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Petite Mums: Where do you buy your clothes?

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Mercy Tue 19-Jun-07 12:39:06

I'm fed up with being limited to a couple of shops (Next, Dorothy Perkins etc) and wondered where other petite women buy their clothes.

I've recently discovered Miss Selfridge and Principles btw! And I'm far too old for Topshop.

Any other recommendations?


hoppybird Tue 19-Jun-07 12:55:21

M&S do 'short' length trousers and skirts - I recently bought some nice combat trousers there. BHS have recently updated their stores and brought in a new petite range as well. However, my most recent purchase was from M&S children's department - I bought a lovely 'age 12' size dress and it fits perfectly (I'm 5ft tall and about a dress size 10) - only problem is I slightly worry about bumping into an 8 year old with a dress from the same range!

Mercy Tue 19-Jun-07 15:48:19

LOL, Hoppybird!

Thanks, have just looked at the M&S website and seen a couple of things which might do. It's still pretty limited though imo.

Anyone else got any recommendations?

poppetmum Tue 19-Jun-07 16:03:18

I know what you mean. I seem to just live in Next and Principles. I did just find that Wallis also does petite, but it tends to be smarter stuff, more than causal.

hoppybird Tue 19-Jun-07 17:36:26

are you looking for something specific, Mercy?

ruddynorah Tue 19-Jun-07 17:38:10

how tall are you and how old are you? are you after specific items?

sparklesandwine Tue 19-Jun-07 17:52:55

i'm 5'1" and tend to live in anything i can find it is hard especially when your looking for something specific

I use Next, Principles, and Debenhams quite a lot the only problem is the clothes can somethimes be a little stuffy iykwim and they only have a VERY limited range of petite clothes - New Look do shorter trousers and jeans too

if you don't mind buying online just put type in 'petite clothing' and loads of online shops come up - oh and of course ebay!!

janeite Tue 19-Jun-07 17:54:10

I find Principles and Next the best fit-wise but invariably hate the clothes in Next and in Principles this season it's all a bit TOO embellished for my liking. Wallis do a decent-ish range but it's all still too big for me!

Gap ankle fit jeans are good, although they don't always have many in.

M & S trousers aren't bad mength-wise but I find them a bit wide on the thighs (and am not really skinny-thighed by any means).

So I've actually given you no help whatsoever but at least I'm feeling your pain!

sparklesandwine Tue 19-Jun-07 18:04:41

also annoys me that petite clothes aren't cheap either you always have to go to the priceier (? sp) shops to get things

janeite Tue 19-Jun-07 18:35:19

I did of course mean "length-wise" not "mength-wise" - must must must start checking before submitting.

Have you tried Urban Outfitters? I'm not sure there's a petite range as such but everything looks very small!

sparklesandwine Tue 19-Jun-07 18:38:04

link - these do nice things too

Ellaroo Tue 19-Jun-07 18:39:13

Joseph & French Connection (not short length, but v. small sizes). Cheaper ranges include Hennes and Mango - again not shorter lengths, but nice small sizes.

Mercy Tue 19-Jun-07 20:25:05

Thanks everyone - some great suggestions.

I need a whole new wardrobe tbh and I'm quite fussy and not interested in fashion/style , but I do need some new basics at least.

I find it particularly hard to get casual stuff for my age group and size; I'm nearly 44, size 6 bottom half, size 8 top half, 5' 3" and an SAHM! What a great combo Think Olive Oil( the cartoon character not the mumsnetter btw) - very thin arms and legs - or an ironing board!

I refuse to believe so many women have an inside leg measurement of 30+

poppetmum Wed 20-Jun-07 13:35:39

The other place I forgot is Talbots. Think it's an American store, but has shops over here too. It tends to be smarter/older clothes but has a big petite section.

Aefondkiss Wed 20-Jun-07 20:59:40

monsoon do petite stuff, I know it isn't cheap, but the clothes last for years, and Debenhams website might be worth a look, I know john rocha does petite stuff

I know being petite means you have to look harder to find stuff that fits, you might find stuff in h&m that suits your petite figure but you would need to gt it altered, they don't do clothing for shorties, but I think some of the clothes are easy to adapt and they have a huge range of clothes in different styles...

I know an Italian woman who wears a lot of benetton, esprit, sisely... I think she gets her clothes altered, always looks very chic, similar figure to you

CarGirl Wed 20-Jun-07 21:02:38

I too share your pain. Tesco do some petite stuff too, I actually look at children's stuff too ie in New look get some good basics in there. Worst still was when pink was in vogue for around 5 seasons on the trot and I look awful in pink - they were bleak years.......

peachygirl Wed 20-Jun-07 21:09:48

I'm petite too.
I mainly wear M and S and like debenhamsand princples (in the sale) but buy from all over really I take lots of trousers up.
I find that lots of the larger sizes in the designers at debenams range are good a fit, especially the tops - one actually fitted me all though my pregnancy!
I got a good pair of combats in Tesco the other day

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