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Is there a cheaper alternative to Bobbi Brown Skin foundation?

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ShivD Fri 07-Dec-18 18:02:54

I really love Bobby brown skin foundation but i’d Like something a bit cheaper if such a thing exists. So light, a bit glowy, not scented.

Any recommendations? I’m not very good at make up!

WindinTheWillowsLover Fri 07-Dec-18 19:03:14

Depends on your skin tone; some MNs suggest Bourjois Healthy Mix, but I find it too dark. Revlon Colour Stay is about the same consistency as the BB one- slightly more coverage but not especially glowy.
What about L'Oreal Colour match?

ShivD Sat 08-Dec-18 01:42:42

Thank you @windinthewillowslover I use colour 2.5 so quite pale. I have a Superdrug nearby who stock all 3 of those brands soi I’ll try tomorrow.

WindinTheWillowsLover Sat 08-Dec-18 09:11:56

@ShivD Also look at Boots No 7! They are good quality but for me, even Calico is too dark - pinky ttoned- but they have a lot of foundations- and you could well find one to suit.

Bombardier25966 Sat 08-Dec-18 12:26:18

It's the healthy mix serum foundation you're looking for, not the normal one. Your BB shade is not particularly pale so you should be fine with Bourjois.

ShivD Sun 09-Dec-18 11:41:11

I’m going to try the Bourjois one. I found a website that tells you what shade to go for in different brands based on stuff you usually use so hopefully I’ll get the right shade.

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