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ROom 101 for shite, lingering fashion trends

(473 Posts)
PaulHollywoodsleftbollockhair Thu 13-Sep-18 09:23:06

Had enough of seeing something repeated ad nauseam?

Want to offload when having tried to find good quality, stylish clothes you are instead met with a sea of shit? Epically garish, cheaply manufactured (without the corresponding price tag) and downright tired apply here.

I may be alone in having this need, but may I start by offering..... the rainbow jumper. How to take a perfectly useable piece of cloth and curse it to landfill in nanoseconds.....

PaulHollywoodsleftbollockhair Thu 13-Sep-18 09:24:52

I also nominate the slogan knit.....

Rock n Roll? Who do you think you are kidding?

PaulHollywoodsleftbollockhair Thu 13-Sep-18 09:26:46

The wodgey slip on trainer. Looks good on no one and stumps every outfit out to buggery. Also HOW many years has this one been peddled for?

Bestseller Thu 13-Sep-18 09:28:09

The cold shoulder top, the ones with the slit that people seem to think are suitable for work

Boyskeepswinging Thu 13-Sep-18 09:30:23

Otherwise perfectly lovely tops ruined by cold shoulders. I keep hoping this trend is over only to be sadly disappointed.

TroysMammy Thu 13-Sep-18 09:30:26

These are things that end up on the end of season sale rail. Shite when full price, shite when reduced.

PaulHollywoodsleftbollockhair Thu 13-Sep-18 09:30:45

Also stars (makes a jumper look like Primark nightwear), lightning flashes (yawn) and disjointed leopard offerings chucked on an item in wild abandon in the jaunty manner of a PEr Una designer.

Just. Say. No.

Boyskeepswinging Thu 13-Sep-18 09:31:01

Ha ha cross post! Yes, aren't they vile?

MoltonSilver Thu 13-Sep-18 09:31:32

Women's pyjamas with cartoon characters and ridiculous slogons. I do not want to dress like a child going to bed. They don't do this with mens sleep wear.

Quantumblue Thu 13-Sep-18 09:34:19

Bell sleeves (is that what they are called?) looked dated and annoying from day 1.

SinglePringle Thu 13-Sep-18 09:34:34

Anything with unicorns, mermaids, stars or rainbows.

Perfect tops and dresses - suitable for work and everything! - until you turn them around to discover they’ve a slash in the back. Right where your bra strap will show.

SleepingInYourFlowerbed Thu 13-Sep-18 09:35:17

Crop tops! So many crop tops! 'oo, this looks nice, let's have a closer look... Oh no, it's only half a top'

SleepingInYourFlowerbed Thu 13-Sep-18 09:36:04

Agree about stars and lightning bolts too

BinRaidingRaccoon Thu 13-Sep-18 09:36:26

Shirts with a weird frill just above your tits. Why? Also as above tops with missing backs.

PaulHollywoodsleftbollockhair Thu 13-Sep-18 09:36:58

Also in the spirit of the valuable lessons learned from a childhood immersed in Grange Hill, Mr Baxter was and will never be where it is at....

Feck off with those striped pants.

PaulHollywoodsleftbollockhair Thu 13-Sep-18 09:38:52

Ooh most excellent suggestions.

Get to feck.

championquartz Thu 13-Sep-18 09:40:10


This season - leopard print. I like a bit but wow there really is overkill this season.

Agree with bell sleeves. Not suitable for any activity of daily living. Eating, washing, dressing (caught in zips), cleaning, they're v draughty. Maybe ok for watching telly.

PaulHollywoodsleftbollockhair Thu 13-Sep-18 09:51:44

My eyes.....

championquartz Thu 13-Sep-18 09:53:12

Those leopard things ^^ above are fairly horrific.

LoniceraJaponica Thu 13-Sep-18 09:57:59

Boots with toes cut out
Jumpers/tops with frills and other embelishments
Three quarter length sleeves. If I'm warm I want short sleeves. If I'm cold I want long sleeves
Those shapeless linen "dresses" that look like rags and flatter no-one.

Agree with cold shoulder tops and bell sleeves
Slogans and babyish images on adult T-shirts

championquartz Thu 13-Sep-18 10:00:38

Yy to unicorns and mermaids. Jeez.
Mind you, I think the stars are not bad. (Maybe I don't belong here!)
Lightening bolts can feck off.

I also hate those big, shapeless, voluminous midi-maxi floral-curtain dresses that even poor old smoke and mirrors Instagram can't make look good (apols that sentence).

I, of course, am an immaculate dresser of impeccable taste wink

myusernamewastakenbyme Thu 13-Sep-18 10:03:13

Jumpers with chokers attached to them....bloody awful !!!!

PaulHollywoodsleftbollockhair Thu 13-Sep-18 10:03:54

I hate these square heel Queen mother shoes. They look especially evil with the square toe ‘update’.


LoniceraJaponica Thu 13-Sep-18 10:05:04

Love the "Queen Mother" description grin
It is very apt.

PaulHollywoodsleftbollockhair Thu 13-Sep-18 10:05:39

Sausage dog embellished tit top anyone?

That’ll be a no....

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