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Hush Christmas - its a slipper-y slope and a ding dong meryl-y on high :)!

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Alwaysasparklymoment99 Fri 23-Nov-18 11:14:03

Welcome everyone one!!!

Alwaysasparklymoment99 Fri 23-Nov-18 11:25:07

I posted a pic of the fairisle jumper on the last thread if anyone is interested although it is OOS now.

ilovecherries Fri 23-Nov-18 11:29:34

This is the Sainsbury’s one - much softer than the H&M one I tried. The 12 just comes down to (but not below) the crotch of my jeans.

GinandGingerBeer Fri 23-Nov-18 11:41:42

Hello! It's me, charcoal wide jersey top snatcher 
Sorry @Alwaysasparklymoment99 blush
Love the fair isle knot, looks super cosy.

Alwaysasparklymoment99 Fri 23-Nov-18 11:41:58

Its lovely and it sounds as if it is nice and long, the only thing is its grey and I already have a number of grey jumpers. Its an excellent price and it looks so cosey though. Its a pity it isn't in other colours. I would have loved that in black. It doesn't itch your neck?

Alwaysasparklymoment99 Fri 23-Nov-18 11:43:03

@ginger hee hee...I knew someone would beat me too it. I already have the V-neck ones and the green one so you are allowed!!

Huffthepuff Fri 23-Nov-18 11:43:19

Love the fair isle @Alwaysasparklymoment99 ! Would look great with the leather trousers too👌

dontcallmelen Fri 23-Nov-18 11:43:24

Just marking my place, thanks for new thread Always just trying to finalise my lists & order some stuff for my dcs, I have a dreadful cold so feeling very sorry for myself at the moment.

Alwaysasparklymoment99 Fri 23-Nov-18 11:43:36

Its beautiful but not sure its worth the price tbh.

Alwaysasparklymoment99 Fri 23-Nov-18 11:44:37

@Huff - oh yes, It would look good with my leather trousers. Very scandi chic!!

dontcallmelen Fri 23-Nov-18 11:46:45

Yy Sainsbury’s jumper is a very good price, they did have a nice fairaisle jumper in next, if anyone after a reasonable dupe, must admit though the pic that Always posted of the hush one looks fab.

NotAnActualSheep Fri 23-Nov-18 11:57:10

Ooooh - sparkly new thread from alwaysasparklymoment - thanks! The twiggy jumper looks amazing on you. Are you going to keep it? Is it as lovely on as it looks on the website? I've been doing some Christmas present ordering while supposedly working and a L twiggy may have slipped into my basket too (not yet checked out). Is that going to be ridiculously huge?

I've got that jumper too cherries - it was a stopgap before I caved and brought the meryl itself and i agree it is really nice. I had to get a 16 as that was the smallest they had, but it in nice and loose fitting and actually really soft and warm. I've not been too impressed with sainsbury's jumpers in the past, but they seem to have upped their game this year.

grin at ginandwidetopsnatcher!

Sorry to hear you're all cold-y len. Hope you're all prepped with lemsip/ brandy etc...

dontcallmelen Fri 23-Nov-18 12:09:11

Thanks Not I’m ashamed to say, I get really pathetic when I have a cold can deal with most things but a cold really knocks the stuffing out of me.

Alwaysasparklymoment99 Fri 23-Nov-18 12:10:47

I got the small and its a perfect fit on me. I am a 12. What size are you @not? If I had sized up to a medium, I think it would have been loose but not awful.

Alwaysasparklymoment99 Fri 23-Nov-18 12:11:11

Any more than one size up and it would be too big.

Alwaysasparklymoment99 Fri 23-Nov-18 12:12:11

Its lovely. I am going to think about it. Its not the jumper. Its the money atm although I have done most of my Christmas shopping.

Ellapaella Fri 23-Nov-18 12:16:52

Checking in.
Love the jumper @Alwaysasparklymoment99 .
Haven't bought anything yet as so far this morning I've spent £200 already on Christmas presents for the Dc!
Am actually at work too.. (did some sneaky online shopping at the crack of dawn)
Have decided against ziggy jumper as reviews say it's itchy and shrinks in the wash.

SoyYo Fri 23-Nov-18 12:29:57

Buenas Tardes!
Thank you always for the new thread, the twiggy jumper is really beautiful 😍
Good to read laska in the last thread
talisin the Next teal puffa looks amazing! Thanks for the link if the Hush is not 100% right I’d consider it next.
cherries what a find! I’m after a cozy jumper so if the big love one I’m expecting Monday is not absolutely perfect I think I’ll go down the bargainous route
gin and huff on top form! Wait to hear what you think of your shiny new purchases (I really love the coated jeans btw...did I say that before? wink)

Huffthepuff Fri 23-Nov-18 12:35:18

Thanks @SoyYo 😂 I hope I can get them on. Did you buy the 12? How did you find the fit?
I also caved in to the Other Stories Black Friday deal of 20% off... ordered the black wool coat I was lusting after about 3 threads ago... now I must stop!

SoyYo Fri 23-Nov-18 12:35:42

not wait on your feedback on the Paloma.
I found a site that does a really good peekaboo dupe which I may try
Also other good looking silk/lace vests
ella remarkable self restraint 😇 I’m impressed!
melen take it easy today darling 🤧

SoyYo Fri 23-Nov-18 12:38:15

No I don’t own the coated jeans 😭😭😭 huff mainly because I already own two pairs of past Boden season black skinny coated jeans and was hoping to try the Hush version if reduced (no chance now)
Hope the coat is fabulous!
I must stop too I still have Xmas presents to buy! 😱

CountFosco Fri 23-Nov-18 13:02:34

25% off Hush for Black Friday! But I'm not looking because I've just ordered two petite coats from Boden (30% off and one will go back) after a disasterous Uniqlo order where their (lovely) coats were just FAR TOO LONG and I've bought these beauties with the Black Friday discount code (RogueBlackFriday - 30 % off). Julia Roberts has a pair doncha know. DH will be horrified but this autumn all I've bought so far is a jumper, cords, and dress so not too excessive really.

SoyYo I saw a nice silk slip on that website but they have bad reviews on Trustpilot so didn't purchase (issues with returns mainly).

NotAnActualSheep Fri 23-Nov-18 13:38:40

Thanks always - I think a L will be too big for me then ( I'm generally a 12 up top, and would usually get a hush S or M in preference for tops). Though it doesn't sound as ridiculously oversized as the Meryl. May give it a miss then. My credit card will be pleased. And I DON'T NEED ANY MORE JUMPERS.

That's a really good dupe soy, and like that there are more colours. Though not impressed with places with poor returns, especially where it's an entirely internet- based enterprise with no actual shops to return stuff too. brand alley, I'm looking at you

SoyYo Fri 23-Nov-18 14:17:53

Good to know Count but they do also have shops (only in London) so not as invisible as say BrandAlley...hmm
I’ve never ordered from them but will probably give them a try as they do seem to have a very straightforward returns policy and courier pick up (but they don’t state it’s FOC so probably expensive)
Lovely and unusual brogues btw! smile

twosoups1972 Fri 23-Nov-18 14:46:14

Checking in!

Think the Sainsbury's website is playing up at the moment, wanted to have a look at that jumper!

Nearlyadoctor Fri 23-Nov-18 15:03:18

Love the Fairisle jumper @Always - may stalk Hush’s for a return.

Ilovecherries having read about your move at least one thing is definite I’m not pregnant, so whenever we get moved that will be a bonus grin

SoyYo Fri 23-Nov-18 15:39:48

Nearly forgot to say Hi 👋 nice to read you again smile
I do wish your move goes ahead soon and that you have a very happy “homecoming” in early Dec.

twosoups1972 Fri 23-Nov-18 16:12:10

Is the Meryl jumper completely sold out now?

I am always late to the party!

twosoups1972 Fri 23-Nov-18 16:22:38

Boden have some nice knitwear with 30% off today if anyone is interested.

Laska3Meryl Fri 23-Nov-18 17:22:58

Hi there , thanks for the very Meryly new thread Never grin

so Hush doing a 25%? I have never known them do a random 25% before, does this mean that they are not doing so well? (I wouldn't actually be surprised as quality on some things is well down but prices are not!).

But I have only spent £16.87!! halo and that was reordering the ruddy Charcoal LL Tank which STILL is on back order.. (but i thought I might as well get it at the lower price!).. I might have been tempted at the charcoal BF Cashmere jumper if they had had one in stock esp as I have a £20 code.. But Nope , all gone it seems ! (they had it in JL but it would have been the extra £20 from Hush mention me which would have swung it for me)

Am Not too gutted at the velvet puffa being in there , as i have worn mine loads already ! and had a £20 code for that also .

soy thanks for your Pm.. I will peruse.

Ellapaella Fri 23-Nov-18 17:25:54

Both Boden and Other stories have very good Meryl dupes with better discounts than Hush are offering. I am quite tempted by Boden today but holding off as I am just about to set off for a bit of late night shopping!
Will report back...

Ellapaella Fri 23-Nov-18 17:51:17

My Sainsbury's Tu dress
Love it 💕
So thanks Len for pointing me in the right direction..
It's perfect for Christmas nights out as it has stars on and it's not fitted so I don't have to breathe in all night!

Ellapaella Fri 23-Nov-18 17:52:18

Closer up..
Sorry about crap lighting. It's dark outside and I'm on my landing.

Ellapaella Fri 23-Nov-18 17:52:41

I can see you in this Never - I think you'd like it.

SoyYo Fri 23-Nov-18 18:27:54

Oh Ella it honestly looks beautiful on you! smile

laska your velvet puffa love persuaded me to give it a go...I’ll probably end up returning but had to at least see what it looks like on me as it looked fab on you. Glad you got my pm x

SoyYo Fri 23-Nov-18 18:29:05

I’m going to stop spending money on myself and go have a look for family presents 🎁

twosoups1972 Fri 23-Nov-18 18:55:54

@ellapaella that looks gorgeous on you smile

Does it have a built in under layer?

Ellapaella Fri 23-Nov-18 19:01:46

@twosoups1972 yes it does. I'm really pleased with it, thinking of getting some knee high boots to wear with. Actually at shops now so having a good browse.

dontcallmelen Fri 23-Nov-18 19:08:44

Ella 😄👍🏼

Alwaysasparklymoment99 Fri 23-Nov-18 19:38:27

Ella that is stunning on you. I love it. Absolutely gorgeous. Pity I don't have anything to go to or I would buy one myself. It REALLY looks amazing on you.

Alwaysasparklymoment99 Fri 23-Nov-18 19:39:35

Should I change my name back to never?

ilovecherries Fri 23-Nov-18 19:42:21

I still think of you as never. Maybe NeverTooMuchSparkle?

Ellapaella Fri 23-Nov-18 19:50:02

Yes go back to Never as that's who you really are to me! grin

Ellapaella Fri 23-Nov-18 19:54:30

I have been shopping (dangerously I have a small retail park just down the road).
It was functional really as I needed a strapless bra for a dress I'm wearing in a couple of weeks and had to pop to boots.
I went into Outfit and tried on three jumpers I thought would be perfect with the coated skinnies or faux leather leggings and settles on one from Wallis that has a hint of sparkle.
Tomorrow I'm going to order the Hush coated jeans to try.
There are loads of Merylly type jumpers around, saw loads in TopShop and H&M.
I got a long charcoal grey cardigan in H&M tonight as well, it's 20% off everything today.

neveradullmoment99 Fri 23-Nov-18 20:04:35

hello, im back.

NotAnActualSheep Fri 23-Nov-18 20:42:06

That's absolutely lovely Ella. It really suits you, and looks so much more expensive than it is...really hush-esque. There are actually loads of nice things there at the moment. I didn't notice that dress when I was in there earlier, but I did pick up a lovely cord skirt in a sort of Paisley pattern in really rich reds/ purple/navy. And also a nice looking lightweight navy jumper with a sort of pinky fair isle pattern with a little bit of sparkle (which I didn't buy as I don't need any more jumpers and I only saw it as I was going out of the door but looked very pretty).

Oooh, soups - you're quoted in the mumsnet "swears by" email!!! You've made it. I feel like when I see someone I know on the telly grin.

Yay - never's back!

NotAnActualSheep Fri 23-Nov-18 20:47:16

This is the skirt. It's much nicer in real life...much more subtle and deeper colours. And the mismatching panels aren't so obvious...

Ellapaella Fri 23-Nov-18 20:53:14

That skirt is lovely Sheep

neveradullmoment99 Fri 23-Nov-18 21:07:09

There are quite a few bargains on the TU website. I have spent enough though.

Ellapaella Fri 23-Nov-18 21:07:19

What does everyone wear under their cardigans in winter? I mean I have a wardrobe full and I've just bought a long Sabrina looky likey one from H&M and now debating whether to get the two face tee that Never has to wear with it.
I do this all the time though - but lovely cardigans and then not know what to wear underneath.

neveradullmoment99 Fri 23-Nov-18 21:07:57

I like that skirt. I see that they have a pinafore in the same print. Are there sizes true to size?

Ellapaella Fri 23-Nov-18 21:23:55

@neveradullmoment99 I find Tu a bit variable. So I have a few pairs of their jeans and they are quite small so I size up. Likewise the knitwear. But tops (T shirts, Blouses etc) and dresses seem true to size. So maybe order two sizes and return one.

NotAnActualSheep Fri 23-Nov-18 21:25:09

I know what you mean about not knowing what to wear under long cardigans! I tend to wear them over dresses instead of a jacket. Or just a long sleeved T, or short T with a thermal top or something under..depending on level of freezing-ness. I get confused with coats, as they either feel too bulky, or stick out under the bottom of the coat... I usually end up using them instead of a coat, but that does limit their usefulness. That faces T is great though, but I know it seems silly to buy something specifically for something that should be such a versatile item!

I think sainsburys is on the large side of true-to-size... sort of an m and s sizing rather than topshop! The tops seem more generous than the bottoms to me, but that could just be that my bottom is a bit more generous than it should be... (they used to be enormous. I've got size 8 tops from a few years ago that still fit me - but they've calmed down a bit since then.) I didn't see the pinafore in my store, but they had a navy cord pinafore that looked nice and a good weight cord.

twosoups1972 Fri 23-Nov-18 21:54:56

@notanactualsheep eh? What email?

NotAnActualSheep Fri 23-Nov-18 22:10:54

I must have signed up for a weekly(?) email at some point of various's headlines protected species coats (among other things), and you are quoted as liking them grin.

neveradullmoment99 Fri 23-Nov-18 22:18:12

You know @ella that I have still to wear my faces tee!!! I honestly keep forgetting I have it! Its in my wardrobe but its over to ones side and inbetween other things so I constantly miss it.
As for the long sabrina, I tend to wear mine over the wide jersey tops. I usually put on my skinny jeans, a longline hush vest, my wide jersey top and over that my sabrina. I kind of wear it like a coat. I have put it under my parka and it does hang down but not that much and if it the same length as my dress [ like the cassie] Its ok. I would wear it over a jumper as a coat too with a large scarf esp if jumping in and out of the car. If you don't want to wear it hanging down then what I do is wear my jacket and put it in my bag and take it to work and put it on instead of my jacket for the day. Ive worm my charcoal one a lot.

neveradullmoment99 Fri 23-Nov-18 22:20:10

It can get cold in my class so its handy. I am also in separate building to the main school so its perfect for jumping in and out of the main building for lunch/break time.

neveradullmoment99 Fri 23-Nov-18 22:20:43

Ive worn the olive one less but that's to be expected as its a definite colour but I absolutely love both.

PorpoisefullyObtuse Sat 24-Nov-18 00:25:41

Hello! Ella I blooming love that dress. I think we are similar of and shoulder and I know it would suit me down to the ground. Need to get to Sainsbury’s. Went into house of Fraser today and bought the leggings. Need to find pics of other bits I bought. Had a complete mint velvet worry. So much lovely stuff.

PorpoisefullyObtuse Sat 24-Nov-18 00:26:35

This over the coated leggings. Cosy and gorgeous.

PorpoisefullyObtuse Sat 24-Nov-18 00:30:03

This is much nicer on me than the model... true to size on me and skims beautifully over my busy and cinches at the waist. Think if needs curves.

PorpoisefullyObtuse Sat 24-Nov-18 00:33:52

I also bought an over size cream blouse thang which looks beyond wonderful with the leggings. Might pop it on tomorrow simply because it’s lush.

PorpoisefullyObtuse Sat 24-Nov-18 00:36:23

My mum insisted I needed this. It’s much nicer with my pared down style than this pic shows. It’s the loveliest cosy thang ever. Unfortunately it’s my Christmas present so a few weeks until I get my paws on it.

Talisin Sat 24-Nov-18 05:51:56

I love that MV trapeze dress, Porpoise, been lusting after it for ages!

Ellapaella Sat 24-Nov-18 08:07:34

@PorpoisefullyObtuse hello!
I love all your buys but I have to say that TopShop coat is amazing! I absolutely love that, you must post a picture when you get it at Christmas. I also have a faux fur coat coming for Christmas that my Mum bought for me when we were shopping together recently, it's a dark red one. I put it on in the shop and didn't want to take it off, she loved it as well and so got it as my Xmas present so I won't get mine until the big day either.

Then MV dress is lovely too - it actually looks quite similar in print to the Sainsburys one. That seems like a very successful shopping trip you had there!

Ellapaella Sat 24-Nov-18 08:09:32

Re cream blouse - definitely will go well with the pleather leggings. I've been wearing my cream long line cami from the summer with mine with a cardigan over the top and I think it looks fab (if I do say so myself).

Ellapaella Sat 24-Nov-18 08:13:34

Sorry for multiple posts - I bought This in Wallis yesterday to wear with the MV leggings (and coated skinnies when I get them). It's along enough to cover my bum which is essential in leggings for me.

Ellapaella Sat 24-Nov-18 09:16:27

Can we do a 'what are you wearing today?'
I'm off out with DC to an early birthday party and am wearing my new Wallis top and MV leggings. Feeling very festive and sparkly!

DavetheCat2001 Sat 24-Nov-18 09:17:48

That's lovely it nice and soft and not scratchy at all?

What size did you go for (tempted)?

Do you have a pic of you in it?

DavetheCat2001 Sat 24-Nov-18 09:20:14

ha you read my mind! It looks lovely..I may be tempted.....

I'm in my pj's still..had a pretty sleepless night with DC as DS is going through a 'night terror' phase and won't go to bed, and ended up in with me last night, and DD was up about 5-6 times for various reasons..I had very little sleep confused

Taking DS to his swimming lesson a bit later, and then over to a friends for the afternoon for Christmas crafting and dinner (and wine for us!)

OH is away this weekend so I am flying solo!

DavetheCat2001 Sat 24-Nov-18 09:58:49

I decided on my Hush Raven dress, and purple cable knit tights.

ilovecherries Sat 24-Nov-18 10:10:45

I’m off to Edinburgh to meet some old work colleagues for a pre Xmas lunch. Wearing next coated leggings, wide green top (with heatgen underneath!), sparkly earrings, double star necklace, big silver bangle, fly boots, red boyfriend coat from New Look last year. Short pixie hair (blonde), big scarf, coach hobo bag.

justforareply Sat 24-Nov-18 10:11:28

What are the tu sizes like please? I love that dress ellapaella was wearing!

namastayinbed Sat 24-Nov-18 10:30:44

ella where are your trainers from? Love them.

dontcallmelen Sat 24-Nov-18 10:43:31

Catch up in a bit, I’m still in pjs, dressing gown, socks & blanket with a box of tissues handy, still being pathetic.
Yeahy Never is back, was most discombobulated with the name change😂

Ellapaella Sat 24-Nov-18 10:48:53

@DavetheCat2001 it's not scratchy at all, this is a medium.
Your Raven dress looks lovely 😍

Ellapaella Sat 24-Nov-18 10:49:16

@namastayinbed they are from Espirit, a recent purchase.

Talisin Sat 24-Nov-18 10:56:43

Wearing old Hush ruched mini in wine, even older black embellished Next jumper sale bargain over a Uniqlo heatgen top and Primark fleece lined tights (I’m at work and the heating’s crap). Fly biker boots and Hush moon & star necklace to finish off.

dontcallmelen Sat 24-Nov-18 11:04:29

Talisin waves, sounds cosy.
Ella jumper is lovely, I always forget about Wallis they do have some gems, I have a white slouchy jumper with sequins from years ago tis lovely.
porpoise love your haul, the jacket is really lovely as well.
cherries have a lovely lunch, very stylish.
Dave you look great as well, hope you have a more restful afternoon & dcs sleep better tonight.

dontcallmelen Sat 24-Nov-18 11:08:12

justforareply sainsburys sizing can be a bit hit n miss like most places, the dresses though are usually fairly true too size skirts & bottoms I find come up quite big, that may just be me though as I’m a weird shape.

justforareply Sat 24-Nov-18 11:18:44

Thank you dontcallmelen
Ive ordered it now smile

DavetheCat2001 Sat 24-Nov-18 11:19:05

Can you link to that TU dress please ella?

justforareply Sat 24-Nov-18 11:34:48

Dave - this may help you find it on website?

DavetheCat2001 Sat 24-Nov-18 12:15:21

Thanks @justforareply 😘

neveradullmoment99 Sat 24-Nov-18 12:20:11

Loving all the outfits😍
@melen - discombobulated🤣🤣🤣🤣

DavetheCat2001 Sat 24-Nov-18 12:40:54

Ordered the TU dress (sorry to be a copycat ella!), but it looks so nice on you and at £16.50, couldn't really not!

SoyYo Sat 24-Nov-18 13:09:24

Loving all the links!
porpoise love your purchases!
And you all sound super stylish today too, including @Ella and @Dave looking fabulous in your pics
Today I’m wearing Zara black skinny biker jeans with grey heatech Uniglo topped with Hush cashmere v neck orange jumper, no special plans just me and DH home this weekend but made effort to put makeup on too, don’t usually bother if I’m home but just felt like making an effort on my face too.

Ellapaella Sat 24-Nov-18 13:12:08

Sorry @DavetheCat2001 I've been out and about yes that's the dress, it'll look great on you. I've bought some black tights with a bit of a sparkle. I'm out with friends for a meal and drinks later so I'm wearing it out tonight.

Ellapaella Sat 24-Nov-18 13:25:45

@justforareply the Tu dress is true to size, go for your usual. Such a lovely dress for £16!

SoyYo Sat 24-Nov-18 14:19:21

First sale Hush parcel has arrived.
Velvet Puffa LOVE this! Super cozy and lux looking, it’s totally changed my mind about puffas even if it makes me look like Michelin man I don’t care grin
Big Love jumper is very cozy but returning, it’s a bit itchy for my liking and not really “me” so I’m giving the RocknRoll black jumper a go next.
LL t shirts sleeveless and long sleeved great quality need to decide which of the two I’m keeping as they’re super long on me (more like a mini dress) so I only need for Pilates class...

neveradullmoment99 Sat 24-Nov-18 14:33:16

I had my velvet puffa on yesterday soyo. It is super cosy but quite heavy in the hand. Its a strange one. I had the love jumper and sold it on ebay after wearing it a few times. I too didn't feel it was really me but it was gorgeous. I settled with the nana jumper which is the same material but without the love on it. longline vests are superb quality.

SoyYo Sat 24-Nov-18 14:41:18

Hi never honestly I’m blown away by the velvet puffa was a curious order more than thinking I’d keep but love it! Do you mean heavy to carry in your arm? I’d think so too! It’s super warm!
I’m going to keep both LL tops I think they’ll be very useful with leggings too (aside Pilates) and I don’t own anything remotely like them.
Yes Big Love is just not me but maybe the RocknRoll which also looks cozy will be (I’m not too sure about the roll neck on it though so will wait and see..)

Talisin Sat 24-Nov-18 14:43:04

dontcallmelen waves back 😁

Just nipped into Sainsburys on my lunch break and somehow came out with (what I thought was) yet another black jumper. Actually as it turns out, it’s a very dark blue, but anyway I got it for the mini sparkly lightning bolts which exactly match some sparkly ankle boots I bought last year and have worn very little so the jumper is entire justified *nods head*

twosoups1972 Sat 24-Nov-18 15:03:50

Lovely outfits smile

My two dresses from Hobbs are both going back - the Becca dress was quite nice but a bit shapeless and sack-like. The Willow dress was matronly (and nun-like as dh said!). Plus the seam was pulling over my boobs showing my bra!

On the plus side, my dress from Zara was a hit, will post a photo in a minute. Neither too shapeless or too skin-tight, just right.

I have also just splashed out on a jumper as recommended in the Saturday Times magazine today. I thought I might get a BF discount but it's only on certain items. I ordered the light blue and pink (the pink was discounted anyway):

DavetheCat2001 Sat 24-Nov-18 15:10:32

I went for the 10 @ellapaella.

Most of my size 8 clothes are feeling a bit tight at the moment! 😳

neveradullmoment99 Sat 24-Nov-18 15:23:58

That is a beautiful jumper @twosoups. I considered it in the pink. Its gorgeous. What on earth is the outfit with the pale blue one. OMG its so hideous with the trousers to match. The jumper itself is gorgeous though.
@Soyo - yes, in the hand. It just surprises me heaviness wise. Its lovely on though.

Ellapaella Sat 24-Nov-18 15:24:29

I think it'll be fine Dave it's not an overly generous 10 so I'm sure it'll be perfect. Look forward to seeing you in it.

Ellapaella Sat 24-Nov-18 15:25:08

Love the jumper* soup*

twosoups1972 Sat 24-Nov-18 15:28:04

This is the Zara dress.

twosoups1972 Sat 24-Nov-18 15:31:17

Thank you ella and never I wanted the S size but they've sold out in the pink. I've ordered and XS as it seems to be quite generously fitted.

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