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Right I need a wedding outfit (not MY wedding), I will be 3 months pg and am worried about just looking fat. Thoughts?

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fillyjonk Mon 25-Jun-07 18:01:26

At 3 months pg I am fat all over.

Its a fairly posh wedding.

Thoughts? I have a couple of nice shift /bias cut style dresses that I was reliant on but they will make my wobbliness very obvious. Is there any chance I can get away with trousers?

Oh I can't tell people, because there will be Disaproval and questions and i will be too busy reading the newly released harry potter to deal with them.

littlelapin Mon 25-Jun-07 18:03:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

fillyjonk Mon 25-Jun-07 18:05:33


wrap dress, interesting

i thought they were Hard To Wear?

oh but i could conceal harry potter 7 in the folds of my wrap dress

littlelapin Mon 25-Jun-07 18:19:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

collision Mon 25-Jun-07 18:21:53

Smock top and drapey trousers would be nice with a wrap and a fascinator!

littlelapin Mon 25-Jun-07 18:23:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

hoxtonchick Mon 25-Jun-07 18:24:20

what size/height are you? i am a 16 with big norks, decent legs & a sticky out tummy (not pg, just fat!), & wrap dresses suit me really well.

collision Mon 25-Jun-07 18:26:32

what are you boaking at LL?

fillyjonk Mon 25-Jun-07 18:29:29

would trousers be ok with say a wrap top? Was not planning on buying a new dress for this wedding and am aware trousers more versatile.

legs Not Good atm, best i keep them to myself really.

have looked at these fascinator things but wtf does one DO with them?

fillyjonk Mon 25-Jun-07 18:30:05

am 5 ft 6 btw

usually am around size 14 but right now am 16 all over

littlelapin Mon 25-Jun-07 18:30:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

hoxtonchick Mon 25-Jun-07 18:30:43

won't trousers be quite, ummm, tummy enhancing?

fillyjonk Mon 25-Jun-07 18:31:47

well i think they break up the tummy


and mean that i don't have to share my legs

hoxtonchick Mon 25-Jun-07 18:32:57

share or shave?!

hoxtonchick Mon 25-Jun-07 18:33:25

nothing against trousers btw, am just a big fan of dresses.

littlelapin Mon 25-Jun-07 18:33:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

fillyjonk Mon 25-Jun-07 18:34:04


they are not a pretty sight when i am pg.

or at any time, really.

hoxtonchick Mon 25-Jun-07 18:34:38

long dress?

fillyjonk Mon 25-Jun-07 18:35:05

no no no hang on i DO shave my legs (actually i wax but hey)

it is not THAT that is the problem, it is the pg induced puffiness. and the fact that i can't use fake tan on them because of the smell.

fillyjonk Mon 25-Jun-07 18:36:00

ok here is the problem in a nutshell

ALL of me looks like crap and I can't wear magic knickers


what kind of garment do you recommend

(aside from a fascinator, obvously I will get one of those )

collision Mon 25-Jun-07 18:37:08

Maybe it is just that you dont suit them LL!

I look great in them and they are so much trendier than hats at the moment!!

Drapey wide leg trews and loose fitting top would look fab.

and so would a fascinator! (ignore LL)

collision Mon 25-Jun-07 18:37:52

dont be about the fascinator! It just has a silly name!

I will lend you mine!

littlelapin Mon 25-Jun-07 18:39:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

FluffyMummy123 Mon 25-Jun-07 18:39:59

Message withdrawn

fillyjonk Mon 25-Jun-07 18:40:02

but what do you DO with it?

I cannot for the life of me work out how to affix them

i shall wear drapey wide legged linen things then and tart it up with jewellery

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