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Help me find vintage style dress!

(2 Posts)
sunshineseaside Sat 11-Aug-18 16:42:42

Was at a festival today in Portsmouth and saw a girl in a gorgeous dress/jumpsuit - I would have stopped to ask her and tell her how fab she looked but it was so busy and had to corrall my small children! It was bright teal / turquoise with some lighter coloured stars in different sizes (?) dotted all over. It could have been a maxi or a midi (she was quite tall) and wasn't sure if it was a jumpsuit or a dress on the bottom as it was so busy. It had a shirt style top (short sleeve) with buttons down the front (not sure if just top section or all the way down!)

Bit of a long shot but thought I would ask you lovely ladies / gents x

sunshineseaside Sat 11-Aug-18 16:46:31

Only thing I can find close to the shape of the top half (neckline and sleeves) in my search online is this dress from lindybop. Colour is similar to the background of the dress. X

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