unfollowed. The only thing influencers do is turn me off brands. I hope the bubble bursts soon.

strangerthongs Tue 01-Jan-19 23:01:49

I don't follow any 'body positive' bloggers anymore.

a, cos I'm losing weight
b, too many underwear shots = envy not envy. Would feel the same with any instagrammer tbh
c, all the ads, especially for really expensive brands
d, promoting their own books / fashion lines
e, claiming to be "body positive" and "eff your beauty standards" (which makes my eyes roll) then ranting about 'haters' - if you're truly body positive and truly don't care, then why bother ranting? just ignore it and get on with your instagram shite

NotTheQueen Wed 02-Jan-19 01:04:31

@strangerthings smile I’m over the body positivity thing too Too often it’s used as a cover story when really they need to get their hea,th under control - whether they’re too fat or too thin (and I’m fat myself)

If they’re promoting £500 handbags, £250 jeans and £100 t shirts, they’re probably not my type of inspiration... well apart from ‘That’s how to spend your pension in your 30s and 40s’

Gotstuckwiththisname Wed 02-Jan-19 09:34:04

I follow quite a few "normal mums who look good" style accounts:

mumredressed - I absolutely love this account
thefashionstylefile - another favourite

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