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where do you buy your gym gear? not v. exciting but i need some new stuff

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nailpolish Fri 22-Jun-07 12:55:08

like bottoms

id like just below the knee length clingy black trousers with a good waistband (ie not thin or tight )


and clingy sort of


with sleeves, not too short


nailpolish Fri 22-Jun-07 13:27:47


Posey Fri 22-Jun-07 13:29:04

Just struck lucky I guess when I visited.

nailpolish Fri 22-Jun-07 13:29:35


had nt thought of that

cylonbabe Fri 22-Jun-07 13:30:09

i got a comopletley fab usa pro black crop bottom thing from the gym. absolutely themost wonderful item in my wardrobe.
sicnce then, i have bought some usa pro stuff from, whish is also fine, but the black is thebest.
rather annoyingly i found one of them in tkmaxx at half the price i paid for it on figleaves. but, sinc ei wear thme so much, not too bothered.

nailpolish Fri 22-Jun-07 13:31:45

the shop inside your gym?

nailpolish Fri 22-Jun-07 13:35:26

figleaves have a good selection but none the leg lenght i want

im a fussy cow

cylonbabe Fri 22-Jun-07 13:36:06

no, they just sell some stuff at reception desk. i always thoughtit a bit of a con, but once i had managed to forget to bring my bottoms, and going back to get them from home would have meant i didnt have enough time for my work out, so i paid 28 punds for them. though tit was a rip off, but i know think they were cheap considering how much i wear them wash them even tumble dry them and i look really good in them since losing weight!

TootyFrooty Fri 22-Jun-07 13:36:53

I usually go for Nike stuff but recently they seem to have decided that everyone is over 6 foot so their trousers seem to be very very long.

M&S do good below the knee trousers. At least they did last year. I bought 4 pairs. They might also have some decent tops. They bought out that sports wear manufacturers (can't remember the name) a while ago and some of the stuff is ok. Some is bogging though.

nailpolish Fri 22-Jun-07 13:37:16

theres a shop in my gym, ive never even looked in there

nailpolish Fri 22-Jun-07 13:37:40

hmmm h adnt thought of m and s

popsycal Fri 22-Jun-07 13:39:23
bought running stuff there - good value - not looked at gym stuff specifically
quick delivery too

nailpolish Fri 22-Jun-07 13:40:47

like these but not baggy below the knee

does anyone know what im on about

TootyFrooty Fri 22-Jun-07 13:40:56

Have a look at this

MrsSpoon Fri 22-Jun-07 13:41:29

I love this stuff.

nailpolish Fri 22-Jun-07 13:41:41

x posts tooty

TootyFrooty Fri 22-Jun-07 13:41:51

The model might have very very skinny calves...

cylonbabe Fri 22-Jun-07 13:42:15

mine are like this but in black

MrsSpoon Fri 22-Jun-07 13:43:57

Below the knee jobbies

nailpolish Fri 22-Jun-07 13:44:44

yes these are quite nice cyclon, what are the sizes like?

nailpolish Fri 22-Jun-07 13:45:09

but MrsS they are baggy


MrsSpoon Fri 22-Jun-07 13:45:56

Probably not baggy enough. Why do you want cropped gym trousers? You'll need to remember to shave your legs before going???

TootyFrooty Fri 22-Jun-07 13:46:08

I used to get lots of stuff from the Sweat Shop. They might do mail order. Hang on, I'll check.

Yes they do. And a store in Auld Reekie.

Here it is

MrsSpoon Fri 22-Jun-07 13:46:43

OK, I'm losing the plot here, you don't want baggy below the knee?

TootyFrooty Fri 22-Jun-07 13:47:41

Trust me - the model won't have been near a gym in her life and her calves will be skinnier than a pencil.

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