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Can we chat about fashion Instagrammers/influencers..

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Cherrypie32 Fri 28-Dec-18 10:44:09

..because I don’t have anyone in real life to carp about it to. So, I follow a few, am addicted to the stories/feeds of some but don’t always know why. The ‘high end’ ones, The Frugality, Dress Like A Mum, Emma Hill etc pop up but quite designer and high end for me. I like the ramblings of Does My Bum but I’m nothing like her body shape so don’t wear her clothes. There are a few more ‘high street’ ones I follow, Steal My Style, What Kathy Did, Forty not Frumpy and more but they tend to be repetitive. Is this because they are so heavily sponsored to flog something? At the moment they are all banging on bout All Saints leather bikers and maxi skirts. And they all copy each other so there’s not much new to look at. There are a few I follow with nowhere near the amount of followers that seem more creative and have different body shapes so I presume that they have more liberty to do this as aren’t under afflilate deals.
I don’t need advice to ‘unfollow’, I enjoy looking at it all, just interested in how it all works really.

Atalune Fri 28-Dec-18 10:50:29

I need some new grammers to follow as the mainstream ones are So so so repetitive and significantly and consistently very expensive.

AhoyDelBoy Fri 28-Dec-18 11:00:03

🙋🏼‍♀️ Can I join 😊 I don’t have anyone to talk about this with IRL either and have been thinking of starting a general Instagram thread. I’m going to look at your suggestions. I live in Australia and don’t follow that many UK based people at the moment. I’ll normally end up adding accounts that are suggested when I follow someone new and they all seem to be in the same circle IYKWIM. Tbh just thinking about it now I don’t think I follow many fashion accounts 🤔

whatswithtodaytoday Fri 28-Dec-18 11:05:19

The most famous ones all get the same promotions and ads, so you see the same thing over and over again. It does get dull - I usually unfollow when that starts to happen.

Two of my favourites at the moment are Fashionfoiegras - similar body shape to me, does try ons, different style but sometimes overlaps with mine and very sweet on Stories.
Thatgirlwiththebob - completely different shape to me but love her style.

AhoyDelBoy Fri 28-Dec-18 11:07:56

Kate of ‘The Small Things’ ventures into fashion a bit. If you can call it that really. I think she must own thousands of basic tops alone. I like her stories though and never look at her blog like I used too. I would if she mentioned something interesting in her stories that was going on her blog. She’s mostly hair and makeup.

I tend to follow a lot of ‘instamums’ with nice clothes and end up finding things that way.

The ultimate UK fashion girl has to be Victoria of ‘Inthefrow’ 😱 her posts dropped off my feed for ages, literally years. Recently they started appearing again though and I was like whoa this girl seems to have gotten really high end and famous in the last few years.

WeCameToDance Fri 28-Dec-18 13:03:42

I wish I liked more of these. Instagram should be a really inspiring platform but I find that they all start accepting #ads and then practically merge into the same person. It is very obvious when you start noticing it. However I love love love Sammi Jefcoate. Pretty much the only style account I look at anymore. If anybody has similar recommendations im all ears!

ShinyTooth Fri 28-Dec-18 16:03:38

Oh yes, I used to love Fashionlift and Bum40 but now it's just advertising innit.
So so dull and so so expensive.

ChardonnaysPrettySister Fri 28-Dec-18 18:20:30

They are all very same-y though.

They get their gifts and wear them for a bit and it's all the same all the time.

TeaAddict235 Fri 28-Dec-18 18:40:20

Agree with @ChardonnaysPrettySister , they are all so same-y. They follow a certain type of demographic and aspire to look like that demographic and in turn end up looking like each other and not very unique.

I used to follow the sweetest and cutest Asian American girl at uni who was going through the different types of cleaners and creams, then bam! She got a Brazilian straightener on her hair, boom! She discovered some big name clothes brands, kerpang! She got style! And it happened over the summer 'break', and she was no longer genuinely interested in skin care comparisons of the brands. Now she might as well fit into The Only way is Chelsea etc, because she seems to flaunt very expensive and elusive clothing brands and skin care regimes and she does nothing but brand drop in her You tube videos.

RD45 Fri 28-Dec-18 18:46:35

Can I join in please...I used to love a bit of mindless house/fashion related insta scrolling on my lunch break or waiting in car for kids to appear from activities, but lately it's all so samey and soooo pricey. I don't have a massive clothes budget, nor can I abide waste, so used insta for inspiration on how to wear my clothes, but now it seems unless you have the latest "must haves" there's no inspiration to be found.

YouWereRight Fri 28-Dec-18 19:17:15

I think the days of genuinely interesting Instagrammers are long gone now people are more aware that it's a business. Now, it's all the same items that have been gifted or are ads. Still, at least things are more clearly marked as ads or gifts.

strangerthongs Fri 28-Dec-18 20:16:54

what's with the bent leg in all the photos? does she need to pee?

EmpressJewel Fri 28-Dec-18 21:06:34

I think I saw a blogger/instagrammer at a major visitor attraction once and it really put me off.

I don’t know who the person was, but what drew my attention to them was what they were wearing. The outfit was OTT for the location. The blogger was posing all over the place and the photographer kept showing her the photos they had taken.

I like the idea of seeing how people put outfits together, but they need to be realistic.

AtHomeInFrance Fri 28-Dec-18 22:54:44

YouWereRight - that's exactly it. No creativity, no originality - Instagram is just a business platform these days...... and built on promoting insecurity in their readers.

Eesha Sat 29-Dec-18 11:26:39

placemarking as just started on Instagram and looking for interesting bloggers to follow. I like Wearetwinset and I'm a size 14 to 16 but like their styles

KimchiLaLa Sat 29-Dec-18 20:03:25

I do like some Instagrammers for their personalities. Emma Hill seems genuine. I think the mummy instagrammer world is a slippery slope. You get some honest ones like susie verill, but also some that harp on about their brilliant lives/impeccably behaved kids and it's so obvious it's such BS (thefashionbugblog, who is more of a style blogger, but honestly that level of perception management must be exhausting for her).

I think it's best to realise much of the content is paid for, but it's fun to scroll. Just avoid he ones that can make you feel like shite (ironically, their lives are no better, they're just good at masking it).

KimchiLaLa Sat 29-Dec-18 20:06:23

And while I know this is another thread entirely, I really wanted to like Mother/Father of Daughters but can't help but think they just come across as really holier than and patronising.

ThanksItHasPockets Sat 29-Dec-18 20:07:09

I really like Erica Davies. Her styling tips on Instagram stories on a Sunday (?) night are genuinely useful.

PeroniZuchini Sat 29-Dec-18 20:19:41

Nothing to add I’m afraid other than I still follow Goodbye Crop Top as she does growing old gracefully in style, and she seems quite unique. I stopped following all the fashion bloggers ages ago though (apart from her) so what do I know 🤷🏼‍♀️. My bank account is nowadays a lot healthier, (as is my self esteem), I found like others here that all bloggers - whether fashion, interiors or, um, being a mum - merge into one due to ad deals and being ‘in the club’. No originality anymore!

Looby4 Sat 29-Dec-18 20:40:21

My favourites are Lizzy Loves, Hayley Hall and Midlife Chic. I like to see the human side of their stories as well as the fashion/beauty

ScarletPower Sat 29-Dec-18 20:50:43

I've just followed #50daysofshoppingmywardrobe which sounds like it could be interesting. I think the concept is, challenges / themes using your existing wardrobe, shoes, accessories rather than going to buy new. It should be 'normal' people and not those who have gifts thrown at them to promote left, right and centre so might be worth a follow.

ScarletPower Sat 29-Dec-18 20:52:54

My favourite style instagrammer is backofthewardrobe70

CanIGoToBedNow Sat 29-Dec-18 20:57:43

Erica Davies is fabulous and I also like Fashion Fois Grais and Danielle Levier (sp?!)

All different - Erica is ‘normal’ FFG is a 6ft 2 and a size 18 American who lives in London.

Danielle is a plus size fashion blogger

Some people like Style me Sunday but I can’t stand her attitude

ChardonnaysPrettySister Sat 29-Dec-18 21:00:25

Style me Sunday is the one with the finger?

She's a beautiful woman, but I find the finger things very off putting.

CanIGoToBedNow Sat 29-Dec-18 21:02:47

Yeah the one with the finger - I find it a little aggressive so have unfollowed

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