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has anyoen got THESE? Olive?

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Dogsby Wed 20-Jun-07 15:06:52

enid needs sropped capris to wear at the w/e

told her id do prelim search

Dogsby Wed 20-Jun-07 15:07:41


Dogsby Wed 20-Jun-07 15:08:56

i think to wear under somthign liek this

oliveoil Wed 20-Jun-07 15:09:03

they are nice


can make legs look short

wear with wedges?

Dogsby Wed 20-Jun-07 15:09:56

want ehr to egt this maybe

oliveoil Wed 20-Jun-07 15:12:42

I like that first one

so we need cropped pants, and tunic yes?

Dogsby Wed 20-Jun-07 15:40:03


nailpolish Wed 20-Jun-07 15:41:22

these top shop ones are fabbo

Dogsby Wed 20-Jun-07 15:41:38

haev yo seen em ever?

oliveoil Wed 20-Jun-07 15:46:21

not seen them

but may be better with cropped capris that are not skinny all the way to the bottom

my thighs looked like Dawn French (I imagine)

maybe ones that have a slight flare?

have you looked on MissSelfridge?

nailpolish Wed 20-Jun-07 15:46:28

the material is stretchy but you dont get saggy knees

great waistband

foxinsocks Wed 20-Jun-07 15:46:47

I've got the GAP cropped trousers (the non jeans ones) and they are v nice (but quite generous round the waist)

<feels pleased at contributing to a style thread>

nailpolish Wed 20-Jun-07 15:46:52

oh yes i was in Mss S today and they have nice troos

Dogsby Wed 20-Jun-07 15:47:25

you have em naileuy? hmm enid and i thought striaght to replace leggings

Roseylea Wed 20-Jun-07 16:52:06

do white trousers make your legs look huge? I am a pear shaped size 12...could I get away with them (the TopShoppies)? I do like the Monsoon tunic too. V. summery.

Dogsby Wed 20-Jun-07 16:58:46

well i am a 12/14 btu wiht htin thigs and i say yes

Roseylea Wed 20-Jun-07 17:32:31

I suppose it's to do with shape too, isn't it? And in my case I think I could wear those with a tunic but not a crop top...

nailpolish Thu 21-Jun-07 10:36:18

i dont h ave them but i saw them

nice material
GREAT waistband

abnd i like straight legs - narrow legs - on troos - as long as the troos dont stop at an unflattering place like mid calf


good replacement for leggings i agree

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