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This is what I plan to wear on Friday night out - don't want to be mutton / trying too hard - let me have opinions please

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MamaG Wed 20-Jun-07 19:03:11

Venue - just pubs in our town

Crowd - bunch of 20somethings I know a bit - all women

Me - age 32 - 5'3 - long dirty blonde hair - sort of olivey complexion but not too dark - blue eyes <ahem> curvy

Outfit - nice jeans. Choc brown cork wedge funky shoes. Dark green v neck vest (for big norks), choc brown slouchy bag, tortoiseshell long bead necklace (lots of tiny beads, with bigger beads here and there.

Dogsby Wed 20-Jun-07 19:03:23


MamaG Wed 20-Jun-07 19:03:54

yes as in mutton/trying too hard

or yes as in outfit ok?

NoodleStroodle Wed 20-Jun-07 19:04:08

Cardi/jacket - supposed to be pissing down here on Friday...

You sound very trendy

fryalot Wed 20-Jun-07 19:04:34

sounds lovely to me.

MamaG Wed 20-Jun-07 19:04:48

I've got a lovely Ralph Lauren beige casual jacket doesn't fasten but its gorgeous

luckylady74 Wed 20-Jun-07 19:04:49


Dogsby Wed 20-Jun-07 19:04:55


MamaG Wed 20-Jun-07 19:05:33

oh God at trendy - muttonesque? I know I'm not old at 32 (don't DARE argue) but they're all younger than me and I don't want to look like an old granny trying to look young

NoodleStroodle Wed 20-Jun-07 19:05:39

ooo that sounds quite classy

are you going with intent?!

luckylady74 Wed 20-Jun-07 19:05:53

i just got a tiny umbrella -too hot for cardis

MamaG Wed 20-Jun-07 19:06:05

oh am loving that stamp

MamaG Wed 20-Jun-07 19:06:44

intent to have a laugh, thats all, am old married lady (4 years tomorrow!)

NoodleStroodle Wed 20-Jun-07 19:06:45

What jeans - i am looking for nice jeans but not skinny teenage ones - RL ones

MamaG Wed 20-Jun-07 19:07:13

oh good idea bout little brolly if necessary, I'd rather take that than a cardi/jacket

NoodleStroodle Wed 20-Jun-07 19:07:52

Brolly - nooooo - you'll be getting out a pac-a-mac next!

princessmel Wed 20-Jun-07 19:10:01

Sounds great. Just right.

I'm looking for a top to wear with some shorts. They're black and short!
To wear with heels.

I'm 28 size 10-12 and 5'7 ish.
Any ideas??

HenriettaHippo Wed 20-Jun-07 19:11:33

MamaG. 32 is NOT OLD!!! Sounds like a great outfit, I'd wear it, and I'm 34, so well over the hill... LOL

MamaG Wed 20-Jun-07 19:11:38

jeans are

mid colour blue
sparkly bits on back pockets

bootcut are the fit for me, without a doubt

the sparkly bits add a bit of excitement
have had them a year now, but not worn much

(cringe at me taking a brolly - very uncool of me!)

MamaG Wed 20-Jun-07 19:12:07

THanks henny

HenriettaHippo Wed 20-Jun-07 19:12:40

Ooops, just read we aren't meant to argue about whether 32 is old or not. Bet they all want to look sophisticated like you.

allieBongo Wed 20-Jun-07 19:12:54

mama g, you'll be taking a rain hood next and some plasters in your slouch bag "just in case."

MamaG Wed 20-Jun-07 19:12:55

mel - River Island got some nice stuff at mo

MamaG Wed 20-Jun-07 19:13:25

Allie you cheeky ho! And corn plasters lolol

princessmel Wed 20-Jun-07 19:14:57

I always take plasters out with me in case my shoes (or any of my friends shoes) rub!!

I went to Primark today and got some tops but only saw nice day ones. Not evening wear. I'll look in RI

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