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How old do you think you should have long hair until ? I have waist length locks and don't want to

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Hideehi Tue 19-Jun-07 18:37:41

Look like a lap dancer forever ;) I'm 32 this year, is it time for the chop ?

DeviousDaffodil Tue 19-Jun-07 18:38:42

You old slapper. Get a no1 immediatley. HAve you no shame!

Heathcliffscathy Tue 19-Jun-07 18:39:14

waist length puts me in mind of mormon wives.

tit length max.

Tutter Tue 19-Jun-07 18:40:29

entirely unreasonable i know

but i think long hair (past shoulders) Not Good once [ast early 30s

MamaMaiasaura Tue 19-Jun-07 18:40:34

sophable - what happens if yer tits are at your waist

SaintGeorge Tue 19-Jun-07 18:43:26

Well I must be a mormon lap dancing old slapper then (tits not heading downwards yet).

I'm 40 and my hair is 1" short of my waist.

MamaMaiasaura Tue 19-Jun-07 18:43:54

I have long hair and am 31 - bra strap length and often get lots of nice comments about it. Natural dark red and thick, glossy and wavy <<preen>> I think long hair is fine as long as in nice condition and well maintained. Regularly trimmed to remove split ends. You can easily put it up into nice styles and do lots of dif things. I made the mistake of cutting mine very short when ds was a year old. Regretted it hugely!

Bouncingturtle Tue 19-Jun-07 18:44:06

If you don't want to cut it then don't. Since when is it written that you should cut your hair at a given age?
If it suits you and you don't find it a pain to look after then keep it.

FelicityMontgomery Tue 19-Jun-07 18:44:23

I am growing my hair, it's jusr past my shoulders now, with the intention of cuttinh it when I'm 40.

I'm 37 now and see this as my last chance years of long hair.

£2 sounds plenty young enough to me for long hair though, but waist length sounds like it may be too much, often hair doesn't look it's best thst long.

Did you see Trinny and Susannah alst week? Wiomen there had bumlength hair, it was revolting, made her cut it to tit length amd looked gorgeous.

MamaMaiasaura Tue 19-Jun-07 18:45:36

(I plan to have it long when I am an old lady in a grandma bun as it will be all white then too )

Heathcliffscathy Tue 19-Jun-07 18:48:14

mine's nearly down to my tits....really like it at the moment, regular haircut and has shape and layers in it.

think brastrap is fine, but waist length does seem religious to me, in a thou shalt not cutteth thine hair way.....just a personal prejudice...

DeviousDaffodil Tue 19-Jun-07 18:52:37

My great gran had bum lenght hair til her death a t 98.
It was thick and white plaited and then wrapped around in a bun, she looked glorious!

SSSandy2 Tue 19-Jun-07 18:55:18

Is it thick? In nice condition?

If so fine, I think. Photo please

Idreamofdaleks Tue 19-Jun-07 19:03:15

Bra strap length is fine if you have great hair in great condition.

I think it is hard to look good with waistlength hair though, why do you wear it so long and doesn't it take a lot of looking after? How do you wear it?

Idreamofdaleks Tue 19-Jun-07 19:04:03

But in answer to your original question, if you don't want to cut it then don't! It's your choice!

Peachy Tue 19-Jun-07 19:05:39

the most stylish successful women I ever knew had waist length ahir at over 70 years old.

it just comes down to what suits you

I can't do long hair (have that thick bushy triangle hair) but ahd it bright ;pink at 33 years old and it felt fab

MrsBadger Tue 19-Jun-07 19:15:59

waist-length and longer hair worries me
also when people start identifying themselves as 'long haired women'
like it's a hobby or a pet or something.

you can keep it brastrap length in excellent nick past 40 IMO but you have to be skilled at putting it up tidily to avoid 'scatty old bat with grips sticking out all over' look

ahundredtimes Tue 19-Jun-07 19:20:18

Cut it off. I think all women look better with shorter hair - in the same way all women look better without a hat - and nobody should have their hair waist length after erm, 23?

MrsBadger Tue 19-Jun-07 19:22:14

at 'better without a hat'

I look fabulous in hats

bookwormmum Tue 19-Jun-07 19:23:03

My hair is just below my shoulder blades and both my niece and dd were admiring the length the other day. ALthough it makes buying hats a bugger when it's long, I love my long locks and don't see why being in your 30s means you have to cut it off. Just keep it in good condition and trimmed.

SSSandy2 Tue 19-Jun-07 19:23:06

Hats suit me too. Shame they're so outdated. I love cloche hats

ahundredtimes Tue 19-Jun-07 19:23:20

Hmmm. A lot of people think that Mrs Badger, but they rarely look BETTER in a hat in my experience (even though they think they do).

ahundredtimes Tue 19-Jun-07 19:24:44

bookworm - it's a crucial few inches between your shoulder blades and your waist though. Would your neice have been so admiring if it was any longer?

MrsBadger Tue 19-Jun-07 19:28:40

maybe you are right

perhaps I just look better in hats than other people do

Peachy Tue 19-Jun-07 19:29:41

I look better in hats

the less you see of my face,, the better imo

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