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Whether you’re a beauty novice or a confirmed fashionista, this topic is for consulting Mumsnetters on all things style-related. Plus, check out our Swears By page for the inside track on the next Mumsnet must-have.

when are you too old to...

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AuntyQuated Tue 19-Jun-07 17:46:35

straighten your hair???

themildmanneredjanitor Tue 19-Jun-07 17:47:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AuntyQuated Tue 19-Jun-07 17:48:32

recently i've spottde 2 mums at school -= in their 40s...both have curly-ish hair....i haven't seen them for a while and they are now using straighteners - they look ridiculous

cornsilk Tue 19-Jun-07 17:49:43

Why ridiculous? Because they're in their 40's or because they have curly hair?

iota Tue 19-Jun-07 17:50:22

I have straight hair - naturally - I suppose I'd better just shoot myself when I get old - or put a bag over my head

AuntyQuated Tue 19-Jun-07 17:50:32

because they look like they are trying to be soemthing that they are not

cornsilk Tue 19-Jun-07 17:50:58

And what is that?

AuntyQuated Tue 19-Jun-07 17:51:13

my hair is straight naturally - always has been; maybe that is the difference

Wotz Tue 19-Jun-07 17:59:33

You are never to old to straighten your hair!!
LOL, really are you serious ? Men do it too you know.

brimfull Tue 19-Jun-07 18:00:59

omg shock horror-someone in their 40's who cares about their appearance

Wotz Tue 19-Jun-07 18:04:17

maybe we should all just put a scarf over our heads hand be done with it.

she doesn't care!

ginnedupmummy Tue 19-Jun-07 18:08:10

Message withdrawn

ktmoomoo Tue 19-Jun-07 18:20:17

i got crly hair and amost 40 [sneery look]

notenoughhoursintheday Tue 19-Jun-07 18:28:56

I'm 47 and straighten my hair. My hair has a natural slight curl but DD aged 15 hates my hair when it's not been straightened. No intention of giving up my GHD's yet

lou33 Tue 19-Jun-07 18:30:46

i love my hair curly, it's naturally straight so i pay loads to get it like it is

DeviousDaffodil Tue 19-Jun-07 18:30:53

Why is somone trying to be something they are not, because they strighten thieri hair?
What a strange comment?
And why do you care if they straighten thier or not?

suedonim Tue 19-Jun-07 18:31:24

My hair is wavy rather than curly and I'm not going to see my 40's again but I use straighteners. Why would I want my hair to look as though I've just stuck a finger into an electric socket???

PS I also wear make-up.

Tutter Tue 19-Jun-07 18:31:42

am i the only woman in the western world not to own hair straighteners?

what a palava

DeviousDaffodil Tue 19-Jun-07 18:35:01

suedonim you hussy. AMke up at your age ?
What will they say at the school gate?

lou33 Tue 19-Jun-07 18:35:32

i dont have any either

AuntyQuated Tue 19-Jun-07 18:35:56

i just think that no matter how much you want to look good there is a cut off age for things that are the thing of the moment; i don't know what that age is, is i wanted to ask for your thoguhts.

for example, would she look better with her hair striaightneed?

DeviousDaffodil Tue 19-Jun-07 18:36:44

What does it matter if she did?

AuntyQuated Tue 19-Jun-07 18:38:31

it wouldn't matter to me if she did; or if she shaved it all off

but if that was me then it would matter, to me!

DeviousDaffodil Tue 19-Jun-07 18:40:06

In answer to your are never too old for anything.
I will strraighten my hair even if i only have one left on my head.
And wear combats in my nineties with converse boots!!

FelicityMontgomery Tue 19-Jun-07 18:40:16

Old ladies have their hair permed!!!!

How ridiculous, they should just accept the scarcrow look now they're old!?!

Is it becuse you think straight hair is fashinable? Should over forties not try to be fashionable? I'm stuggling with your logic here.

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