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TROLL BRACELET arrived - but bracelets too small :(

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kittylette Wed 06-Jun-07 10:58:45

And its came from the USA, Its too much hassal sending it back to them really isnt it?

I mean it closes but its tight and once its full of beads (have 3 on it now) it wont close,

I followed the instructions - measured my wrist and added 2cm,

any ideas?

kittylette Wed 06-Jun-07 11:07:54

its gorgeous too

kittylette Wed 06-Jun-07 11:20:30

talking to myself here, lol

theres a 2.5cm extension you can get but i can only find USA companies that do them

kittypants Wed 06-Jun-07 11:24:49

kitty no idea about troll bracelet but felt sad for you talking to yourself

kittylette Wed 06-Jun-07 11:25:58

lol, hi kittypants

i found a place that do them near me so they are posting me one

thanks for making me look like I have a friend! PMSL

Katymac Wed 06-Jun-07 11:26:59

Can we see the bracelet?

kittypants Wed 06-Jun-07 11:27:15

lol!glad you found somewhere

kittylette Wed 06-Jun-07 11:28:03

i was gonna put it on the forsale board as it didnt fit and as i was looking for the site i got it from i found the extensions

ill take a pic of it soon

oggsfrog Wed 06-Jun-07 11:28:05

Coo, lots of kitties in here.

I've got to ask... what is a troll bracelet?

kittylette Wed 06-Jun-07 11:29:00

its like a charm bracelt but much more stylish IMO, lol

kittylette Wed 06-Jun-07 11:29:31

they sound horrid dont they? 'troll bracelet' but theyre very pretty

Katymac Wed 06-Jun-07 11:32:05

They are lovely

Where are the actual bracelets - I can't see them

Do they come in gold?

Katymac Wed 06-Jun-07 11:34:47

Found them

oggsfrog Wed 06-Jun-07 11:34:49

Very pretty beads.

Are they fantastically expensive?

kittylette Wed 06-Jun-07 11:40:14

yes they come in gold,

apparantly the extension things are crap and many bracelets break, and Im better off buying a new one

kittylette Wed 06-Jun-07 11:42:12

does anyone want to buy this silver bracelt for £20 inc p&p?

Katymac Wed 06-Jun-07 11:42:34

What size is it?

Is there a lock?

Katymac Wed 06-Jun-07 11:43:12

Sorry I asked that before you put it up for sale.....I can't wear silver

kittylette Wed 06-Jun-07 11:47:32

no probs,

the gold are obviously more expensive!

michaelad Wed 06-Jun-07 11:53:08

Kitty, I have very small wrist..and love silver..what are the measurements? I might well be interested in buying it.

michaelad Wed 06-Jun-07 11:54:15

wrists even

kittylette Wed 06-Jun-07 11:55:17


its 6.3 inches / 16cm

kittylette Wed 06-Jun-07 11:56:17

i must let you know that you have to buy a lock for itm thats the way they work or else it will arrive and you wont be able to wear it.

michaelad Wed 06-Jun-07 12:00:06

hmmh..can see your point..that would quite happily fit around my wrists..but if the beads are very chunky it might get tight.

Sorry then

Katymac Wed 06-Jun-07 12:10:49

How long is the lock - would it make a difference?

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